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Scary true stories and creepy tales of horror for kids and adults to tell. Read stories about real ghosts, haunting mysteries, paranormal activity and supernatural events.

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True Horror Stories


  1. raveiin says

    I assure you all this is a COMPLETELY true story, but no one believes me except them.

    When I was nine, I really liked paranoid and strange things. I always tried to find odd things and classify them as paranormal. But, I never could, until one night. I was asleep, it was about 4:00PM, and I heard faint foresters near my bed. I didn’t want to look, I thought I would see an evil person with a bloody knife, but I didn’t, I slowly let my eyes open. Then, I saw it, I saw people. But they weren’t ordinary people. They were covered in a layer of thick dirt. I told my parents the next morning, but of course they didn’t believe me, I was 9. It was Christmas time, so we had decorations up, but not many. The next night was worse, it was Christmas Eve, and I couldn’t sleep. I closed my eyes at 1pm, but open them again at 3pm. I heard the footsteps again, and I saw smiling faces. The person was saying “Follow me…”. I got out of bed and began to follow him. I looked closer into the person’s face, and saw it was my grandfather. I swiftly filled behind him. Then, he walked out of the front door, and evaporated, of course I went back to bed, awaiting Santa Claus. Th next morning, I ran to open my presents, and I saw a small package that said, From; Grandpa. I was confused, and I opened it. It was a small stone slab, carved on it, “I love you, (my name).”. I was very confused, because my Grandpa died that year.

  2. Carlos Rivera says

    You take your socks off and about to get into bed. You feel a strange presence in the room. And a strange noise, like nails clicking on wooden floors. A sense of dread slowly numbs your body. You turn the lights on. That sense of dread quickly fades away, and you dismiss the noise as your house settling. This is weird, you think. I won’t be able to sleep like this. Frightened, you bring your laptop to bed. You browse websites until you feel your eyes become heavy. You set your laptop aside and move to turn the lights out. Then, you hear a whisper, coming from under the bed. “I’ve been waiting.”

  3. Kristen Jellybean says

    Alright. This is a true story, I swear. I was at my grandmas house, which is out in the middle of nowhere in a heavily wooded area of Michigan. I was walking around, taking pictures when I saw my sister playing. I just waved her over, talked to her a bit, and she walked away. After about an hour and a half, I heard her calling my name. It sounded as if she was in trouble. I started walking towards the sound of her voice when I realized it was across the creek. She hated crossing the creek. But then I wondered if she had crossed and then was now too afraid to cross back. So I started walking towards the sound of the noise when I decided to head back to the house to put some better shoes on. So I yelled to her to hold on, and waited for her reply. As soon as she yelled ok, I turned around and ran back to the house. When I got there, I saw my sister, sitting in the living room, watching tv. I asked her how long she had been there, and she said she had been inside for an hour. I still wonder what would have happened if I had crossed.

  4. iXxBreezyxX says

    THESE ARE 100% TRUE!

    1:When My Grandpa Was A Newborn He Was Snatched By La Siguanaba And Found Him In A Thorn Bush And To This Day He Has Two Scratches On His Back

    2:One Day My Uncle Was Babysitting My One Year Old Brother.I Was Three At The Time.He Had Put My Little Brother To Sleep With The Lights Off.I Was In The Living Room With Him. Then We Heard Footsteps. Me Him And My Brother Were The Only Ones In The House.He Went To Check On My Brother. He Was Still Asleep.The Freaky Thing Was That The Lights Were On.Now, My Brother Knew How To Walk At That Age Cup He Was Chubby But COME ON! HE WAS WAY TO STUPID TO KNOW HOW TO CLIMB OUT A CRIB!

  5. strxnglxvatic says

    This isn’t a scary story because the ghost in my house is a nice one, but this night was creepy.

    Now, the ghost in my house is a woman and all of my cousins when they were kids, along with me and my sister, claimed to see her. One of my best friends saw her a few months ago and heard her say hello to him.

    Anyway, this happened last month. It was about two o’clock in the morning (close to the typical time that ghosts are most active). I have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night for no reason, so I was half awake at the time. My room is across the hall from my mom’s. While I was awake, I heard footsteps in the hallway. I shrugged it off, thinking it was my mom, and went back to sleep. I don’t know how much later it was when I woke up and heard them again. That time, my mom heard them too and asked me what I was doing. I wasn’t awake enough to answer her and tell her I was still in bed, so I tried to go back to sleep. The third time the footsteps sounded, my mom asked again what I was doing and I told her that time that I was still in bed. It was then that we knew it was her walking around and, while it was creepy, we weren’t scared because she’s nice to us and smells like lavender. This is a true story, I swear on my life.

