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Closet Game

Closet Game

The Closet Game is a scary paranormal ghost game that can be played by one or two people. The object of the game is to summon a demon.

Closet Game

Warning: The Closet Game is very dangerous. Summoning a demon could result in you becoming possessed or being dragged into eternal darkness. We recommend that you do not play this game.

To play the closet game, you need a book of matches and a bedroom with a closet. You can do this alone or with a friend. Wait until it is night. This will not work during daylight.

Step 1: Take the book of matches and go to your bedroom.

Step 2: Turn off all the lights in the room. The room must be in complete darkness. If there is a light in the closet, make sure it is off.

Step 3: Open the closet door, step inside and close the door behind you.

Step 4: Stand in the darkness for approximately two minutes, facing the closet door.

Step 5: Take one match, hold it in front of you and say, “Show me the light or leave me in darkness.”

Step 6: Listen very carefully. If you begin hearing faint whispering, light the match immediately. If you don’t hear anything, and the match does not ignite on its own, then don’t turn around. If you do not light the match fast enough after hearing the faint whispers, you will feel something grab you from behind and drag you into eternal darkness.

Step 7: Keep the match lit. Do not blow it out. If it accidentally goes out, immediately light another match.

Step 8: Holding the lit match in front of you, open the closet door slowly and step outside. Do not turn around. Close the closet door behind you. Do not look inside the closet.

From now on, you must make sure you always have the light on when you look inside the closet. If you leave your closet open during the night with the lights off, you will see the demon watching you with two red eyes that glow like matches.

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  • So the whole point of this game is to imprison a demon in your closet forever.
    “Oi, you coming to watch the burning of Bibles and the virgin sacrifices with us later?”
    “No mate, I’m confined to this damned closet.”

    One less demon to be terrorizing humanity, right

  • Is it MY closet specifically? I want to summon a demon in my room mate’s closet SO WHEN HE AND HIS WHINY GIRLFRIEND ARE GETTING *cough* freaky-deaky THEN SHE’LL BE ALL LIKE “OMG! What’s that in your closet?!” And when she goes to check it out she’ll be dragged in and no more annoying girlfriends wasting the hot water :D

  • If my dad didn’t want me to mess with occult stuff, I would do this-
    I would try (keyword is try) to tame it, name it Sebastian, and make it my butler for reasons.

  • Me and my friend did it but I’m not sure we did it right cause we were talking and laughing the whole time. Plus we knew we weren’t gonna be able to light the match in time so we were screwed anyway if something DID happen.

  • Me: *plays game*
    Demon: *evil laugh*
    Me: >_>
    Demon: lol
    Demon: k ur 2 crazy bai

  • Just imagine if you play hide and seek and then your friend hides in that closet. I probably won’t try this game.

  • I feel the need to point out that there’s no way a demon would just sit and watch some person from a closet 24/7. Like ‘hey zuhl you coming to the virgin sacrifices Saturday?’ ‘Nah dude I gotta watch this prat sleep.’ I mean really now. Also, demons bring with them a godawful sulfur/ brimstone smell so your room would be all sorts of rank no matter how much febreeze you used, then there’s the issue of why did you think playing with matches to get a pet demon was a good idea in the first place? I get it, you’re lonely, want a unique pet and fire is pretty. So buy a scorpion and light a bloody candle! -.-

  • So, not only would you be stupid enough to summon a demon, you would be stupid enough to play with matches in an enclosed space full of flammable material like a closet?

  • I move a lot so if I tried this, would the demon follow me to my next house? Because if not, I would totally do this lol.

    IM AN IDIOT😭😭😭😭

  • There is not a single point to answer the question: Why would you try this?
    I mean, seriously, why in earth would someone have a demon stalking them for the rest of their eternity? Also, there are no advantages of this thing.
    I THINK, this is just a test for one’s bravery.

  • I Ain’t Playing This! I’m Already Afraid Of My Closet And I Don’t Plan On Making It Scarier

  • You know, I heard a saying once… and it sticks with me to this day:
    “The living can’t harm the dead & the dead can’t harm the living,
    But if the living try to harm the dead, the dead WILL harm the living.”
    …That’s all I have to say on this matter. #Beware. #CuriosityKilledTheCat.

  • This makes me laugh because why would you want to summon a demon in your closet and live in fear everyday? Haha xD

  • First of all, why the heck do you want a DEMON watching you sleep through your closet? I mean, seriously, are you stupid? If you want to die, why not die in good hands? I really don’t see any point to some of these games…

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