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Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a scary ritual that is used to contact the spirits of the dead. It is also known as Psychomanteum or Mirror Scrying. It was developed by researcher Ron Moody, based on rituals found in ancient Egyptian and Greek scrolls.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a method of contacting a ghost.

This game is really simple to play.

All you need is a mirror, a dark room, a comfortable chair and a dim lightbulb or a candle.

Step 1: Find a dark, empty room and place a mirror high up on the wall. Angle the mirror so that nothing is reflected but darkness.

Step 2: Light a candle or turn on a light that has the same brightness as a single candle.

Step 3: Place the chair in the middle of the room, sit down and make yourself comfortable.

Step 4. Relax and gaze deeply into the mirror. Think of the dead person you want to see. Don’t think about anything else, just clear your mind and concentrate only on the person you are trying to contact and that person only.

The spirit of the dead person should appear to you, just be patient.

When Ron Moody was conducting experiments using this method, he led 300 people through these steps. It had an 80% success rate.

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  • I want to see my great grandpa and my great grandmas parents and my cousin who died not to long ago like a month ago

  • It’s true ppl use blk mirrors to scry becuz it’s easier than crystal balls to c the images. And yes it’s been used for hundreds of yrs it’s best whn ur n calm almost hypnotic state becuz ur more receptive… Btw u can also stare at ur self in a mirror in a dark rm to c if u were sumone… or sumthn in a past life

  • There is another ritual in which you can see your future husband
    You eat an apple and comb your hair 3 times in front of a mirror in a dark room with 1 candle and you can see his face in the mirror.
    Tried it ..Works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & its safe to play

  • It’s a form of scrying that’s been around for hundreds of years. The goal is not always contact with someone you knew. Ppl used to circle slowly in a trance in the dark around a black couldron full of water. Same result, but i don’t think any light source is wanted, with your eyes adjusting to the dark would both put you in a focused mindset and allow the time needed for whatever you seek to manifest. It’s really supposed to be very effective.

  • It’s obviously fake. If you try this knowing it’s an illusion, then it will come out that way. But if you try it fearing it’s really true, obviously your mind will play tricks on you. Common sense, people!

  • What if u do this then trap the dead person in the mirror???? That would be horrible for the poor soul.

  • I have the guts to do it, but I simply wouldn’t be able to play because I can’t keep my mind clear… anyways, that cool! it reminds me of Bloody Mary!

  • OMG, is it true?? I hope Im brave enough to see dead person staring back at me in a mirror in the dark room where no body around but me & myself. Scare to death now ×_×

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