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Little Finger

Little Finger

The Little Finger is a scary game from Japan about a strange dream. This is a Japanese urban legend and it is said that only children or teenagers can experience this dream.

Little Finger

The Little Finger is a very dangerous game. You may want to think twice before playing it. To play this game, there is no complicated ritual to perform, no candles to light and no strange chants to repeat. All you have to do is read the following story.

Important Note: If you don’t want to play this game, stop reading now.

This is the story of a dream.

In the dream you are standing by a riverbank. A thick fog hangs over everything. You see an old woman crouching next to a gate. She is desperately looking for something, rummaging through the tall grass.

“what are you looking for?” you ask.

The old woman turns around. “I am looking for a little finger,” she replies.

She holds out her left hand and, sure enough, the little finger is missing.

“Can you help me look for it?” she asks.

You have to say, “Yes,” and when you do, the search for the little finger begins.

You have to find her little finger, because if you don’t, you will never be able to wake up again.

Now that you have read this story, you will have the dream within the next seven days.

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  • This is so fake. On another website it said she’ll be looking through drawers in a cabin and on here it says that she’ll looking by a river.

  • i was too scared to read this then read it and nothing happened so TO ALL THAT IS TOO SCARED TO READ IT:
    Don’t worry, go ahead. it won’t work. i promise :)

  • I don’t really think this is true…..BUT CAN I READ IT??? I don’t know….Okay… I read it. I’m having second thoughts. Uh… That ain’t a finger. It’s a USB.

  • Relax, everyone! My friend read it and nothing happened. As she is not a believer of ghosts (well, I am), she even provided a scientifical explanation for this…When a person has finished reading this creepy story, it takes over their mind and they continuously think about it like, “OMG! I’m gonna die!” and stuff. So, when they sleep they have a dream about it as they were thinking about it all the time, even till the very last moment until they fall asleep. She’s a brave one. NOTE: I still didn’t choose to read this story. Light-hearted ones (sorta like me) suffer more than the strong-hearted ones (like my friend).

    AND, a comment for Xx Death Bolt xX :
    Don’t test your wits in your dream. we never know what’s lurking in that ‘friendly’ brain of ours.

  • I read this when I was 9, haven’t dreamed it… And now I’m 12. Why you always lyin’?

  • Yep, its one week later and I have not experienced this dream. Totally safe to read! So if you read it, only freak out a tiny bit! 😅

  • But technically i never dream the real life incidents and also my mom know how to wake me up from the dream! I am sure that my mom is gonna wake me up somehow!

  • It says ‘you have to say yes’ so… what happens when you says no? Anyway this is my second time reading this

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