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Satoru-kun is a Japanese urban legend about a game that people play to find out the answer to any question.


If there is a question you need an answer to, Satoru-kun can help. According to the urban legend, Satoru-kun is a Japanese spirit, ghost or demon who appears in the form of a young boy. He knows everything about the past, the present and the future and can answer any question he is asked. You just have to perform a ritual to summon him.

However, by contacting Satoru-kun, you are playing a dangerous game.

To summon Satoru-kun, you need a mobile phone, some coins and a coin-operated public payphone.


Step 1: Insert the money in the public phonebox. Dial your own mobile phone number.

Step 2: Repeat the following chant:

“Satoru-kun, Satoru-kun, please come here. Satoru, Satoru, please show yourself. Satoru, Satoru, please answer me if you are there.”

Step 3: After that, hang up the public payphone and turn off your mobile phone.

If you did everything right, you will receive a phonecall from Satoru-kun within 24 hours.

When he calls the first time, Satoru-kun will tell you where he is. Then he will hang up. He will call you several times and each time, he will be closer and closer to where you are.

The last time he calls, he will say: “I am behind you now.”

This is the time to quickly ask your question.


Rule 1: Do not turn around or try to look at him.

Rule 2: Do not touch him.

Rule 3: Do not call him if you do not have a question to ask.

Rule 4: When he is behind you, do not delay. Ask the question immediately.

If you break any of these rules, you will die and Satoru-kun will drag you down to hell. So, it would be a good idea to decide the question in advance.

scary for kids


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