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How to Become a Werewolf

How to Become a Werewolf

How to Become a Werewolf in real life. Learn the secret of werewolf transformation using spells handed down through ancient history to turn into a ravenous creature of the night. WARNING: We recommend that you do NOT try this.

How to Become a Werewolf

The eerie and fantastic writings of 19th Century experts on the occult state that the ability to transform yourself from a human into a werewolf can be accomplished by performing certain rites ordained by black magic.

This involves conjuring up an evil spirit which is done by a complex ceremony, using a magic circle, a fire, an incantation, application of magical ointment to the nude body, and wearing a wolfskin belt.

In order to turn yourself into a werewolf, you must be a believer in supernatural and paranormal phenomena.

Step 1: On a night when the moon is new and strong, go to an uninhabited place, like a forest, a mountain top or a desert.

Step 2: On a perfectly level piece of ground, draw a circle with a radius of 7 feet or more. Inside this circle, draw another circle with a radius of 3 feet or more.

Step 3: Standing inside the smaller circle, build a fire and boil some water in an iron pot.

Step 4: When the water comes to a boil, throw any of the following ingredients into the pot: Asafetida, Parsley, Opium, Hemlock, Henbane, Saffron, Poppy Seeds or Solanium. (WARNING: Some of the plants mentioned are extremely poisonous and can cause cardiac arrest or sudden death.)

Step 5: Repeat the following chant:

“Wolves, Vampires, Satyrs, Ghosts,
Elect of all the devilish hosts,
I pray you send hither, send hither, send hither
The great grey shape that makes me shiver.”

Step 6: Take the fat of an animal that has recently been killed and mix it with Aniseed, Camphor and Opium. Take off your clothes and smear this mixture all over your body.

Step 7: Tie a girdle made of wolfskin around your waist. (Some sources say you can use a belt made of human skin, preferably from a criminal executed on the gibbet).

Step 8: Kneel in the larger circle and chant: “Shiver! Shiver! Shiver! Come! Come! Come!”

Step 9: Wait until the fire burns blue and “the great unseen power” appears. (This is an evil spirit, possibly the devil himself). You will be transformed into a werewolf.

To change back to human form, simply remove the wolfskin belt.

There are some easier ways to become a werewolf:

1. Get bitten by a werewolf.
2. Be born to parents who are werewolves.
3. Eat the brains of a wolf.
4. Drink water from a wolf’s paw print.
5. Drink water from a river or stream where three or more wolves have previously taken a drink.

To change back to human form, immerse yourself in running water.

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  • “Get bitten by a werewolf”
    “Be born to parents who are werewolves”
    Also, to change back into human form, you can just WAIT UNTIL DAYTIME.

  • LAME!!! Go on a mountaintop to do this, but the ground has to be PERFECTLY LEVEL? WOW lol so weird

  • NEVER dabbling in black magic. Certainly not rubbing animal fat on myself ! Gross to the max !

  • Its kinda cool but no way I’m going to do it..
    Post here if any one tried..
    I think SFK loled U…

  • Umm, wouldn’t ever work for me if I tried!! I believe In god. do you?

  • Cool but not really interested in wolves . Wish there was a vampire spell or phyromancing spell which would be awesome

  • Although it’s sounds like a lot of fun, I really doubt it would actually work :/

  • Well does anyone know where I can eat a wolf? Cause I have a feeling that this may just work😂😂 I hope

  • Um, that sounds pretty interesting, but the thought of ACTUALLY becoming a werewolf doesn’t exactly seem safe… But, cool.

  • Oh i wanna try this! But the problem is i don” live near any desert or mountain hill and forests are very dangerous… i really wanna try this. But then who will post comments for you all and sfk hahahahhaha

  • I hope this doesn’t make us the twilight werewolf where we can transform according to our wish… I mean if it does that then we need not immerse in water to become human… If it makes us a real werewolf then I guess we wont have the sense how to be normal again until the sun comes out 😏

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