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Card Game

Card Game

The Card Game is a paranormal ritual that is used to contact the spirits of the dead.

Card Game

The Card Game can be played with any number of people. You will need a deck of playing cards, a candle and some salt.

Step 1: Turn off all the lights in the room and light the candle.

Step 2: Sprinkle some salt on the playing cards.

Step 3: Each person who is playing the game must shuffle the cards.

Step 4: Lay out the cards, face down, in three groups of six cards each. Each group of cards sheould be 2 columns and three rows, as in the picture above.

Step 5: You ask “Are the spirits willing to speak with us tonight.”

Step 6: The person who asked the question hovers their hand over each of the cards until you feel heat coming from one of the cards. Oddly enough you want to select the card with heat radiating from it. It’s weird but the cards do give off heat when doing this. You can feel the heat coming off of them when you hover you hands over them this is why you must move your hand slowly.

Step 7: Turn over that card. The spirits will communicate through the cards. Hearts means Yes. Spades means No. Diamonds means Maybe. Clubs means I Don’t Know.

Each person who is playing can ask questions. Each time, only the person who asks the question must turn over the card.

If anything bad starts to happen, end the game immediately. If you hear whispering or feel something touch you, stop playing.

To end the game, you say “Goodbye” and blow out the candle. Then you sprinkle salt over the cards again and shuffle them.

Warning: We suggest that you do not play the Card Game.

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