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Another World

Another World

Another World is a creepy paranormal game from Japan. They say that if you perform this ritual in an elevator, you will be able to go to another world. However, you must be careful, because there is no guarantee you will be able to get back.

Another World

How to go to Another World

To play this ghost game, you will need to find a building with an elevator and at least 10 floors.

Step 1: Take the elevator on the 1st floor. (The elevator must be empty and you must get in alone)

Step 2: Go to the following floors in this order – 4th Floor, 2nd Floor, 6th floor, 2nd floor, 10th floor. (If someone gets on while you are doing this, the ritual will not work).

Step 3: When you arrive on the 10th floor, press the button for the 5th floor without getting out of the elevator.

Step 4: When you reach the 5th floor, the doors will open and a young woman will get into the elevator with you. (Do not talk to that person).

Step 5: As soon as she gets on board, press the button for the 1st floor.

Step 6: Instead of going down to the 1st floor, the elevator will go all the way up to the 10th floor. (On the way up, you have one last chance to abort the game. If you press the button for a different floor, the ritual will not work. However, once the elevator goes past the 9th floor, there is no going back.)

There is only one way to ascertain if the ritual had been successful or not. If you have arrived at another world, you will be the only person in it.

What happens from there on is unknown. But one thing is certain, the person who came aboard on the fifth floor is not a human being.

To get back to your own world, you have to perform the ritual in reverse. However, there is no guarantee it will work.

Some Japanese people claim to have completed the ritual successfully. This is what they say the other world looks like:

It looks the same as the buildling that you are from, but all the lights are off and you can only see a red sky in the distance. There are no other living things there except yourself. Some say electronics (cellphone, camera, etc.) don’t work there, while some say they do.

Also, some people say that getting back to the real world is harder for some reason. You apparently get disorientated and forget which elevator you came on, or somehow the elevator seems to get further and further away as you walk towards it.

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  • Will the woman do anything once you step out? Will she follow you or try to hurt you?

  • (almost insane)

    This is real. I’m crying now like really i’m so scared i see her in the corner of my eyes.
    Guys( or girls) I’m serious DON’T TRY THIS. this is absolutely real i tried it. ( and if u know malakyia from reddit i think ill wound up like her … )

    so anyways i did the Elevator thingy obviously , it being my first game or wutever, i tho it was absolutely Bs but nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I did evrything smoothly and good until i reached the fifth floor wich opens up to me seing the bloody “women” I DONT EVEN KNOW Why they call “it” a “women” i almost peeked at her but then remembered the rules so i decided to not to look at her i continued on and pushed the 1st floor floor button and then it went up! I was like ; OH HELL NAWW. and decided to stop this SHI*.

    Anyways if u want to be haunted forever and be stupd as me then try this bs.

  • So if the woman isn’t a human, then is she a homo sapiens? Pun intended.

  • Don’t play this game. I’ve played this game, I’m 24 now, I played in my old apartment building when I was around 19 years of age. A woman got on the elevator at the fifth floor, an Asian woman. She looked completely normal, but she gave me the worst feeling, like I got a stomach ache as soon as she boarded. I got so freaked out that I nearly knocked her down trying to get off of the elevator as quickly as she had gotten on. She didn’t say a word as I did, just sort of watched me, like she knew. I waited for the door to close, and we kept eye contact the whole time. I just felt like I shouldn’t look away or turn my back on her until she was out of sight.
    The elevator went up without me. I took the stairs back to my apartment.

  • Electronics do work in the isolated world. Well, you would wonder how can i say that, Because i am in the isolated world and i am using a laptop. Here i am alone so i usually use electronics.
    The plus point of this world is we can watch movies in the theatre all alone with free pop corns! I am surely not gonna go back to the real world!!

  • well that sounds creepy… being stuck in another world ugh! and that woman is not human!? WHAT THE HELL IS SHE THEN?!?!?

  • I have to say…😓 sadly for some reason I don’t know when I just got a fear of elavtors and now I’m scared that I might get stuck in one… I try not to show it… It’s a long and complicated story…

  • even as this seems unreal (as many other comments say as well) it does sound super cool! honestly, this is super creative. people who have the creativity to think of all these stories and rules are extremely lucky.

  • Did this it did not work I think I did all the steps and on the 5th foor instead of woman it was a man with a very scary face on the last foor the man went out I just stayed and waited to go bk it took me 1hour and a half damn never doing this

  • Tried this..
    A young woman did enter at 5th floor but she was speaking on phone about attending college lectures..
    Are there colleges in another world..Oxford or Cambridge ? LOL:)

  • I would try it only bc ppl said nothing happened I’m only scared of elevators cause the sounds I always hold onto what ever there is in elevators

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