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Big Woman

Big Woman

The Big Woman is a true scary Halloween story. It was told by a user named lithadora and is supposed to be real, although there is no way to find out for sure. Apparently, it happened in the 1980s in San Pablo, California.

Big Woman

This all happened 28 years ago, when I was only 8 years old. My mother and father would often take me to visit my grandparents for Halloween. My aunt lived two houses down from my grandparents and I could go trick-or-treating with my cousins.

Between my grandparents’ place and my aunt’s place, there was an old, dilapidated house. We always skipped it when we went trick-or-treating on Halloween night because the woman who lived there gave us all the creeps.

She was a very big woman, over six feet tall and she wore chains around her neck and heavy work boots. There was obviously something very wrong with her. Whenever we went back and forth between my aunts’s place and my grandparents’ place, we always had to run past the woman’s house, because she was always standing at her windows, watching us. It was so creepy that we never dared to run past her house alone.

Sometimes, the big woman would be outside her house, watering the garden or scrubbing the windows. When we ran past, she would shout and yell at us and call us all kinds of names. She would tell us that the Devil was coming for us. We told the adults about her, but they just told us to leave her alone and keep out of her way.

One Halloween, we were going trick-or-treating and my older cousin dared us to go up to the big woman’s house and knock on her door. I remember being so scared, but I didn’t want to look like a coward, so I agreed.

Dressed in our Halloween costumes, we walked up her driveway and rang the doorbell. Suddenly, there were a lot of banging and slamming noises coming from the house. We were frightened and I was about to run away when the door creaked open. The big woman was standing there in the dim light. She was holding something in her hands. When we saw what it was, we all fled and ran screaming down the driveway.

It was a severed head.

When we got home, we were all shaking and out of breath. Some of the younger kids were crying. The adults asked us what was wrong and when we told them what we had seen, they just laughed. My grandfather said it was just a Halloween prop and my grandmother told us we shouldn’t be bothering the woman and it served us right that we had gotten such a scare.

After we all calmed down, we went out again and continued our trick-or-treating. However, we kept well away from the big woman’s house.

About a month later, my mother got a phonecall from my grandparents. They said the big woman who lived next door had tried to murder my aunt.

It seemed that my aunt had just come home from shopping. She was carrying her groceries in one arm and she had my baby cousin in her other arm. Just as she got to her front door, the big woman appeared behind her. She had a rope saw and she put it around my aunt’s neck and tried to saw off her head.

My aunt flipped out and immediately dropped the groceries along with my baby cousin. She was in a fight for her life. My aunt managed to get her hands under the rope saw. She started kicking the front door with her feet as she struggled. Her husband heard all the commotion and when he saw what was happening, he fetched a poker from the fireplace and beat the big woman with it until she was unconscious.

My aunt survived the attack, but it left her with scars on her hands and a long scar across the front of her neck. Of course, the police were called and they arrested the big woman. When they searched her house, they found something that shocked everybody in the area.

The woman had been digging tunnels under her home which came up under my aunt’s house, my grandparents’ house and another neighbor’s house. She had been bringing the dirt up and putting it in the raised flowerbeds in her garden. But that wasn’t all.

The most chilling discovery was that she had also built some kind of shrine under her house with candles and other stuff on it. At the center of the shrine was a real human head.

Needless to say, it was the same severed head we had seen when we were trick-or-treating on Halloween night. She had already murdered one woman and had cut off her head. My aunt almost became the next severed head in her collection.

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  • I have a story that’s true. I’m not sure how to explain it, but this is what happened:

    I live in an HOA, and there are a few houses that people rent out. One of the houses is a yellow southwestern style house, right where the road branches off to a new street. For a while, after my family and I had moved in, it was occupied. But I never saw people coming in or out of the house. Only a single, older car. The model was from sometime anywhere between the 70s to the 90s.
    Sometimes I saw the car drive out of the neighborhood. But I never saw the driver. I was never super close to the car, but I was fairly sure there was no one in the front seat. My family just wrote it off as the windows of the car being too dark to see who was inside, or the seat was too far back to see who was driving. But I wasn’t so sure. That car always gave me a really creepy feeling. Every time it passed I always stiffened up.
    One day, I was walking home from the bus stop, and I saw the car coming towards me. It turned onto the street I was on. Every so slowly it crept closer. It was not moving fast at all. When it came up beside me, I seized the moment to look inside and end the mystery once and for all. So I turned. The window was open. And there was no driver.
    I looked inside for a good 3 seconds and did not see a driver. The car then drove away, and by the time I got to the house it belonged to, it was already parked. After that, I never saw the car again. It disappeared.
    Someone else rented the house, and life went on. But I never forgot that car with no driver.

  • OMG , why don’t elders listen to kids , I mean , if kids are small that doesn’t mean they don’t have brains and are silly , parents should believe kids , anyways , great story

  • xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx says
    same here…i’m supposed to be studying, but im not…. LOL.

    Lesson learned: Beware Big ladies that waer chains around their necks and work boots…and NEVER go rick-or-treating there…O_O

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