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Death Chain

Death Chain

Death Chain letters and emails to send to friends. Don’t take these too seriously, like all chain letters, they are not real. you don’t need to send them to anyone.

Death Chain

Death Chain – Alice and Sabrina

Once there were 2 friends named Alice and Sabrina that fought over a guy and Sabrina walked out and left. Alice left feeling bad and went to her basement and grabbed a rope and hung herself at the park. Sabrina was awakened by the doorbell ringing but when she went to the door to get it, no one was there, but she was surprised to see a hole through her friend alice and sabrina’s lips slit so much that you could see the molders in the back of her head and that she had stiches on her neck with white soul-less eyes then she walked to Sabrina and said “he should have been mine, i shouldnt have felt bad your nothing but a prick”… she pulled out a knife from the back of her pocket she slowly went for the kill and before she rasied her arm in the air with knife in hand “……. u shall see what hell is like…..” while she cut her lips all the way to the back of her head “it has no smiles…” she said as drawing a smile on Sabrina’s face “and you also dont need your whole head..” she said smiling and grabbed a firearm from her other pocket and and shot her on the side of the head. Sabrina fell to the ground in pain “oh you also dont NEED A HEAD.. because everybody is crazying in HELL!“ and then cut her head off and left the remaining body there… Alice awoke to she her friend …we can still be friends….as long as you help satan….`she smirked. alice agreed and now they kill other people one by one. If you dont repost this to 5 ppl then you shall meet your death face to face with Sabrina and Alice.

Death Chain – Matchet

hi my name is Ashley. I died on august 15 2010. My dad came home drunk and was yelling at me. I ignored him and went to bed. I woke up and I felt pain in my leg. Then i saw that my dad was stabbing me with a knife on my leg until i died. Two months later, a boy read this and ignored it but thought i was hot. That night i kissed him, put a rose on him, and sliced his neck with a matchet. Later a girl got this and cried and send it. That night i watched her to see if any harm came and gave her a wish. If you dont send it to 5 people im going to hide until you go to sleep then kill you.

Death Chain – Rusty Fork

I am 10 years old. When I was little, my parents cut off my body parts with a rusty fork and threw them in the garbage. If you don’t send this to 5 other people, I will come into your bedroom at exactly 11:37 pm to cut off your body parts with a rusty fork. Better start the copying and pasting!

Death Chain – Alexa Black

My name is Alexa black. I have blue eyes and red hair. Dont ask why. Didnt i tell you? I am dead. My best friend summer was dating a boy named Jake, who hated my guts because I broke up with him. I was sitting inside while summer was in the bathroom and Jake came in and told me that summer’s brother had lost his ball on the roof and he wanted me to get it. I got out a ladder and climbed up. I didn’t see the ball. I heard Jake say “Goodbye Alexa.” Then I fell to my death. Jake had pushed the ladder over. Jake lied to summer and said that I jumped. That night I appeared by him and said “Goodbye, Jake.” I pushed him off his bed and he got a concussion. When he told the doctors his story they thought he had hallucinated so they sent him to ICU and tested him. When they found he was healed they sent him to an insane asylum.

If you do not repost this to at least one other person, I will appear to you and kill you next week. Don’t believe me?

Case 1: Mikey was going down the street when all of a sudden he rememebred he forgot too send this death chain to one person. He crossed the street and got shot by four bullets and got hit by a flying chainsaw.
Case 2: George was in his bedroom, looking up death chains on his laptop. All of a sudden, he saw me standing in the doorway. I started calling his name and then I took an axe and chopped his head off.

You have 4 miniutes to send this chain mail to one other person or I will haunt you forever!

Death Chain – Emma Dials

In 1999 A, girl name Emma Dials got a chain letter saying if she didn’t send this to 5 people by midnight she would get her head chopped off! She just clicked delete! BIG MISTAKE! At 12:00, the lights flickered and then she heard the door slam. She ran into the kitchen and saw a man standing there with a knife. He stabbed her 6 times and chopped her head off. She never came out of the house again. He dumped her body and no one ever found her. Protect yourself! Send this to 5 people by midnight or you will end up like Emma.

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  • Ha dude love the pic….can you imagine going into a store and see that there in one of the aisles? Haha dude what’s with the Alice and Sebrina story, it’s all over the place….doesn’t even make sense really. Emmas body was never found so how do you know what happened to her?…well these were a major let down….

  • I had to hold my boyfriend’s arm as tight as possible to even CLICK on the picture. Honestly, the chains aren’t half bad. But the picture is the creepiest. It looks like it’s looking straight into my soul.

  • Me-“Hey, what’s that?”
    Friend-“Oh nothing, just four bullets and a flying chainsaw, no big deal. Totally normal.”

  • I’ve read so many chain letters, they are now funny! Here’s one:
    “Hi, I’m Poop. I smell. People laugh, so I died. If you do not send this to one thousand people. Tomorrow you’ll have the hardest poop in your life and will die! :D Or you can say my name 2000 times, its up to you!”
    BTW My name is NOT poop.

  • So… no one’s gonna comment about Mikey and the flying chainsaws? W-we’re all just gonna pretend this is normal? Mmmkay.

  • YASSSS!!!
    RYYUUUUUUKK!!!!!!!(the only one in the anime who was there for the LOLs)

  • I. Am. So. Scared. If you read this it mean you need to repeat my user name 5 times in 50 second and if you don’t I will sick my dog on you JK! But the me being scared is true.

  • I have a death chain.

    Hi my name is Alyssa, recently I died and stayed as a ghost on this Earth anyone who says my name 13 times on Halloween night or a Friday the 13 I will come to you at midnight and slice your guts out, rip out your heart and then eat your brain. Send this to 5 people in the next 50 second anyone who does not I will do the stuff I would do to you if you say my name 13 times.
    By the way I will also eat your soul. Bye.

  • Hahahaha it doesn’t work for me.if it’s all real,I must have been died for so many times!

  • RYUK! From Death Note! This picture was probably the best thing about this page…
    And so many of you guys have watched Death Note! I feel more at home here now. :D

  • I send these to my cousin so they would get freaked out. 😈😈😈😈

  • Heeeeeyyyy!!!!!!!!!! It’s Ryuk!!! Hi, Ryuk!!! Want some apples? (An otaku is here….)

  • @alone_and_awake LOL! Ikr! I must have died at least a 100 times. And with all these chain letter ghosts after me, I don’t think I could possibly hide…if you know what I mean. I mean, every night, a bunch of life threatening spirits probably hid in my room, arguing over who should kill me first…well I would only die once either way…

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