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Black Doll

Black Doll

The Black Doll is a Japanese urban legend about a young woman who dies leaving her baby without anybody to take care of it.

Black Doll

In Japan, there was a single mother who lived alone with her new-born baby. She was not able to work and she had no living relatives and no friends to help her, so she found it very difficult to cope on her own.

One day, the mother went out shopping for groceries and left her baby at home alone. On the way home, she met with an accident and was killed. She was not carrying and identification at the time and the police were unable to figure out who she was. Nobody came forward to claim her body, so she was buried in an unmarked grave. She had no living relatives, which meant that nobody noticed her disappearance.

Two months later, the dead mother’s landlord noticed that he hadn’t recieved any rent from her. He visited her house and knocked on the door. When nobody answered, he opened the front door using his duplicate key. He went inside and found the house was in complete darkness. The electricity had been cut off.

He walked around in the dark, going from room to room. All of the woman’s furniture and clothing was still there. In the bedroom, he found a black doll lying in the middle of the floor. “She must have left in a hurry”, he said to himself. “She didn’t take anything with her.”

Then he heard a rustling noise. It was coming from the black doll. He bent down to pick it up, but the moment he touched it, the doll crumbled apart in his hands. Hundreds of cockroaches scurried away and all that was left was the skeleton of a baby.

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  • the best thing a baby can have is a mothers love and affection. Poor mother and baby<3 6/10 stupid cockroaches (cause i hate em) lel

  • One thing i fear in the world are cockroaches… Please don’t make a story with these….

  • I thought the doll was going to raise the baby probably in such bad matter, but instead it got eaten by roaches! And it’s mother died. Creepy and sad :/

  • And hundreds of cockroaches ate the baby in 2 months… Srsly?? They could eat him in only a week. They are pretty swift you see… But it still is very sad

  • While this story was good, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that no one found the baby prior to its death. When babies are lonely, they cry to attract attention. Are you telling me this woman had NO neighbors in this apartment? I beg to differ. Realistically, this baby should not have died, and likely wouldn’t have. Still good. Less creepy than sad, really.

  • how is this scary? this is sad. the poor baby ws eaten by cockroaches. i hope it was dead by the time the cockroaches started eating it.

  • So sad for the baby. The baby died cuz the mother (was such a loser she didn’t have any friends or maybe she was just shy to make any friends)to take care of her baby or know where she left the baby.

  • @Icallmyselfdemented you are the first comment on this page not mentioning how sad this story is. :)
    b.t.w That username is awesome, everyn time someone talks to you on here they have to tell everyone that they are demented! XD!

  • ok..NO NO NO NONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOOO you do not and I said DO NOT leave an infant home alone how stupid do you geT?

  • it makes me feel sick thinking of a baby all alone wondering why she left… the baby was probably thinking that the mother abandoned her because she didn’t love her.

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