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Hello and Goodbye

Hello and Goodbye

Hello and Goodbye is a scary chain letter about a little girl who was kidnapped and had her limbs sliced off. She comes in the night to kill you if you don’t share her story.

Hello and Goodbye

Have you started reading? Good, because now you can’t stop. If you do, you’ll face the consequences.

Hello. My name is… Well, you can call me whatever you want because, I don’t have a name. I am a 6 year old girl. I was stolen away from my parents when I was just a baby. I have a good memory.

The people who kidnapped me tortured me and hurt me badly. They made me become a pickpocket and steal for them. They made me become their slave and serve them hand and foot. They would cut me with knives and make me bleed slowly, just for their own amusement. They sliced me up, piece by piece. They chopped off my hair, my ears, my nose and my legs.

Well, I had my revenge. Ah, I still remember that day. If not for that day, the devil only knows where I would be… lying dead in some gutter, no doubt. But here I am… dead, yet alive.

I bided my time, waiting and waiting. Then, when I saw my chance, I grabbed a butcher knife and dragged myself into their bedroom, where they were sleeping peacefully. I crawled up on top of them and when they demanded to know why I wasn’t sleeping in my cage under the floorboards, I just smiled.

I still remember the words I said… the words that made me who I am: “Hello. And Goodbye.”

I chopped off their legs, giggling and chuckling while they screamed in pain. I chopped off their arms, cackling as I watched the color drain from their faces. Then, I stabbed them in their wicked hearts and watched them die.

Killing is now the only thing that keeps me sane. I need it to live. I call myself “The Kreeper” and I think you might just be my next victim.

But, since I’m nice, I’m giving you a chance to live. If you share a link to this page with the title “Hello and Goodbye” with at least 10 people in the next 10 minutes, I’ll let you live.

If you don’t, you’ll never sleep with the lights off again, because I’ll be there in the darkness, waiting for you… I’ll come to your house at 10:45PM, the same time I killed my kidnappers, and kill you in exactly the same way I killed them.

So, what are you waiting for?

You have 10 minutes… I’ll see you soon.

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