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Love Hurts

Love Hurts

Love Hurts is a scary chain letter about a girl named Amber and a boy named Ronnie.

Love Hurts

There was a girl named Amber who was in love with her boyfriend. His name was Ronnie. One day, they were having a conversation over the phone. This is how it went:

Amber: So, are you going to come over tomorrow to meet my parents, Ronnie? Like I said before, they really want to meet you.

Ronnie: Of course, honey. I know how much this means to you. What time would you like me to come over?

Amber: Well, they get home around six o’clock. Hey Ronnie, what’s that tapping sound?

Ronnie: What?! I don’t hear anything… You’re probably imagining things, sweetheart.

Amber: Quit joking around, Ronnie!! Stop making that noise. It’s getting louder!

Ronnie: I don’t joke around. You should know that by now… I love you so much, I would never lie to you…

Amber: It’s starting to hurt my ears!!!!! How can you NOT hear that?! Hold on, there’s someone at the door… I’ll be right back! Don’t miss me too much!

She walked out into the hallway and when she opened the front door, she was shocked to see Ronnie standing there. In one hand, he was holding his phone and in the other hand, he had a large knife.

Ronnie: Hey, honey… I’ve missed you…

He slaughtered Amber right there is her own hallway and when her parents came home at six o’clock the next day, he killed them too.

If you don’t share the link to this story, Amber will crawl out from under your bed tonight and murder you in your sleep. The last thing you will see are her rotting eyes and the phone, still clutched in her cold, dead hand. Share this with the title “Why Love Hurts Girls”. Eight people have already died because they ignored this.

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  • LOL i sleep on the top bunk above my super sensitive sister soo, not gonna happen.

    -Cookiezi from osu!

  • Lame. My bed is shoved in a corner and no college aged student is gonna fit under my bed, too much junk…

  • I sleep on the top bunk of a bunk bed. Unless my sister is Amber in disguise, I have nothing to worry about. Wait what? 😯

  • This is the most lamest story ever. Sorry SFK. He needs to get a life. Or give it back to Amber and her parents. I bet he didn’t even really love her. SAD. 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞

  • How could he even hear it if he’s not there.. 🤔🤔🤔

  • My bed is stuck to the floor. Amber ain’t coming out anytime soon. I don’t have anything to worry about. :)

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