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The Saki Chain Letter tells the story of a deformed Japanese girl who took her own life because of bullying. They say that she is looking for revenge and kills anyone who does not share her story. (This is translated from the original Japanese). WARNING: If you don’t want to share the link to this page, DO NOT read it.

This is dangerous! Sorry for posting it.

This is a photo of a Japanese girl who was in Junior High School. At the age of 14, she committed suicide because of bullying.


Her name was Saki and she was born with a severe deformity. She had only one large, bulbous eye. She kept her face covered with her long black hair to hide her shame.

From the time she started school she had to endure bullying because of her appearance. Every day, the kids in her class made fun of her and called her horrible names.

Not only did she suffer bullying in school, but she was also bullied by anonymous people on the internet. They left vile and disgusting comments on her social media pages. Some of them even told her to kill herself because she was too ugly to live.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. One day, instead of going to school, she climbed up to the top of an abandoned building and tied a rope around her neck. Then, after she had scribbled a quick note, she jumped off the edge.

The force of the fall yanked off her head and it was tossed into the air. Her body was discovered lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Her head was never found. On the roof of the abandoned building, they found the suicide note she left behind.

It simply read: “Thank you for all the pain.”

When Saki’s mother heard the news about her daughter’s death, she was devastated. But then, she found out the reason for her daughter’s suicide and she was outraged and immediately went looking for those responsible.

She wrote a message and sent it to all of the students and teachers in the Junior High School. Here ↓ is the message the mother sent:

“Are you the one who killed my precious Saki? Are you the hateful person who took my daughter’s life? If you are, Saki will have her revenge on you. You will die just as she died. Send this to 10 people in the next 24 hours. If you do not, it means that you have a guilty conscience and you are one of those vile people who bullied her. Saki will know. Saki will come. Saki will kill. The guilty must be punished.”

Within days, every student in the school had received this message. 10 of them were found dead under mysterious circumstances. Their heads had been torn off their bodies. They were all students who were guilty of bullying Saki. None of them had forwarded the message.

At first, the police suspected Saki’s mother. They arrested her and took her down to the station for questioning. However, in the end, they had to release her because there was no evidence against her. There were numerous witnesses who had been with her at the time of the murders.

As more and more people forwarded the message, it made its way around the internet. Here is the experience of one person who received it:

“One day, my friend and I received this message on our phones. My friend was scared by it, but I just found it amusing. He wanted to forward the message, but although he was reluctant, I convinced him not to send it. That night, while I was sleeping, I heard a strange sound that woke me up. I saw a hideous young girl standing at my bedroom window. She was staring down at me with her one big eye. I immediately grabbed my phone and forwarded the message. The girl vanished before my eyes. I was so scared I couldn’t go back to sleep. The next day, I found out that my friend had died. He was murdered in his bed. I didn’t believe in it before, but now I do. If you don’t want to be a victim, please everyone forward this message.”

Share the link to this page with your friends within the next 24 hours. If you don’t, Saki will know and Saki will find you. Whether you believe it or not is up to you.

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  • She looks fine. There is way worse, I think. She could wear sunglasses, or people could just not tease her.

  • I just forwarded it just in case – did you know its a bad omen to not forward a chain letter.
    @darksun77 – I don’t think its real – but send it just in case.

    Scaryforkids: do you live in Japan – because there seems to be a lot of Japanese urban legends on this site (not that I’m complaining – Japan’s stories are way better)?

  • ScaryForKids, Is This Actually Real? Because I Don’t Wanna Risk My Life To Read Something If Its Real. :0

  • I don’t think she looked too bad – she has really pretty hair. i think she is pretty from the inside and thats the only thing that matters.

  • I agree Dobby, the white contrasted with the black just hurts my eyes, I think that was done intentionally to see the image of Saki after you close your eyes which adds a creepy effect… if that makes sense lol

  • *gets chain mail; me opens and read’s if you don’t forward this till 10 people you will see a ghost of a dead women*
    *Me omg a friend*
    gets to3am
    *guess she got stuck in traffic:(

  • Looking at the black background then the white while reading the comments messed up my eyeballs! All the bright colored fonts! Agg!

  • Alright guys. Time to ruin this. As I always say- “Exposing the faults of a chain message destroys it!”

    This has only a few faults, but they are gigantic.

    1. How did Saki’s MOTHER cause this? The mother was the one that started the chain, but how did Saki know about the chain? She’s dead!

    2. Why did the witness say that Saki was watching her one night and then she forwarded it? If Saki thought that she was one of the people that bullied her, wouldn’t she have killed her right away?

    3. This should be a scary story. Not a chain letter. Think about it like this- So, the whole school received this. And you had to forward the message. Everyone got it, so they couldn’t forward it to each other- that would create an endless loop that would ruin even innocent ones. So they’d have to forward it to people outside the school. If the majority of the people who received it forwarded it, the link could make it to Korea! Saki would kill people that didn’t even know her!

  • You’re beautiful in every single way words can’t bring you down. Lady, if people are calling you ugly, don’t listen.

  • the scariest thing about this was the ad with a picture of… Donald Trump’s face!!! AHHH!

  • I really just skip all the writing without look becuz it say if you dont want to share dont read so everyone pray for me!!!! #LOVINGTHIS

  • Thank GOD this isn’t real! Or is it? @PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan I hope that message isn’t from the dead!

  • I really like this one a lot! Very good! Really makes you feel for Saki though.

  • And as usual, guess who believes a chain letter is real?

    Not me. Sorry SFK.

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