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Hospital Bed

Hospital Bed

Ghost Under Hospital Bed is a scary chain e-mail that was popular years ago. It’s a chain letter. It’s not real so you don’t have to send it on.

Hospital Bed

Subject: The Hospital Bed – Read before opening picture.

True or not – this is pretty creepy and just in time for Halloween!

This photo was taken in a hospital after the patient in the bed was in an accident where he was responsible for a young woman’s death.

It is said that when you receive this image and do not send it to at east five people, the woman will look for you during the night to collect your soul.

A couple in a western suburban area of Sydney received the message and deleted the picture without sending it to at least five people. This couple was murdered by their 15-year old neighbor who claims to have been possessed by the woman.

A 28 year old woman in Whittlesay Road, Cambridgeshire, England, was run down by a car driven by another female that fit the description of the woman in the photograph. The police investigation revealed that the murdered lady had received this picture only 4 hours before her untimely death and did not pass it on to at least five people.

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  • It’s also the picture used for THREE OTHER STORIES ON THIS SITE.


  • I scrolled down, I didn’t even look at the picture XD
    I always do that

  • guys… i read this story a yr ago and havnt died… oh btw @iwannabescared101 wat movie was it i wanna watch it?

  • Thanks for removing a lot of my comments SFK. i didn’t know it was okay to be any religion but Christian.

    Scaryforkids says: I don’t think I removed any of your comments. Maybe you think that because the comments can take a little while to show up after you submit them. I only delete spam or inappropriate stuff or completely stupid or useless comments. :D Also, you’re welcome to be Christian, Muslim etc or whatever you want. (but just keep in mind, this website isn’t a religious discussion group. lol. It’s all about the stories.)

  • That picture makes me feel like that woman is staring into my soooouuuulllllll X_X

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