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Thumb Game

Thumb Game

The Thumb Game (oyayubi sagashi) is a japanese urban legend about a young woman who died. Anyone who finds her missing thumb will be granted a wish. The game is also sometimes called “Looking for the thumb”.

Thumb Game

The object of the Thumb Game is to find the missing left thumb of a murdered young woman. If you find it, your wish will be granted. You need three or more people to play this game.

In a villa, a 20-year old woman was murdered. Her corpse was dismembered. When her body parts were discovered, they were strewn all around the villa. Her left thumb was nowhere to be found.

Step 1: Form a circle sitting on the ground. You should grab the left thumb of the person on your right. The person on your left should grab your left thumb.

While the game is in progress, do not let go of the person’s thumb. Otherwise, when the game ends, their thumb will be missing.

Step 2: Everyone has to close their eyes and imagine they are in the villa where the murdered woman was dismembered. You must do this seriously or else it will not work.

While the game is in progress, do not open your eyes.

Step 3: Say the following chant twice.

“Oyayubi, Oyayubi, hear our voices.
Oyayubi, Oyayubi, grant our wish.”

You will be transported to a room you’ve never seen before. It is a western-style villa. There is one solitary candle in the room.

Step 4: You must start looking for the thumb immediately. You have until the candle burns out to search for the severed thumb.

Step 5: To get back from the villa, you must blow out the candle.

While you are in the villa, looking for the thumb, you may feel someone tap you twice on the shoulder. When this happens, do not look behind you. Otherwise, you will never be able to come back alive.

Warning: It is extremely important that you do not look behind you. If you do, you will be killed. You will never return from the villa. You will be forced to remain there eternally, tapping people on the shoulder twice and then brutally murdering them. Instead of just being a missing person, you will be a murderer.

If you manage to find the severed thumb, hold it tightly in your hand and then blow out the candle. You will return and your wish will be granted. If you cannot find the thumb, just blow out the candle and return. Do not allow the candle to burn out on its own or you will be stranded in the villa.

The Thumb Game Rules:
1. Do not let go of anyone’s thumb.
2. Do not open your eyes.
3. Do not allow the candle to burn out.
4. Do not look behind you.

The Thumb Game can be very dangerous. We recommend that you do not play it unless you memorize all of the rules beforehand. A mistake could cost you your life.

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  • Played this with friends at school and we saw each other. The candle is in the room to the right of the entrance and the thumb was in a lampshade and on a table. The thumbs position changes every game. Creepy ass photo in the master bedroom too!

  • so someone tell me, is the thumb under the couch? where did you find the thumb? cause once i know imma find it then leave :)

  • I want to try this out…but u can simply imagine finding the thump ..right??!!

  • It was so creepy!!! I played it at my school and I found the thumb I wished that the person I hate the most Jayden Mark break his leg. Afterwards he came down to the canteen and the stairs was so long that he accidentally fell and broke his leg I was like cheering in my heart but it was unbelievable u played with few friends who hate Jayden and my BFF who hate him to Jayden have to sit in the hospital for 1 month and our class was so peaceful for the month yayyyyyy it really works!

  • I tried this with a group of 3, and it didn’t work. Even though it didnt, we all pretended it did to scare each other.

  • Is it weird that I just got the urge to write a fanfiction for one or more of my fandoms based on this game? :/

  • OMG OMG DID THIS! I found a toe in a book case. My cousin found the thumb under the carpet in the drawing room. She said that she accidentally dropped it twice. LoLz.

  • Me and my friends are going to try this and we might try it tomorrow. I am nearly sure that this will work. All of us do not really know how to pronounce some of the words! But there is one girl Charlotte and she doesn’t know if it will work!

  • Me and three friends are going to try this, the only problem is one of them is really scared and almost wet herself just thinking about it! I am not that scared because I am not sure if it will work, we don’t know how to pronounce the words.

  • I played it with 3 of my frends but one of the got creeped out and let go of the other to’s thumbs my frend elana’s thumb was cut of the next day and Lilly’s is broken though now I am paranoid even though no one let go of my thumb. Oh and your wish comes true, I wished for a cat cuz I thought it wood fail and the next day my mom came home frome work with a gray tabby cat! Don’t play it though it’s so dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!M!!!!!!M!

  • OMG!!! OMG!!! That was sooooo cool but creepy but epic oh I cheted thought I did a Lusid dream at the same time. Pleas don’t kill me for cheating demons😥😅

  • Holy crap these Japanese games r scarier than all the stories on this sight put togethr!!

  • Urm, for those of you asking how to search for the thumb, you’re in a dream. You’re only holding theirs in real life but not in the dream sequence.

  • Sounds interesting to play. But I probably wouldn’t play it because I am a scaredy cat. :P

  • Me and my sister and brother tried this and I got really scared yet excited and for like the past couple of minutes\seconds we didn’t see anything but the closest thing I saw was white and brown. We ended the game without doing it right But nothing bad is happening me right now.

  • What exactly would the villa look like? Can anyone tell me? My friends and me know the chant and the rules, but not what to imagine when we decide to play. Anyone care to share what they saw when they played it?

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