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Red Man

Red Man

The Red Man is a scary ritual or paranormal ghost game that comes from Japan. The game involves summoning a mysterious being using a cut-out paper doll, five candles and two mirrors.

Red Man

Warning: I have no idea whether or not it is safe to play the Red Man game. I don’t know who or what the mysterious “Red Man” is or what he will do when he comes. The Japanese sources don’t say…

How to call the Red Man:

You will need a sheet of paper, a scissors, red lipstick, five candles and two mirrors.

This game must only be played after dark and before dawn.

Step 1: Take the sheet of paper and cut out the shape of a paper man.

Step 2: Using the pen, draw a line down the back of the paper man. Write your own name on the left side and write the word “Rubeus” on the right side. (“Rubeus” is Latin for “Red”).

Step 3: Arrange the two mirrors so that they are face to face with a gap between them.

Step 4: Using the lipstick, draw a pair of red eyes on the mirror on the left. The eyes should be at the center of the top half of the mirror.

Step 5: Position the paper man so that he is lying face-down between the two mirrors. The mirror with the red eyes should be on his left and the normal mirror should be on his right.

Step 6: Place the candles around the paper man in a circle, in the following order: Imagine the face of a clock. The paper man’s head is pointing to 12 and the legs are pointing to 6. Place the first candle at 12, the second at 2, the third at 5, the fourth at 7 and the fifth at 10.

Step 7: Turn off any lights.

Step 8: Light the candles in the following order: 7, 12, 5, 10, 2.

Step 9: Using the scissors, cut the paper man down the middle.

Step 10: Move the left half towards the mirror on the left and the right half towards the mirror on the right. Both halves of the paper man should still be within the circle of candles.

Step 11: Close your eyes and repeat the following 6 times: “Please come. Please come. I will not move until you come.”

Step 12: Extinguish the candles in the following order: 12, 7, 2, 10, 5.

The game is over and the Red Man will appear in the room.


1: Once you start playing the Red Man game, you must not stop until it is over.

2: You must place the candles, light them and extinguish them in the exact order given above.

3: Do not let any daylight enter the mirror during the game. (That’s why you can only play after dark and before dawn). It is possible to play the game during the day, but you must be in a place that is in complete darkness.

4: Only the person or people who want to meet the Red Man should be in the room during the game. Anyone who does not want to meet the Red Man should wait outside until the game is over.

5: Whatever happens, do not allow yourself to see your own face reflected in the mirror during the game.

6: After you finish playing the Red Man game, you need to dispose of the paper and candles by burying them.

Warning: Again, I don’t know who the Red Man is. I don’t know what he does when he appears. I would advise you not to play this game because it could be extremely dangerous…

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  • After a lot of reserch I found out what the red man does:
    It may take a while for “him” to come. But when “he” comes you will start to feel a cool breeze and then the breeze will turn warm. “He will ask you a riddle and tell you that you have until the candles burn out to answer. Then the candles will sudenly all light if you answer the riddle correctly before the candles burn out you will live, but if you wait too long and the candles burn out before you answer or you don’t answer corectly “he” will kill you. Oh and no matter how long your candles are supost to last they will only burn for 1min or less.

  • Lol just draw a clock (like the one you have to imagine for the ritual) and then draw lines from 7 to 12, 12 to 5, 5 to 10, 10 to 2 and then 2 to 7 to complete the drawing (like the order of lighting the candles )….
    What do you see now ?
    Have an idea of what you are summoning now ?
    Still don’t have any idea of what is the red man and what he can do ?
    Btw now that i realized that I have my own idea on the subject XD

  • As anybody on YouTube done this and my or my not like to try this but I like to see if other people trying and and how it went down

  • I was reading this and I have to say why tell us how to summon when they don’t want us to

  • So does the style of eyes drawn on the mirror have to be a specific style? They don’t have to be creepy and angry, it doesn’t say so, so I will do cutesy anime-chibi eyes haha

  • Oh My God. @XxGrrrRawrxX now that you say it, I DO wonder how many go missing!!! 😱
    I would hope that you get more info about this game. It sounds interesting…

  • Probably should have put this up after u got more details haha. Anyone wonder how many users going missing on this site cuz these games???? Haha jk….or am I?

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