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I Need Help

I Need Help is a scary chain letter about a teenage girl and the death of her little brother, Pelswick Oswald the Third.

I Need Help

A 14-year old girl named Ruth was sitting at home eating tacos while babysitting her little brother. Her parents were out getting drunk.

At 9pm, she put her brother to bed and he fell asleep immediately. She watched TV for a while and at 1.27am, the phone rang. She picked it up and an eerie-sounding voice said something in a foreign language that she could not understand. She just hung up.

Later on, at about 3.13am, the phone rang again. The same voice came on the phone and said “Check your brother’s room!”

Ruth said “Who are you and what’s your problem?”

Then she hung up again. She got scared and went to check on her brother, just in case. She opened the door and saw her brother hanging from the ceiling, dead.

She called the police and they came right over. They did the whole inspection thing and she went to court and the judge found her guilty of first degree murder of her brother Pelswick Oswald the Third. She was sentenced to life in prison.

This is no joke. It’s the true story of a real family in Fork City, Utah. She haunts those who do not re-tell her story and she thinks it is them that murdered her dear brother.

If you do not send the link to this page to 5 people in the 313 minutes, she will appear at your bedside at 3:13am and hang you, just like it was done to her brother. I repeat, this is not a joke. It’s real and there are consequences for disbelief in the death of Pelswick Oswald the Third.

Send this to your friends with the title “What a Nasty Girl”. Start sending it now before it is too late.


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