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The Amanda chain letter is about a girl who was murdered by her boyfriend in a fit of drunken rage.


Amanda was a very pretty girl with long black hair and beautiful green eyes. One night, she was getting ready to go out and meet her boyfriend. She was doing her makeup and her hair, and choosing her best clothes.

She walked down to the corner where she was supposed to meet him when suddenly someone stumbled out of the pub, drunk and dishevelled. Slowly backing away, she didn’t realize who it was hobbling towards her until he got right up close. When she saw the angry, pasty face of her boyfriend, she began to run.

He ran after her, almost falling into the motionless road. The heel of her shoe snapped, and she tripped, breathless and tired. Before she could stand up again, he caught up with her. He dragged her into the field beside them, where he strangled her.

Lying there, dead, in front of him, with matted hair and a pale face, her eyes stared up at him. Thinking quickly, he crept into the garden of the neighbors, who ran a butchers shop. He sneaked into the preparation room, where all of the knives were. He took the first knife he saw, and spent half an hour cutting Amanda into pieces. He buried each piece separately around the field, before passing out, either from shock or alcohol poisoning.

Right now, Amanda’s spirit is sat beside you. She’s reading every word of this scary e-mail, just as you are. But she’s read it thousands of times. If you want to stay safe, Amanda will help you. Even dead, she is a sweet and kind girl. But her boyfriend died drunk, angry, and murderous. That is the way he has stayed. If you spread this story to as many people as you can, Amanda will keep him away. After all – you can only die once. However, if you just laugh it off and delete this, well… she’ll just laugh off your murder.

One boy laughed this off, and this is what happened to him. He was going for a shower. His mum was in the room below. she heard the shower go off and the noise of him getting out the bath. Well, she thought it was him getting out the bath. He didn’t come downstairs. She shouted up and asked if he was okay. There was no reply. Worried, she ran up the stairs. The door was still locked. She chopped the door down with a butchers knife, only to find her son, hanging there, in the shower. Dead. He was dead. Amanda was laughing. She was there, beside him, laughing.

scary for kids


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