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Footprints in the Snow

Footprints in the Snow is a scary true story about a young wife who is stalked by an old man and disappears under mysterious circumstances.

Footprints in the Snow

There was a young woman named Esther who lived in Letcher County, Kentucky, in 1934. Her boyfriend was a young man named Ezra Jackson and the couple were very much in love.

However, there was an old man who had become obsessed with Esther. He was pestering her all the time and and asking her to marry him. She found him repulsive and didn’t want anything to do with him, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t get him to stop. He was stalking her and she was scared to death.

Eventually, she decided that if she had a husband, he might give up and leave her alone, so she married her boyfriend Ezra.

After the wedding, as the couple were driving home, the old man suddenly stepped out into the road in front of them. Ezra had to hit the brakes to avoid hitting him. The old man came up to Esther’s window and glared in at her.

“I’m going to die soon,” he growled, “but I’ll be back for you, and when I return, you’ll go with me…”

Ezra floored the accelerator and drove off at top speed, but Esther was freaked out and couldn’t stop thinking about what the old man had said.

A few days later, the old man was found dead in his home. His body was buried in the local cemetery. He had no friends or relatives and anyone who knew him had been afraid of him, so nobody mourned his passing.

A year after his death, on a snowy night in December, Esther was sitting in her living room, reading a book, when there was a knock at the front door. Her husband and his two brothers were in the kitchen.

“I’ll see who it is,” she called to them.

The three men heard her open the door, but they didn’t hear anybody come in. There were no voices, just an eerie silence.

After waiting for a few minutes, they went into the living room and found the door standing wide open. Esther was nowhere to be seen. When they looked outside, they found the tracks of her bare feet in the snow.

The three men quickly grabbed their coats and flashlights and set off in search of her. They followed the footprints for two miles, along the rough, snow-covered country road, until they came to the local cemetery. The footprints led through the gate and right up to the old man’s grave, where they vanished.

While his two brothers waited in the cemetery, Ezra went to fetch help. He came back with seven men from the village. It was midnight and the weather was freezing. Together, under the light of the flashlights and lanterns, they began to dig up the grave.

When they dragged out the coffin and opened it, they were horrified to discover it was empty.

Although a thorough search was made, no trace of the young wife or the old man’s body was ever found. To this day, the disappearance of Esther Jackson remains an unsolved mystery.

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  • well,theres a great Malayalam horror movie called “Ezra”. it has got nothing to do with this story,just saying.

  • dude when the wife disappeared they followed the footprints she made in the snow until the stopped. How does the title not make sense?

  • Imagine, if they were never found they could be anywhere. What if the old man took here with him, and laid her down next to his dead body which he dragged out of the grave. Then over time for any reason the bodies got covered with dirt and became completely undetectable. Imagine if they are buried under your house, and the man is waiting for someone else to join him. Someone like you.

  • @Eat-rainbows exactllllly!!! :-D
    well…..6 out of 10 cookies to the story! I think ending could be better…

  • Was I the only one who after reading the title thought, “oh this must that story again about that girl who was in her living room when she heard someone walk in but there were no footprints” ?

    Yea? Okay

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