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One Night

One Night is a collection of scary true stories about real people having encounters with the paranormal, the unexplained or the downright weird. Whatever it was, it happened one night…

One Night

1. The Attic Man

One night, I was house-sitting for my grandmother while she was away. I was suddenly awoken by her dog barking and snarling. When I got out of bed, I felt a cold breeze blowing through the house. I went to investigate and to my horror, I found that the attic stairs had been pulled down and there was a trail of muddy footprints leading down the stairs to the back door, which was wide open…

2. The Following Man

One night, a girl was walking home when she got the strangest feeling she was being watched. When she looked behind her, there was a man following her. She went into a hotel lobby to try and shake him off. She told the staff what was going on and they insisted on calling the police. When they arrived, the police found the man and brought him down to the station for questioning. After taking his fingerprints and a sample of his DNA, they got a match. It turned out he had murdered 3 women in the previous 3 weeks.

3. The Whispering Man

One night, I was lying in bed with my wife. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard a strange whispering sound. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I opened my eyes and looked around, but there was nothing there. The next morning, my wife told me she had a very creepy dream. “I dreamed that we were in bed and I felt a strange presence in the room. When I looked around, I saw a man crouching at the foot of the bed. Then, he crawled up onto the bed and began whispering in your ear…”

4. The Gliding Man

One night, my friend and I were driving around the neighborhood. It was late and the streets were deserted. All of a sudden, we noticed someone walking along the sidewalk ahead of us. The person was wearing a black jacket with a hood. There was nothing unusual about that, but When we looked down, we realized that the figure didn’t have any legs. It didn’t seem to touch the ground at all and was just gliding along. The figure suddenly turned its head and looked right at us. We both screamed and I floored the accelerator and sped out of there. We only got a brief look at its face, but we both saw the same thing. Under the hood, there was nothing but a black, empty void. It didn’t have a face.

5. The Lightning Man

One night, I was lying in bed and it was raining outside. There was thunder and lightning and I couldn’t sleep. Our house was out in the middle of nowhere. There were no curtains on my bedroom window, so I had a view of the fields behind the house. It was pitch black outside, but every time the lightning struck, it illuminated the whole landscape for a split second. All of a sudden, during one flash, I caught a brief glimpse of a figure standing in the field. It was a man and he was completely black, except for his eyes which were glowing white. He was just standing out there, staring at the house. With every flash of lightning, he got closer and closer until he was right outside my window, staring in at me with those glowing eyes. Then, with the next flash of lightning, he was gone.

6. The Telephone Pole Man

One night, when I was just a kid, I was playing with my brother and sister in the living room. My little brother suddenly stopped, looked out the window and asked “Who’s that man?” We all went to the window to see what he was talking about. To our surprise, there was a pale white figure sitting on top of the telephone pole outside. It looked like a man and he was staring at us with a huge creepy smile. Then, he simply stood up, jumped off the pole and vanished before he hit the ground. It scared us so much that my sister won’t even talk about it now.

7. The Woods Man

One night, when I was 10 years old, I was bored and decided to explore the woods at the back of my house. It was dark and I wasn’t looking where I was going. I suddenly tripped and fell on the ground. When I got, I looked around, but I couldn’t see what I tripped over. I turned to go home and just then, from behind me, I heard a voice whisper “Don’t Leave”. It chilled me to the bone and I started running. I ran as fast as I could and I didn’t stop until I got home. When I looked back into the woods, I could see the dark silhouette of a man standing at the very edge of the woods. He was just standing there, watching me. It wasn’t a person. It was just a dark figure with no face and no eyes.

8. The Man in the Floor

One night, my aunt was sitting on the toilet. There was a small hole in the floor that had been there ever since we moved in. She just happened to look down at the hole and what she saw nearly scared the life out of her. There was a man standing in the basement looking right back up at her and he had a creepy smile on his face. My aunt screamed and came running out of the bathroom. My uncle and my dad went down the stairs, into the basement and looked around. They didn’t find anybody and there was no other way in or out of the basement. However, in the dust on the floor, they found footprints as if someone had been standing directly under the hole.

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  • #5- A wight (“Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Chidren)
    #6- Jeff the Killer (Creepypasta)
    #7- Slenderman (Creepypasta)

  • Alan Garner appeared to be the average 20yr old. He had a polite demeanor and an easygoing attitude. However, there was something unnerving about him. He was devoid of emotions. Nothing could get to him, he never felt angry nor sad, so life seemed like an endless void. However, all of this changed when he found a pigeon stuck in his balcony. As the bird tried to free itself, Alan grabbed its head and pulled, snapping its neck. Watching the lifeless body flutter around, Alan suddenly felt a sense of glee. Something he had never felt before. Soon, he started to set up traps and snares to catch rodents and birds and turned his garage into his “lab” where he killed them in all sorts of ways, from drowning to decapitation. Soon he started adopting dogs and cats just so that he could enjoy watching them die. But after a few weeks, this wasn’t enough. He now wanted a target that he could torture not only physically, but also mentally. So, Alan decided that his next target would be a human.

    This is the part one. If you guys like it, I’ll post a part 2 :D.

  • I used to have this rag doll- like those creepy ones with the button eyes and all the mumbo jumbo, I got it as a present for reading the most books in third grade. I used to love that doll- until I got older and realized just how creepy it was, so I stuffed it in a box and put it in my closet- soon after we moved and I quickly forgot about the doll. Then when I was twelve I had babysit my cousin who had come from the states to visit- I remember we were playing hide and go seek and when I went into my room, I found him crying on the floor with my creepy rag doll ripped to shreds beside him. I was pretty shocked and tried to console him the best I could. After he stopped crying I asked him about the rag doll and no pun intended he said “She was planning to kill me because she doesn’t want you to have other friends”
    It was pretty creepy for me then, but now I know that children- like dolls- are not be trusted.

  • Creepy stories. #8 is just………
    You know what, I won’t say anything.

  • #4 sounds like it’s just a floating jacket haha….hey man I guess ghosts get cold too ha jk….that was funny though….#8 was weird though…

  • Well @HorrorFanGirl,
    although all the creatures and spirits told of are male, aren’t you happy that all the evil spirits are male and all the females are probably in heaven or hell, and they don’t roam out on earth and scare people and be hated after their death?

  • @Horrorfangirl Female supremisist, douche bag. You’re mad because of people not seeing females, really?

  • why do they all have the word ‘Man’ in them? Goes to show how typical stories or ‘real life experiences’ can be sometimes.. no Women? Ok.

  • One night it was dark and raining…and then suddenly the sun dawned and rain stopped and resulted in bright sunny day!
    @donkeywithagmail… Lol nice.👍👍

  • Well, I got a story about one knight. One knight was about to go to battle, the scary part? He was dead from the last battle.

    See, this is a story about one knight unlike the stories in this articles because they’re not about one knight. Talk about misleading title, Scaryforkids.

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