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White Kimono

White Kimono

The White kimono is a scary ritual from Japan that enables you to summon a ghost.

Warning: This ritual is said to be very dangerous and if you perform it, you are putting your life at risk. If you make even one mistake, it could prove to be fatal. If your shoulders begin to feel stiff or heavy, you should stop immediately and not continue. All of the Japanese sites I have seen describing this ritual say “Absolutely do not try this”. In my opinion, you should heed their warning and never try it at all.

White Kimono

Step 1. Between the hours of 2:00-3:00 AM, before you go to sleep, lie down on your bed. Starting at the north corner of your bedroom ceiling, slowly look at the four corners of the ceiling one by one, going anti-clockwise. Repeat this three times.

Step 2. With your arms crossed over your chest, chant the following three times: “On be iroki yamashironi sowaka”

Step 3. Imagine a woman with long, black hair slowly creeping towards you. She is dressed in a white kimono that is covered in blood.

Step 4. Keep imagining the woman creeping closer and closer until she appears to be right in front of your eyes.

Step 5. Uncross your arms, turn off the lights and make the room as dark as possible. Then go to sleep.

A woman in a white kimono covered in blood will appear in your dreams.

1. If the woman comes close to you, you must absolutely never speak to her.

2. The woman may ask for your name, but you must absolutely never answer her.

3. If the woman begins to mutter something in your right ear, shake your right hand. This should make you wake up.

4. When you wake up, if you don’t see the black shadow of a woman in any of the corners of the room, that means you are safe.

Note: I don’t know what the chant “On be iroki yamashironi sowaka” means. This is the original phrase in Japanese: “おんべいろきゃましろにそわか”.

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  • according to google translate おんべいろきやましろにそわか means chewy Yaroshiro

  • What is the point of summoning her ???
    If she ain’t gonna do anything for me,I ain’t hiring u demon

  • @crying in my ice cream

    If you see a shadow turn on the closest light source and NEVER be in the dark by yourself again. I don’t know what will happen if you get caught by her but I don’t think you want to find out.

  • But my room is not a perfect square… it has… *counts* 5 corners

  • Still nothing happening. I will admit I do believe in ghost and i did try to summon them couple of times but nothing happened. I tried this. Nothing. Maybe it works for someone else.

  • Lol! @Roxanne. I hope u re just kidding!
    And btw, you don’t get anything from this ritual, so why woul anyone wanna do it??? Unless they are dumb or they are still dumb and want to have an encounter with a spirit.

  • I am so NOT trying this. I wonder if anyone on this website actually had the guts to attempt to do this.

  • Puhahahahahaha. (can’t stop laughing) There’s no such thing as ghosts. It didn’t work, Kashima Reiko didn’t visit after 7months too.

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