  6. Sticking Knife says

    This is a funny and true ghost story:-

    I was alone in the house. My parents went to our neighbor’s house. I was feeling very lonely. So, I started playing games in my mobile. The light of the main room was off. But, the main door was open. Suddenly, I saw that the light became on. So, I ran as fast as I could to the main door. I heard someone laughing in an evil voice. I turned back and saw my parents, who were playing a trick on me.


    This story happened to me very recently and is still going on. Unexplainable things happen. This all started back when I was ten years old. It started as nothing huge. Back then there were unexplainable shadows but I told my self it was just my imagination until one night. A noise woke me up. After that I suddenly felt a wave of sadness. I saw a figure moving towards me. I went back under my covers pretending it was a bad dream but just then I had a sharp pain on my leg. Since then unexplainable things have happened but just last night was the worst. I learned how to be a lucid dreamer but I had a horrible dream I couldn’t wake up from. Around 4 am I managed to but my mom rushed into my room. She said that she felt dark energy. I went under my blankets like normal but I felt a weird scratch on my leg and so I went on my phone but I heard my mom mumbling phrases that I could not understand, her hands started shaking but after one minute, it all stopped. Once it ended she said ” I love you”. Then she said that whatever is bothering me tried to possess her. She told me to go to sleep because if I do my spirit will not be in physical form so I won’t get possessed. Unexplainable things can happen.

  8. QueenOfGhosts says

    So here is a true story for you peeps: I farted on my little brother’s toast. The End!

  9. Goreface_13_ says

    The best story to tell was from a few years ago. It was a cold fall night. I was in libertyville IL visiting ‘the gate.’ I saw and heard things that I could never forget. Howls in the wind, eyes following me and when I would shine a flashlight at them there was no body! Please keep in mind, I know every animal possible In these woods. These eyes were at a height of about 6’1. I have pictures on my facebook page. I will never forget the sadness I felt when I walked down the path on the right.

  10. Kapoopie says

    Um, this is a true story. Rewrite it if you wanna. Im not sure.

    I was walking by myself at this property and i found the caves i was told about. Walking in, i felt uneasy. Turning on my video camera, i filmed the aboriginal cave paintings as i walked. Right near the back, at the darkest spot, i saw a cave painting of a woman. She was standing prim and proper, her nose pointed high into the air. Filming her, i wondered how her painting got onto these walls. Staring closely at her, still filming, a grotesque face leapt out of her stomache at me. It had such a deep look of hatred, i screamed and ran.

    Leaving the caves as fast as i could, i kept running until i found my mum. Panting, i tried to tell her what i saw. Remembering my film, i began to rewind to show her. Mum caught a glimpse of the face leaping out, before the tape deleted itself. The camera later died when i tried to recover the film. The camera has stopped working and i still cant get it to turn on, and i dont know what happened to the film. Only me and my mum know what happened in that cave.

  11. scaryscott says

    This is a true story about my Dad’s friend.

    Years ago, my Dad’s friend, Steven, was taking a stroll down to the Street Centre when he came across the love of his life. They chatted for a while and Steven learned that the woman’s name was Clara. They got engaged and a year later, they were newly weds. While looking for a home to live in, Clara’s Mum invited them to stay at her house, until they found a home of their own. Just after they moved in, Steven noticed a house going very cheap in a little town called Stonehouse in Scotland. They moved out of Clara’s Mum’s house to live in the house in Stonehouse. When they arrived, they noticed that the house was in desperate need of repair.

    Clara went out to say hello to the neighbourhood the next day. She knocked on the house next to theirs first. The owner of the other house greeted Clara inside and they began to converse. Clara explained that she and her husband had managed to get the house so cheap next door. The next door neighbour asked if she knew why. She explained that an 84 year old woman had lived there 14 years ago. Her grandson was a major drug addict. He came in her house and demanded her to give him money for drugs. The grandmother refused and in a fit of rage, her grandson stabbed her to death. The house has been unoccupied ever since. As soon as she heard the story, Clara ran next door and demanded that they both left the house. She looked back at the neighbour. He brandished a knife and asked for money. The couple ran into their car, left Scotland and never came back.

  12. owenr48 says

    My house is REALLY scary, I have a voice in my room that isn’t explainable!

  13. DEAD scary says

    If you want to find a REALLY haunted place, go to my mums friends karen’s house. Its mega haunted, u can see ghosts in EVERY picture she takes! Once she told my mum that after she gave birth, she went to bed one night and a toy staryed playing on top of her wardrobe and when she got it down, she noticed that it had no batterys in it

  14. mojo says

    Love these stories!!! Some are really good but others are REALLY LAME! The pictures are gross and scary sometimes too. Like the picture from one particular story. That had a gross and weird ending!

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