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Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid is a Book of Scary Urban Legends by Jan Harold Brunvand. The title is a quote from Jeff Goldblum in the horror movie The Fly. Click the links below to read some of these scary stories online.

Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

1. Precursors

Frightful stories
The rat-dog (The New Pet)
The ghost in search of help
The vanishing lady
The foreign hotel (The Luxury Hotel)
The corpse in the car
The graveyard wager (The Dare)
Room For One More
The poisoned dress (The White Gown)
Embalmed alive
A pretty girl in the road
The Vanishing Hitchhiker
Girl at the underpass

2. Chills Up Your Spine

Blood Mary
The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs
The Hook
Severed fingers
The Boyfriend’s Death
The The Killer in the Backseat
The Hairy-Armed Hitchhiker
The slasher under the car (The Mall Slasher)
Dangerous pranks and fatal initiations
The fatal fraternity initiation
The mock execution
The cadaver’s hand (The Nurse)
The pickled arm
Joke turns into horror story
The Roommate’s Death
The curse of 9/11

3. If a Body Meets a Body

The creepy passenger
Origin of Packenham’s rum
A mix-up in the mail
The face is familiar
The lost wreck
The death car
The body on the car
Off with their heads!
The body in the bed (Under the Bed)
The stuffed baby
The white dress

4. Along came a spider… or a snake, or a rat

Spiders in the Hairdo
The spider bite (The Red Spot)
Quit bugging me!
Spiders in cacti
Snakes alive!
Snakes in dry goods
The creeping comforter
The snake in the strawberry patch
Der rattenhund = (The rat-dog)

5. Poor baby!: Harried babysitters

The baby-roast (Chicken Dinner)
Baby’s stuck at home alone (The Black Doll)
Inept mothers
Attempted abductions
Mutilated little boys
The hammered child
Pencils as deadly weapons

6. Accidents

Caught in the couplers
The crushed soldier
Welded contact lenses
Exploding butane lighters
Lawn-mower accidents
Up a tree
Boil on troubled waters

7. Criminal intent

The Choking Doberman (The Choking Dog)
The robber who was hurt
Cut-off fingers and hands
Campus murder scares : the 1988 outbreak : the 1991 outbreak
Lights out!
Indecent exposures
Gag me with a siphon
Urban pancake
Dangerous ATM’s

8. Thoroughly modern horrors: Drug horror stories

Bufo abuse
Curses! Broiled again! (and again, and again)
AIDs Mary
Kidney heists (Kidney Thieves)
The gay roommate
Fast-food horrors
The Kentucky fried rat
Kentucky fried rat in South Africa
Rats in the pizza
Hold the mozzarella!
Hold the mayo!
Hold everything!
Ghostly videotape

9. Chiller e-mails and other scary netlore

Killers in cars
Needle attacks
Perfume attacks
More dangers at malls
Icky envelopes
Mutant chickens
Saved by a cell phone
A cry for help.

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