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Ghost Games

Ghost Games

Scary ghost games to play at home, at night or at a sleepover. Read the instructions online for these spooky paranormal games and scary rituals that allow you to contact ghosts. They will give you hours of fun at Halloween parties or on your own in your house.

Ghost Games

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  • Can you add:

    1 step ahead
    the stranger ritual
    candles game
    Charlotte’s web
    the corner game

  • Can you add New Year Ritual?

    You will need: a container ( preferably a basket ), fruit ( 1 pineapple, 3 bananas, 2 apples, 30 grapes ), a clock, a knife/needle, a forest with a clearing and something to light a fire.


    Begin when the clock strikes midnight on December 31. Close all the curtains in your house. For 24hrs don’t eat, drink, sleep or leave your house. 2 hrs before the new year arrives, prepare a fruit basket. Place within your basket: 1 pineapple, 3 bananas, 2 apples and 30 grapes. With a knife or needle, cut your hand. Put a drop of blood on every piece of fruit. Don’t miss any fruit, don’t close your eyes, don’t dress your wound.

    The game:

    At midnight, take your basket of fruit and fire starter and go to the nearest woods. Walk until you find a clearing. Build a fire and sit by it. Place your basket of fruit of you. Don’t move and don’t let the fire go out. A figure should approach you from the forest. The figure will make eye contact with you don’t under any circumstances break it. Don’t scream, run or speak. The figure will begin to eat the fruit, keep eye contact. When it has finished eating, it will ask you “What do you want to know?” Tell him your question don’t look away. He will give you a answer and then walk away. Don’t look away until he has dispersed from view. Go home and fall asleep. But remember there are some things you are better off not knowing.

  • I can’t do these with my friends… They’d freak. Such girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m a girl. Oh well, but… You know……..

  • Some of these games are kinda lame, but some others are pretty fun. I’m really into the supernatural so it’s still fun.

  • Hunh. Maybe we will. May I ask your name and age? “Unless its against the rules of this site.”

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