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Ghost Games

Scary ghost games to play at home, at night or at a sleepover. Read the instructions online for these spooky paranormal games and scary rituals that allow you to contact ghosts. They will give you hours of fun at Halloween parties or on your own in your house.

Ghost Games


  • Can you add:

    1 step ahead
    the stranger ritual
    candles game
    Charlotte’s web
    the corner game

  • Can you add New Year Ritual?

    You will need: a container ( preferably a basket ), fruit ( 1 pineapple, 3 bananas, 2 apples, 30 grapes ), a clock, a knife/needle, a forest with a clearing and something to light a fire.


    Begin when the clock strikes midnight on December 31. Close all the curtains in your house. For 24hrs don’t eat, drink, sleep or leave your house. 2 hrs before the new year arrives, prepare a fruit basket. Place within your basket: 1 pineapple, 3 bananas, 2 apples and 30 grapes. With a knife or needle, cut your hand. Put a drop of blood on every piece of fruit. Don’t miss any fruit, don’t close your eyes, don’t dress your wound.

    The game:

    At midnight, take your basket of fruit and fire starter and go to the nearest woods. Walk until you find a clearing. Build a fire and sit by it. Place your basket of fruit of you. Don’t move and don’t let the fire go out. A figure should approach you from the forest. The figure will make eye contact with you don’t under any circumstances break it. Don’t scream, run or speak. The figure will begin to eat the fruit, keep eye contact. When it has finished eating, it will ask you “What do you want to know?” Tell him your question don’t look away. He will give you a answer and then walk away. Don’t look away until he has dispersed from view. Go home and fall asleep. But remember there are some things you are better off not knowing.

  • I can’t do these with my friends… They’d freak. Such girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m a girl. Oh well, but… You know……..

  • Some of these games are kinda lame, but some others are pretty fun. I’m really into the supernatural so it’s still fun.

  • Certainly! Though, you should practice. Me and my friend Jake write a horror section for our school called “Cyanide & Bubblegum” Its been published in the local news a few times before. Once it even got in the Chicago Tribune. I also intern at a bookstore.

  • A good story. However, auto correct kills you. Plus, what exactly killed the cat? A great twist though! 6.5/10

  • It’s the cat. In your story section… I love reading too!!! I let a comment in tree house too…

  • Who knows? You could very well be able to see into the future! Hey, could you do me a favor? Would you read my story called Tree House?

  • Cambodia 1980,
    I’m sorry to tell this to you, but i don’t lie. My grammar come from the auto correcting of my phone.
    For predict the futur, it’s true too… I can’t know when, who and where, but i really can. Sorry for disappointed you…

  • Ghost love, why lie? You don’t need to. Someone who could predict the future, would probably use correct grammar.

  • Sorry, my phone had limited number of words… So. I remember that we all have problems with balls, that a girl risked to broke her nose because of that. A boy try to kill me, and it’s true (he try to strangle me), an other girl have been hit by a ball, and was sent to hospital… And there are many others things i can’t all tell… So, ghost, demons games are really dangerous… Please, be careful…

  • NEVER PLAY GHOST GAME, DEMONS GAME… All the games that’s involved calling demons, ghosts… are BAD… Really bad… I can see ghost, i can predict accident… And i can remember that in my old school, some students start to play the charlie’s game. They play that twice, four, five… An incalculable number of time, and after, all the things have turning bad, because they just said ‘charlie, goodbye’. So, the interdimentional doors never closed, and problems began… Bad problems…

  • I would not recommend these. Demons and ghosts are a good way of yourself getting possessed or maybe even die. Please take my advice and not do these

  • Do NOT play the games listed here. Ghosts and demons are real and to invite them into your home is asking for trouble. You are messing with stuff that you don’t understand and don’t want to understand. Everybody’s curious about this kind of stuff and it’s very tempting to try it, but just leave it alone! It’s not for kids, it’s not for fun, it’s real and could have dire consequences. Some of these “rituals” border on satanic, especially the ones that call for you to cut your finger and use your own blood. Those who perform them should be concerned for their souls. Don’t play with Ouija Boards either. All of this occult stuff is very dangerous to play around with. If you’re curious about ghosts, find out if there are any genuine haunted buildings in your area and ask the owner if you can do a paranormal investigation. Use a voice recorder to try to get EVPs (ghost voices that come through the white noise in recordings.) Still not totally safe, but safer than performing these rituals and asking the ghosts/demons to come inside your own home!

