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Giant Spider

The Giant Spider is a true scary story about two mysterious deaths in an elevator. This tale was reported as a real incident in a Turkish newspaper and it appeared in a book about the unexplained, but there is no way to tell how true it really is. The events supposedly happened in 1990 in a part of Russia that is now in the Ukraine.

Giant Spider

In a bad part of town, the police were called in to investigate a mysterious death. A man was found dead in an elevator. He was slumped against the wall and there were two holes in his neck. His skin was pale white and all of the blood had been drained from his body.

The most puzzling thing about it was that there were no bloodstains in the elevator, no fingerprints and no signs of forced entry.

Things took another bizarre turn one month later, when a 13-year old girl was found dead in the same elevator with two identical puncture wounds in her throat. Her body had also been sucked dry of blood.

Rumors began to spread around the area that there was a vampire on the loose. The people who lived in the building were in a panic and refused to use the elevator.

The police were under pressure to get to the bottom of the mysterious deaths, so they staked out the apartment. A detective and a sergeant were posted inside the elevator, riding it up and down for days.

On the third day, the elevator suddenly shuddered to a halt and the lights went out. The two men were plunged into darkness. They pulled out their flashlights and contacted their colleagues by radio to let them know they were trapped.

There was a long silence. Then, they heard a strange click, click, click sound. It seemed to be coming from the roof of the elevator. Their hearts began beating fast as they realized something big was crawling around up there.

That’s when they noticed a hole in the roof where a panel has fallen away. The detective aimed his flashlight at the gap and had to fight back sheer terror when he saw something peering through. It was a small, hairy head the size of a fist, with eight black, shining eyes.

The sergeant was claustrophobic and also had a deathly fear of spiders. He flew into a panic and dropped his flashlight. Suddenly, the enormous spider sprang into the elevator and landed on the sergeant’s face. It sank its jaws into his cheek and started sucking out his blood.

The sergeant was screaming and, for a moment, the detective was paralyzed. Then, he took out his gun, aimed and fired. The first shot blew off one of the spider’s hairy legs. The sergeant stopped screaming and his body collapsed to the floor. The wounded creature raced up the wall and the detective could feel its bristly hairs as it rushed past him and escaped out the hatch.

When their colleagues managed to open the doors of the elevator, they found a nightmarish scene. The sergeant’s corpse lay slumped against the wall and the traumatized detective was curled up in the corner.

The army was called in and they destroyed the spider with a flamethrower, but then they discovered that it had laid eggs at the top of the elevator shaft.

Russian authorities moved quickly to hush up the incident, but news leaked out in a Turkish newspaper, which claimed the giant spider was mutated by the radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster. The Russians denied this and claimed the story was an exaggeration.

Is the story true? There’s no way to tell for sure, but it’s something to think about if you’re ever stuck in an elevator.

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  • I read another story of a spider and a young girl on SfK …idk the title :( and thanks to SFK I’m deathly afraid of elevators, spiders, clowns and dolls.

  • *That moment when you look back on your own comment from last year*

    But at least the nuclear Chernobyl blast happened far away-
    Plus the place is sealed off.

    Right? O_o

  • Thing I am scared of spiders, death, murderers werewolfs marionettes, and now…. elevators and Russia

  • Okay… Somebody having Arachnophobia like me, isnt definitely using elevators now

  • Government always try to hide the truth……………… Oh i jst remembered hills hv eyes

  • Well, I never liked spiders, and now, I have a reason to fear freakin ELEVATORS. a 13 year old has a reason to be scared of elevators now… thanks a lot SFK…

  • Thank you for that, SFK. T^T Thank you very much for that wonderful ray of sunshine that just made my imagination start working wonders. T^T Curse the fact that my apartment is on the 6th floor. T3T 8 out of 10 spid– elevators.

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