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Sally Stitch

Sally Stitch

Sally Stitch is a scary chain letter about a little girl whose eyes and mouth were sewn shut with a rusty needle. The Sally Stitch e-mail was featured in an episode of Ghost Whisperer.

Sally Stitch

A girl, named Ashley, sat alone in her apartment, bored. She was unemployed and she couldn’t pay the bills with the little money she had left. Her TV was broken, and none of her friends were online, so she had nothing to watch and no one to talk to. Suddenly, she had an idea. She went to her email and started typing this:

“Long ago, there lived a little girl in a small town that was at the foot of a mountain. She was very shy and awkward and had no friends. Her hair always hung in front of her face, which gave her a strange appearance; which made the villagers dislike her more.

One day, on her way home, all the children in the town cornered her while she was walking. They started throwing rocks at her and calling her names. But the children suddenly stopped, because the little girl raised her arm up and pointed to one of the boys. “You will die in 3 days” she said. The kids got scared and ran off screaming.

Three days later, the boy unexpectedly started vomiting blood. He died before he reached the hospital. Soon, the little girl started announcing more of the villager’s deaths, and they would all die on the predicted date. A wave of panic and fear swept over the town. So, the remaining villagers had a meeting in the town hall. After an hour, they had finally decided…


The young men in the village led the little girl into the mine, and as soon as they were out of sight, they grabbed her and led her into a secret chamber. They tied her arms, chest and legs to a chair, and one of the men got out a rusty sewing needle. He then grabbed her lips and started sewing them together, so she could never foretell another death. Then they left her in the chamber and sealed the mine forever…

If you don’t want the little girl to appear by your bed tonight, send this to 12 people, and the sender. If you don’t, she will appear by your bed tonight, with a needle in her hand…”

Ashley smirked to herself and hit the send button. The next day, she received 12 emails from her friends. All were the same chain letter she had sent. She saw them and laughed to herself. “I can’t believe they actually believe it. Pathetic!” She logged off her computer, laughing aloud to herself. Then she brushed her teeth and went to bed.

But in the middle of the night, she woke up with a cold sweat. She heard a girly giggle in the corner, but no one was there, so she turned to go back to sleep. And then standing there was a little girl with long black hair covering her face. She looked at Ashley with her cold grey eyes and her hands were behind her back. Her face slowly broke into a mischevious smile, and she revealed her arms from behind her back and started giggling. In her hand, was a rusty needle…

scary for kids


  • Me: Whatcha doing next to my bed, gurl?
    Sally: I am here to-
    Me: mouth is sown shut, remember? Follow your own storyline, child!
    Sally: *cries*
    Me: So shut your yaps and give me the needle! You’re gonna give yourself Techna, gurl…
    Sally: is eternally shamed and becomes a seamstress to follow her passion.

  • Guys. A rusty needle is just a minor. What about your lips? Now you can’t speak and I can’t recite in class. GREAT SALLY. THANKS FOR RUINING MY SCHOOL LIFE

  • I would be like

    Me: *Ahem*
    Sally: What
    Me: Why are you in my room??
    Sally: I’m here to sew your mouth shut.
    Me: Um little girl, you are not gonna touch me.
    Sally: But… But… But
    Me: Don’t but me get to bed right now
    Sally: Can I sleep with u
    Me: Give me the needle
    Sally: OK fine
    Me: Thank you… There is a air mattress in my closet you can get it.
    Sally: Thank you

    Becomes My BFFFFFFFFFFF and She Lives With Me and She Never Sews Another Person’s Mouth Shut the end.

  • This story is extra stupid because something she made up came alive. That is a pretty good one though. Yet it’s unbelievable.

  • Wait a bit, tho. You guys are really just worried how the rusty needle is gross? How about that the girl is gonna standing next to your ever-loving bed gonna frigging sew your motherfudging mouth?! -_-

  • This reminds me of an episode of supernatural where these Teenagers made up an urban legend then it came to life just because so many people believed in it. I can’t remember what it was called. It may have been a tulpa or something like that.

  • I’d be like:

    Girl: *giggles*
    me: what are giggling at, you little bad girl?
    girl: I’m laug-
    girl: *sniffs and weeps*
    me: don’t give me the puppy eyes!
    girl: *gives me cute puppy eyes*
    me: Uh…uh…uh…I…I… Cannot resist…must not…fall for… THE PUPPY EYES!
    girl: *smiles mischievously*
    Me: *melts* Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Fine you can stay!

    Wow, my joke is worse than I thought. ;(

  • i would be all like, “Woah woah woah, Sally, what are you doing up? Young lady, you need to be in bed THIS INSTANT!!” *sally crawls into my bed, whimpering* Me: *glares* “Needle.” *sally gives me needle* “Good. Now get out of my bed!!” Sally:”But you said-” Me:”Your mouth is sewn shut, remember?!” Sally:”Oh, yeah. Mmmph mmph mph mmmmpphhh!”

  • @Panda12cool: Same thought, although I would have taken a gun and shot her as soon as I gained her trust.

  • Wow, can’t believe she will sew your mouth with a needle. A rusty needle, that’s disgusting.

  • -Wakes up and hears a girly giggle, sees her-
    Her:Time to die!
    Me: Oh hell no! Get outta my room you little child!
    Her: -cries-
    Me: awww, well…wanna get hot chocolate?
    -becomes her best friend and lets her live with me but hides all the needles-

  • What, she will sew your mouth shut? If so, there are a few people that i should send this to. If i see her in my room, i would be like, no get in the corner. bad little girl, BAD! You dont just go running around and show up in people’s bedroom with a rusty needle.

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