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Man in the Attic

The Man in the Attic is a true scary story about a woman who hears strange noises at night that seem to be coming from overhead. As time goes by she comes to believe that there is a ghost in the house. This is also known as the “Jackie Hernandez Haunting” and “The San edro Poltergeist”. It was featured in an episode of the TV show Paranormal Witness.

Man in the Attic

There was a woman named Jackie lived in a rented bungalow house with her 2-year old son Jamie and her baby daughter Samantha. About a month after she moved in, she began hearing strange noises. It sounded as if they were coming from the attic. She tried to ignore them, but every time she heard the unexplained noises, it sent a chill down her spine.

One night, she noticed that the trap door that led to the attic was hanging open. She had never opened it and had no idea what was up the attic. She was too scared to go up and investigate, so she just closed the trap door again. She had the strangest feeling that she was not alone in the house.

Jackie hired a 16-year-old girl named Tina to babysit her children. One day, when they were in the kitchen, they noticed weird glowing lights floating around near the trap door in the ceiling. Jackie grabbed her camera and told the babysitter to take some pictures. As soon as Tina looked through the camera lens, she saw something that terrified her. She screamed in horror and dropped the camera and both of them ran out of the house in fear for their lives. The babysitter said what she had seen was the ghostly image of an old man with a face that looked like a skeleton.

One day, she went shopping. When she came home, she walked into the kitchen and found something creepy on the refrigerator. The magnetic letters of the alphabet on the fridge door had been rearranged to read, “GET THE HELL OUT”. It unnerved her so much that she couldn’t sleep and she spent the night awake, watching over her children.
In the middle of the night, she heard what sounded like loud breathing. She went down the hallway, looking for the source of the noise. When she opened the door to the spare bedroom, she recoiled in horror. What she saw was an old man sitting on her son’s bed. Jackie was so terrified that she grabbed her kids and ran out of the house. She couldn’t afford to move out of the house and she was worried that if she told anyone what was going on, they would think she was out of her mind.

The next day, she was in the kitchen, washing the dishes and she noticed that her rubber gloves were covered in blood. She pulled off the gloves, but there were no cuts on her hands. Then, she looked around and saw blood pouring down the kitchen walls. That night, Jackie woke up in the middle of the night and felt someone holding her down. She couldn’t get up and she couldn’t breathe. She thought she was going to die. Suddenly, it let her go. She grabbed her kids and ran out of the house.

That was the last straw. She couldn’t take it anymore. She called in a team of paranormal investigators and asked them to find out what was going on in her house.

The next evening, the investigators arrived with their equiptment. They set up cameras all over the house and Jackie told them all of the supernatural events she had experienced. All of a sudden, the lights went out. They suspected that whoever or whatever was haunting the house, it was angry that the investigators were there.

When the lights came back on, one of the investigators decided to go up into the attic and take some pictures. He climbed up through the trap door and the rest ofthe team waited for him to come back down.

All of a sudden, they heard a scream coming from the attic. The investigator fell through the trap door and claimed that something had grabbed his camera. Just then, they heard the sound of someone walking around in the attic, even though there was nobody up there. The investigators recovered their camera and left.

Two other investigators decided to go up into the attic with a flashlight and another camera. The rest of the team waited in the kitchen. All of a sudden, the heard a loud SNAP! and the investigators in the attic started yelling and screaming. When they came back down, one of them was choking and gasping for air and he had red marks around his throat. They said something had attacked them in the attic.

When they looked at the pictures on the camera, they were horrified by what they found. In one picture, one of the investigators had an old rope around his neck like a noose and he looked like he was being choked. Jackie and the team of investigators ran out of the house screaming.

After that, Jackie refused to spend another night in the house. She gathered her children and moved out. Since then, the house has been rented to other people, but none of them stay very long. To this day, everyone involved in the case is still haunted by what happened in the attic.

The scariest thing about this story is that it is true. It happened in San Pedro, California in 1989 and the woman’s name was Jackie Hernandez.

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  • im the kind of person who lives by the saying that to see is to believe so im a bit sceptic about the authenticity of the story.. but.
    im not closing my doors on believing in the supernatural lol but the story is great! scary

  • If the skeleton/creepy old man was real, couldn’t ghosts and monsters be real? *shivers* I DO NOT want to know…

  • Why would they leave it open for rent like. “HEY GUYS WANNA RENT MEH :P THERES A MAN HERE WHO WANTS TO KILL U BUT HEY STFF HAPPENS

  • Omg I love paranormal witness, it really creepy but cool tv program!!! It just giving me chill!

  • How can people deny the existence of ghosts? Because they believe in a God, I imagine. Ave Dom Lvcifero.

  • wow, that was creepy :O I’m sure i won’t sleep during the night anymore after i read this :(

  • That is so scary! If that happened to me, I would move to Canada. Anyway, amazing story, SFK. I was on this website for a couple of years now, but I never actually made an account so this is my new account☺️

  • now this is wat i call an story …. True story …!! 9 out of 10 scream … Its was scary as hell ….!!! Good job sfk

  • Ahh this new outline kind of sucks because the story is so thin on my iPad!!! I can barely read it! :( But good story

    Scaryforkids says: Maybe because you’re looking at it in landscape mode. Rotate your ipad and the columns should disappear

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