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The Waiter is a true scary story about a young woman who goes out to a restaurant on a blind date.

The Waiter

When my mother was young, she went out on a blind date. Her date took her to a restaurant, and although he was nice enough, she just wasn’t into him. Halfway through the meal she was so bored that she was already thinking of excuses so that she could leave early. The waiter could tell she was bored and kept smiling and winking at her.

While my mom’s date was in the restroom, the waiter approached her and started asking her if she was OK. She explained that she was on a blind date, but she wasn’t having much fun.

It turned out that the waiter was just about to get off work. He offered to give my mother a ride home if she waited another ten minutes. She considered it and was tempted to say yes, but just then her date came back from the restroom. She shook her head, smiled at the waiter and told him, “No thanks”.

My mom and her date finished their meals, and he drove her home.

The next night, my mom happened to be watching the evening news. There was a newsflash saying that a woman had been found murdered behind a restaurant the night before. She realized it was the same restaurant she had been at with her date.

Then they said that the police had already caught the killer. A picture flashed up on the screen.

It was the waiter.

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