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Pencil Game

Pencil Game

Charlie Charlie: The Pencil Game is an old Mexican tradition. It is a supernatural ritual that is used to contact a ghost. It is sometimes called “Six Pencils”, “Charlie Charlie Are You There?” or “The Charlie Charlie Challenge”. Some people believe that you are contacting the spirit of a young boy who killed himself. Others believe this ritual is dangerous and that you are, in actual fact, contacting a demon.

Charlie Charlie

How to Play Charlie Charlie

You need a sheet of paper and two pencils.

Step 1: Take the piece of paper and draw two lines on it, forming a cross. Write “Yes” in the top left and bottom right squares and “No” in the other two squares, as in the picture above.

Step 2: Place a pencil on the line going left and right and balance another pencil on top of it, along the line going up and down.

Step 3: Say the following chant twice out loud: “Charlie, Charlie, can we play?”

Charlie will make the pencil point to either “Yes” or “No”

You can now proceed to ask questions and Charlie will answer them with either “Yes” or “No”.

To end the game, you must chant “Charlie, Charlie, can we stop?” When you get a “Yes”, you say “Goodbye” and remove the pencils from the paper to break contact. If he says “No”, keep trying until you get a “Yes”.

How to Play Six Pencils

Pencil Game

The Pencil Game can only be played with two people. You need six unsharpened pencils.

Step 1: Each person takes three pencils and arranges them to form three sides of a square (as in the picture above). The ends of your pencils should be touching. You should be holding the pencils at the sharpened tip.

Step 2: Both of you say the following chant twice: “Charlie, Charlie, can we play?”

If the pencils move inwards, the answer is “Yes”.
If the pencils move outwards, the answer is “No”.
If one side moves inwards and the other moves outwards, it means “Maybe”, or that the question cannot be answered.
Also, up means “Yes” and down means “No”.

Step 3: You ask the spirit of Charlie Yes or No questions. He will indicate his answer by moving the pencils.

To end the game, you both must chant “Charlie, Charlie, can we stop?” When the pencils move inwards or upwards, you drop them to the floor and say “Goodbye” to break contact.

Stories and Experiences with the Charlie Charlie Pencil Game

“When I was younger, we used to play a game called Six Pencils… They truly moved! It was crazy. They answered questions that nobody could have known. My Mom told me it was demons we were talking to, so I stopped.”

“My friends played the Pencil Game and they got in contact with a ghost named Charlie that had died of child abuse. But things soon went bad. One of my friends saw a dark figure on her roof when she was home alone. Another heard scratching on her bathroom door and dark laughing. Another felt her blanket on her bed being pulled down when she was sleeping and then she also heard laughing. Another saw a dark shape hanging from her roof. All of these things happened when they were alone. Soon they got scared and stopped playing the game and put up crosses in their rooms and never went near that stuff again and it all stopped.”

“The game “Charlie, Charlie” was a big thing at my school, and I came home and played it with my Mom. My Mom and Dad got all mad and said that the game was just like the ouija board. Supposedly it’s a call to the devil… No offense, but it’s scary… I started hearing things around my house after I played it”

There are no reports of anyone dying or being possessed by demons after playing the Pencil Game so it is considered quite safe. However, we still advise you not to play it, just in case.

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  • played this in the morning with my friend (6 pencils) and we played at the end of the day and she jokingly asked “Charlie Charlie did you follow us all day” and he said yes I love it I say play it if you aren’t scared easily

  • I did 6 pencils with my friend Leha and this is what happened:

    Me: Charlie, charlie are you real
    Pencils: no
    Leha: am I 12000 years old
    Pencils: yes
    Me: Is it 1987
    Pencils: yes
    Leha: are these answers logical
    Pencils: no
    Me: *throws pencils in trash and leaves*

  • I remember last year after lunch, my friends and these others kids started playing this game and after they said, “Show us a sign”, the paper blew into the air and all the pencils fell and rolled on the floor. Idk if it was maybe the wind but it wasn’t windy that day… That’s the thing. =-O
    Just some advice: don’t play this game it has to do with demons and horrible stuff like that. :0

  • I remember when this was big last year at my school, everyone was doing it. Literally every corner you turned somebody was there playing it. There was one time I remember in particular it was like 15 of us watching 2 of us play it and then the lights went out throughout the whole school. I was laughing the whole time because everyone was freaked out. Gotta love this game.

  • I was going to play it right now but I read the comment about pet and I got guinea pig… so I rip the paper…

    I am not sure about this but I had bad feeling about this house since I felt like something is trying to make me use Ouija board or other way to communicated with it and it is bad spirit…. I don’t know why though. I tried to not do these kind of stuff.

  • i tried this on the pavement with chalk and sticks instead of penciles
    it worked but i was a daredevil and didn’t end the game.

    the bad news was i didn’t have any salt to protect myself…

  • Me and my friends played charlie charlie last year and my friend was asking questions only a perv would ask. I guess charlie got mad because the paper flew across the room like someone there it o-o

  • Me and my friend tried the charlie charlie challenge

    Me:Charlie Charlie,are you here?

    *pencil moves to yes*

    Friend:Jesus Jesus,are you here?

    *pencil moves to no*

    😂😂😂😂Its so funny and Its not real.The window was open and we thought that the wind blew the pencil

  • Charlie is not a boy, Charlie is the name of the demon you are contracting during or before the game starts… some say Charlie is a mexican demon…

  • I feel so bad for Charlie it’s like every second someone is playing and Charlie’s like “LEAVE ME ALONE! Don’t you idiots get tired of this?!”

  • Me and my friend did Charlie Charlie freaking Charlie wouldn’t leave and one of my friend said we had to rip the paper and flush it down the toilet break the pencils and throw them away and wash your hands Charlie left me and my friend alone

  • I tried it during recess yesterday and it didnt work :( but then again some other people were also doing it in the same place we were is that why it didnt work idk

  • Now that this game got popular, no one believes that I have played this a year ago. I never did the paper and 2 pencils version but the one witht eh 6 pencils. For me, the paper and pencil doesn’t work but the 6 pencils does.

  • Aint working i have asked alot of questions bn at it for an hour watched and did everything i have seen it just aint working atall any tips ?

  • I played it with some of my frends and aplenty he is related to bloody Mary and baby blue and wen he found out my frend had played the baby blue game he sumend bloody Mary who then preceded to poses my frend natana so I broke the pencils in hafe, so loing story short…
    NEVER PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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