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Chain Letters

Scary chain letters, emails and text messages to send to your friends. They feature the best cute, creepy, funny and disturbing stories about love, friendship, death and horror. We’ve got every chain letter you could possibly want right here. But just remember one thing: These emails and forwards are not real. They’re just fake, stupid and fun. They were made up by kids to scare other kids, so don’t take them too seriously.

Chain Letters


  • I read all of these. They will all be crowding in the doorway, trying to kill me. Which one will get me first? They are all coming. I’d love to see this

  • *ATTENTION EVERYONE* it’s okay. Remember this are fake. And you are always safe in the comments section >.<

  • Hi, my name is Jennifer. I was murdered on December 25, 2017. My murderer has not been found. I was murdered with a large butchers knife. If you don’t repost this to 12 people in 2 hours, At midnight I will stand at the side of you’re bed with a large and if you look into my eyes, I will slowly chop you’re head off. But, if you are 10 or under, you will be perfectly fine. Hurry up and start reposting!

  • Chain mail

    👶Once there was a little boy👶

    💬he wasn’t very smart and he was doing stupid things constantly💬

    👔💼When he grew up he became a Senator👔💼

    💸He chose his own salary and got super rich💸

    👰He married a stupid women👰

    🚶🚂 One day he went walking on the train tracks and was hit by a train🚶🚂

    🚑🇺🇸 Since he was a republican nobody wanted to operate on him🚑🇺🇸

    😵He died😵

    👰His wife remarried👰

    📱💻Send this to 7 people or you will be hit by a train📱💻

  • How can I read them , I cant even peek an eye from those picture I easily get scared Dafuq

  • Here’s a chain letter. Enjoy! :3

    Hello my name is Rose Heart and you can’t stop reading or else I will rip your eyes out. Now you see I once was normal but now I hide in your basement because I was brutally murdered down there. You want to here the story. You see when I was little I believed in ghosts and that crap. One night I went into the basement for a rope to tie up my dog. Now when I was down there I felt a cold wet hand grab my ankle to my horror there was nobody attached to it. I tried to run but I could not at all move my foot, I was being dragged to the well we have down there and well it dropped me in. Send this to five people in ten minutes or I will drown you.

  • @scaryforkids Can you please add more chain letters? I’ve finished every story on your website XD

  • I have some really scary ones.
    ****You are cursed now you can’t stop reading***

    Their once was a girl named cindee. She was tweflth and she never did her chores. One day her unhappy parents tricked her in to doing the dishes but in the sink they’re was a plugged on hare drier and she was electricuted and did die. Her soul was very angerd and she wanted to kill her parents but she didnt no theyr in hawayie so they lived the last 20 or so years and days of there lifes. so she decides to kill pepole who dont spred her messige acrass the world. so send this two 50 people or elsse you will have a pluged on haire drier in youre tub while you shower. if you don’t think this is reel yet reed these storys
    Edward the nerd died becaus he thought it was fake an never spred the word. he was electricuted in his tub whilest conditionering
    Miamy the popular sent it to only 49 people an was stil died
    Gami the even moer popyukar sent it to ervy one and foud ten sents for good luck but eventually die

    Now after reading this you will eventually inevitabllly die

    I nevr sent and i am died now

    This one is really scary!!!!

    i am shawn. i am die and i am covered in my blood on the face. I was killed by bullies at school because i was acting doofy at playtime. after i peed my pants on the choo choo rug the bullies said ” lets kill shawn because he is acting doofy at playtime” they took the choo choo rug and put it on my face and i was killed. i killed all of them because they deserved it, it was carmen. now im spreaing my story and if u care enough you send this to 500 poeple in 1 minutes. U will see me at 1:60 am and i will chooke you with the choo choo rug. you have been warned. the clock starts now 500 people 1 minutes…..

  • Not all jigsaw puzzles are for kids

    One day Natasha and her mum were out for some shopping.Natasha was furious that her mum didn’t buy her a pair of shoes which were extremely expensive,in fact. While they were returning home,Natasha’s mum offered her an ice cream to cheer her up.So they walked past by an antique shop in their locality and Natasha saw an attractive box written ‘Jigsaw’ on it.Natasha desired to buy it so she asked her mum about it.

    Natasha:Mom,look at the box.Isn’t it cute?

    Mum:Which box?

    Natasha:The one in the antique shop.Please can I have it?Puh-leeze?

    Natasha’s mum smiled and they both walked into the shop.

    Mum:What is the cost of the puzzle over there?

    Shop-keeper:Maam,it’s for 2 Dollars.

    Mum:Quite cheap!I want it.

    Shop-keeper:Thank-you for shopping,Maam.Here’s your receipt.

    Natasha was very happy with her new game.They both reached home soon.Natasha went to her bedroom with the box and started to arrange the pieces.She was sort of freaked out when she found that the puzzle revealed Natasha sitting in her room playing with the game!But still she found it interesting so she continued to arrange the pieces.When she had nearly finished,she found that a piece was still missing.It was the window.She searched for it and found it under the lid of the box.She was so scared when she put the piece in it’s place.There was a face on the window!Natasha’s mum rushed upstairs listening to her loud scream.She found Natasha lying in her own pool of blood,with her dead cold bloodshot eyes.On the window was written with blood-‘Poor poor Natasha…..’

    M O U S E MICKEY MOUSE MICKEY MOUSE IN A DARKENED MIRROR JUST FOR FUN AND AFTER I DID IT I HEARD SOMEONE WHISPER “Taylorrrr, Taylor, taylorrrrrrr!” (Taylor’s my name) and I felt clawing at my thighs!!! Either there’s a perverted pinchbug in my bathroom, or Mickey Mouse chain letter is real!!!!!!!!!

  • I had a stare down with the picture of Teddy. I lost. I hate the clown pic, so weird.

  • Dangnabbit, I can’t even read a single story with those pictures STARING at me……

  • I agree with scary_posts_101 also, I read all of these and one night I woke up with scratches on my arm and it was from a kitchen knife since I found skin marks and a little bit of blood on one of the knives. Next night I woke up to hear see a shadow of someone on the wall next to my bed.

  • Read Clarissa I read it and didn’t send and a couple minutes later I heard someone say my name and it sounded like a creepy demon voice

  • HEEHEE! I’ve read them all! What’s going to happen tonight? Are they going to fight for the pleasure of killing me? :)

  • Hi every1! I just signed up. Soooooooo this aren’t real right???

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