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Dry Bones

Dry Bones

The Dry Bones ritual is a scary paranormal game where you play a game of hide and seek with a demon. This game is similar to Hide and Seek Alone and The Midnight Man.

Dry Bones

Warning: The Dry Bones ritual is a very dangerous game and we strongly advise you not to play it. By dabbling with the occult and contacting demons, you are messing with things you don’t understand. You could wind up losing your mind, being killed or worse, losing your soul.

The Dry Bones ritual must be played alone. All you need is a bathroom, a mirror, a candle and a box of matches.

1. Too prepare, close all the doors and windows in your house. Close all cupboards, closets, wardrobes and cabinets also. Turn off all the lights in the house, including televisions and computer screens.

2. Begin the game at 12:01 AM, not a minute sooner or later. Go into your bathroom and look into the mirror. Make sure that everything is completely silent. If you hear any strange noises, it means HE is already there. Abort the game and leave the house immediately. That means that “he” is already there.

3. Think of something that you want. This will be your prize if you win.

4. Strike a match and light the candle. DO NOT blow out the match yourself. Wait for it to burn out on its own. If the match last 15 seconds or more, then you may continue.

5. Lie down on the floor and recite the following words: “I am aware of your presence and I welcome you into my home. Come now”.

6. Go to the largest room in your house and wait. How long this takes can vary widely. For some, it may take hours and for others it could take minutes. You have to be patient. When HE is ready, you will hear a faint moaning sound. If you hear anything else, abort the game and leave the house immediately.

7. When you hear the moaning begin, you must run and hide. Stay in your hiding place and pray HE doesn’t find you. To win the game, you must remain hidden until 3:00 AM. During the time that you are hidden, HE will be searching for you. Remain absolutely quiet and do not make any noise. Try not to make any quick movements or it will be easier for him to find you.

8. When the clock strikes 3:00 AM, the game is over and it is safe to come out. Return to the largest room in your house and say “Thank you for playing, but you must leave now. You are no longer welcome”. You will hear a groan and HE will leave. If you managed to hide successfully, you have won the game and your prize will be waiting outside your front door the next morning.

However, the question is this: Is any prize really worth the risk of what could happen to you if you lose?

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  • if i ever played this game i would ask for

    marrying jb
    being fucking rich than any1 else
    being a very famous hollywood singer
    meeting jb
    ( jb stands for justin bieber)

  • Jeff the killer has no soul. And I’ve got to make it through high school and collage still. It’s worth it i think. Sfk can i wish for 1 billion dollars so i can retire at the age of twenty???😆😆😆

  • @Rose_CrazyCat Pretty sure no one who lost can tell you what happens…

    Also is it possible to ask for love?

  • Can you wish for knowledge (e.g. To know how to speak French, know what high school your going to)

  • Tried this. I hid in the crawl space. I won and wished for a new Ford Mustang. That Muthafucker gave me a damn Camero…

  • To be honest I’ve dealt with my share of the supernatural all throughout my childhood and my early teens so it is ABSOLUTELY NOT WORTH THE RISK!

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