  • I’m new!!Scary For Kids is the best website!and@LittleRains Lol same.I rather play minecraft lol

  • I was gonna play Baby Blue but when I went into the bathroom I changed my mind and I was like “Nope.Nope.Nope Not gonna do it!”

  • ‘Tis i// advised for you to be p/aying any one of these games• Think of your rea/ chances of “winning” here• It is not some fantasy wor/d once you begin•

  • I recommend ya all to try kokkuri – san. Imassure its 100 percent safe and I hav tried it a lot of tyms

  • Scary, I want to try all of these but I’m not sure if I can keep safe like salt and stuff..

  • yeah… I’m scared out of my wits! And @ XxNightmaregirlxX I’m 9 aswell.

  • My friends are to scared to even let me tell them scary stories. 0_0 But I dont wanna play these games anyway… I iz scared

  • Scary for kids please finish another world and ouija :D and get the one that is also coming soon. PWEASE

  • PHEW!! I thought that you would see the terrifying Bubble Wrap face if you clicked this, but luckily you don’t!! Please all read my comments on the page be4 this!! PS I have a mobile and I am only 9!!

  • Did u mean the “Japanese Single Player Hide and Seek” games SFK…?

    If it yes, i know about it..

    it requires :
    a complete doll (with a head, 2 hands, 2 legs.)
    rice (just enough to fill the doll)
    sharps things( knife, scissors or anything that sharp )
    red thread
    a hiding place
    enough salt

    I’ll tell more about it if u interested in it..

  • I like your version of hide and seek but i wouldn’t play because i am a very bad hider (is that even a word?)

  • i told my friend about these games she said only someone very crazy and mentaly disturbed would try these. well then that cuts out my me being normal for once

  • hide & seek is a game where you summon the spirit into a doll, requires you to stab/kill then doll, then it’s your turn to hide while the doll will seek you..if the doll (spirit) find you, kill it [oh btw, you need salt to kill it] immediately..if you dont, well good luck then..

  • I strongly advice not to play none of these games,for there will be GRAVE or MORTAL concecuences.Please be safe and don’t play these games.Thank You.

  • I’ve got an idea for hide and seek!

    For this you will need the following:
    A pin, 2 bowls, some chicken bones, matches and a candle

    You must have a small room that is pitch black so that you can’t see, if there is any windows; cover them. At 11:55 pm, you must be outside the door to this room with all the things, you have 5 minutes to prepare. At the stroke of midnight, enter the room with the bones in the bowl, the candle and the match. Place the bones in the bowl and on the ground and light the candle, say “Bones, you may see!”, then immediately exit the room with the candle. He now knows. Quickly prick your finger with the pin and drop the blood that comes out into the bowl. With the candle lit, go into the room and place the bowl on the floor say “Blood, you may see” then immediately exit. He is coming. Go back in with the candle lit and say ” Flesh, you may not see, you may find. He is here. Your life is now in danger, you must immediately exit the room, you will have 5 minutes to find a hiding spot then he will come looking for you. The room must be dark because, if you can’t see, he can’t see, once he is in the room, it will take him time to find the exit as he does not know the room well. If there is the slightest beam of light in the room, he will see and will kill you before you even have a chance to hide. While you are hiding do not move a muscle or make a noise at all and stay there for at least an hour. This will decrease his chances of finding you. However, it will only decrease them, I cannot say that he definitely won’t find you. If he does find you, he will kill you and take your corpse, the bone and the blood back to hell where he came from. He will choose how long he will stay there for, it is not a fixed time, but he will always stay there for an hour or more and leave at sunrise. If he is close, you will hear loud footsteps and heavy breathing. If he leaves, you will hear
    the loud footsteps become quitter and quieter until it is silent, then it is safe to come out and you are never able to play this again. (Do not try this, there is avery real chance that you may die. Hope u like scaryforkids :D

  • One man hide and seek is playing hide and seek with ghosts and not just ghosts, but those which eternally roam the surface of the earth. In other words, yeah its dangerous to play.

  • What’s hide and seek? (I know it’s about one person hiding and another person finding the person hiding.) I meant like is there a twist to it or something?

  • I just made up a story.

    On Monday night A storm came and the power went out it was12:00 am and A Demon came out my closet and possed my dolls and muy dolls came out of my rm and killed my parents and my brother(yayy!) then themonkey with no tail and no left foot ate my dolls and he puked up rainbows! THE END….

  • Darkness 3 is very scary!! I’m alone in my living room!!! The begininng is werid!! I playedit untillthe mirror part this face just appered out of no where!!

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