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White Gown

White Gown

The White Gown is a scary story for kids about a girl who buys a second-hand dress. It is based on an old urban legend called “The Poison Dress”. A version of this story appeared in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz with the title “The White Satin Evening Gown”.

White Gown

There was a young woman who was very lonely. She desperately wanted to find herself a boyfriend. The only problem was that she had very little money, so she never went anywhere and never net anybody.

One day, she received an invitation to a party at an expensive hotel. The girl really wanted to go, but she didn’t have any nice clothes to wear for such an occasion. She didn’t even have enough money to buy a new dress.

“Why don’t you buy a dress in the secondhand shop?” her mother suggested.

The girl went down to a second hand shop not far from where she lived and managed to find a beautiful white satin evening gown. It fit her perfectly and the price was surprisingly cheap. She immediately bought it and rushed home.

That night, when she arrived at the hotel, the girl looked so radiant and attractive that all eyes were on her. Every single young man at the dance was desperate to meet her. She danced with one handsome man after another and was having a wonderful time. She began to feel that her luck was changing for the better.

Soon, however, she began to feel dizzy and faint, and she had trouble staying on her feet. She asked one of the young men to help her downstairs and get her into a taxi. When she got home, the girl crawled up the stairs and lay down on her bed.

The next morning, the girl’s mother knocked on her bedroom door, but there was no answer. When the woman pened the door, she found her daughter lying lifeless on the bed. She called the doctor, but it was no use. By the time he arrived, the girl was already dead.

The doctor examined her, but he couldn’t understand what had killed her, so he asked the coroner perform an autopsy. It turned out that the girl had been poisoned by embalming fluid. Tests were done and traces of embalming fluid were found on the white gown.

Because she was dancing so much, the girl started sweating and the embalming fluid entered her pores and slowly stopped her blood from flowing.

Police questioned the owner of the second hand shop. He said he had bought the white satin evening gown from an undertaker’s helper. He had stolen it from the body of a dead girl, just before she was buried.

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