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Horror Comics

Horror Comics

The best horror comics ever made. This is a list of the scariest stories in comic book history. In the 1950s, nobody cared about superheroes. Horror was the most popular genre in comics and EC Comics was the most successful publisher with Tales From The Crypt, Vault of Horror and Haunt of Fear. But after the Comic Books Code came in, publishers were forced to tone down the gruesome bits.

1. Jennifer

Horror Comics

Creepy #63, Warren Publishing, July 1974. (Black & White)
Berni Wrightson, Master of the Macabre #2, Pacific, Aug 1983 (Color)

2. The Monster of Dread End

Horror Comics

Ghost Stories #1, Dell Comics, September 1962.

3. Scary Korean Comics

Scary Korean Comics

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost, Ok-su Station Ghost, Ghost in Masung Tunnel and more.

4. Foul Play

Horror Comics

Haunt of Fear #19, EC Comics, May-June 1953.

5. All Hallows

Horror Comics

Twisted Tales #1, Pacific Comics, Nov 1982.

6. Horror Manga

Horror Manga

Horror Comics
And All Through The House

The Upturned Stone (Heavy Metal)
And All Through The House (Vault of Horror #35)
His Face All Red (By Emily Carroll)
Ultimate Destiny (Crime Detector #5)
Mikey’s Friend (Secrets of Haunted House #26)
Crawling Death (Chamber of Chills #7)
Tag… You’re It (Tomb of Terror #16)
Swamp Horror (Weird Mysteries #5)
Crazy Quilt (Tales From The Tomb)
The Moon Was Red (Web of Mystery #18)
They Crawl By Night
The Cannibal (Out of the Shadows #13)
Room With A View (Creepy #21)
Mr. Green Must Be Fed (Tales From The Tomb)
Need For Speed (Gore Shriek #2)
The Exterminator (Ghostly Tales #118)
The Lurker in the Pit (Creepy Things #1)
The Eyes Of The Monster (Boris Karloff TALES OF MYSTERY #32)
Nightmare Castle (House of Mystery #229)
Nightmare World (Weird Tales of the Future #3)
The Wall of Flesh! (This Magazine Is Haunted #12)
Oh Mom! Oh Dad! You’ve Sent Me Away to Summer Camp… And I’m So Sad! (House of Mystery #212)

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail (Unexpected #202)
Terminated (Twisted Tales #5)
Brain Bats of Venus (Mister Mystery #7)
The Demon Within (House of Mystery #201)
All in the Family (House of Mystery #204)
In The Cardboard Box (Menace #10)
The Evil Eye (The Thing #14)
Green Horror (Witches Tales #6)

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