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Chain Emails

Chain Emails

Chain Emails to send to your friends and hoax chain letters to terrify people you want to prank.

Chain Emails

Chain Email – Jenny

My name is Jenny. I am 16 years old and have dark blonde hair. NOW THAT YOU HAVE STARTED READING YOU MAY NOT STOP!! I was murdered on July 14th with my father’s shotgun and butcher knife. If you do not send this to 3 friends, I will come to your house in the middle of the night and kill you with my father’s shotgun and butcher knife. You have 5 hours to complete this task. Don’t believe me?

Case 1: In 1998, Maria Marshall from Pelham, Texas 1998 was showering and went to bed right after. She was found dead the next morning. Bang bang. Stab stab.

Case 2: In 1995, Keisha Jones from Nashville, Tennesee fell asleep while watching television and her mother heard a gunshot and a scream. She found her daughter lying on the floor. Her head was blown off.

Case 3: In 2002, Omar Wilkionsin from Miwaukee, Wisconsin was reading a book in bed. He was shot and stabbed through the book after he fell asleep.

Still don’t believe me?

Chain Email – Thomas and Jill

There was a boy and girl, both 12 years old, named Thomas Rekkins and Jill Core. They had been friends ever since they met each other. One night, the two friends were at Thomas’s house. They were watching TV when and an emergency news bulletin interrupted the show they were watching. The news reporter said that there was an insane serial killer on the loose, heading towards to the street where Thomas lived. The man was armed with a police officer’s revolver that he had stolen after he killed the police officer. The reporter cautioned all residents to lock all the doors and windows in case the man broke into their house.

Thomas and Jill were frightened. Thomas’s parents were out and they had already said that they could take care of themselves, so they couldn’t do anything. Suddenly, there was blackout. The two of them were extremely scared now. They just hoped that everything would be alright. But they were wrong. Jill then heard a window break, and she told Thomas that they should hide somewhere. However, it was too late. The man had found Thomas and Jill before they had a chance to hide somewhere and he shot both of them in the head.

Two hours later, Thomas’s mother came home and when she got inside, she saw Thomas and Jill’s corpses. She screamed and the neighbors heard her and immediately called the police.

If you don’t send this to 3 friends in the next 2 hours, Thomas and Jill will kill you at midnight. Hurry up!

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