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All Hallows

All Hallows

“All Hallows” is a scary horror comic story from Twisted Tales #1. It was written by Bruce Jones and it’s about a group of teenagers going trick-or-treating on halloween night. It is considered to be one of the best horror comics ever made.

All Hallows

The story begins on Halloween night. Three teenage boys named Binky, Jack and Bobby are walking down the deserted streets. One is dressed as a devil, the second as a hobo and the third as a skeleton. Their Halloween costumes don’t fit them anymore and they seem to be too old for trick-or-treating.

On the way, they are joined by another boy wearing a ghost costume. His name is Skeeter. He seems much younger than the others and his face is covered by a white sheet.

All Hallows

The boys go from house to house, collecting Halloween candy. The neighbors all seem terrified of them. Skeeter remains completely silent throughout.

All Hallows

At the first house, Mrs Kitner gives them donuts. At the second house, Mr Boatner offers them cake. At the third house, they complain to Mrs Collins about getting the same old candy every year. She nervously offers to make them anything they want while Mr Collins calls them monsters and says they are terrorizing the neighborhood.

At the final house on their route, the boys ask Mr and Mrs Hathaway if their son, Eddie is home. Mrs Hathaway tries to tell them he’s not there, but eventually the frightened parents hand over their son.

All Hallows

As the boys drag Eddie down the street, he protests, “It was the others that done it! I was only tagging along!”

“It doesn’t make any difference,” Jack says. “You were part of it.”

They take him to the charred ruins of an abandoned house.

“It was 7 years ago!” Eddie cries. “We were just kids! We didn’t mean for it to happen! It was just a Halloween prank!”

They tie him to a pole.

“I’m the last one, ain’t I?” Eddie asks. “The last of the six that done it?”

“You’re the last, Eddie,” Jack says. “Now hold still…”

As Eddie desperately tries to apologize, Skeeter steps forward and removes the white sheet.

All Hallows

It becomes clear that Eddie is the last of a group of boys who killed Skeeter during a Halloween prank 7 years before. The prank went wrong and they accidentally burned him to death. Ever since then, Skeeter has returned to claim one of the perpetrators every Halloween.

All Hallows

The boys then proceed to pour gasoline over Eddie and light him on fire. When his body is burned to a crisp, the boys can go home. Skeeter’s thirst for vengeance is satisfied and he returns to the cemetery where he can finally get some rest.

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  • I love this story this is the first story I read thank you for making this website it’s the best including the comments and I might tell you a real scary ghost story that happened to me of u want

  • Nice. But he was burned… not a nice way to die. Anyways, it was nice. :)

  • Wow was indeed a cool story…. i just love comic stories….. Good job @Twisted tales #1….. Keep posting these types

  • @izayafan
    blackfog is updated in the same page
    check the story
    and I liked this one… Though I had to read it twice to understand

  • Wonder how this ritual started and y the cops didn’t get involved especially if skeeter is the only one who is really dead. And it seems as if the parents knew the guys were coming for their son…perhaps they should have sent Eddie off to his grandparents. Also…y does Eddie look so much younger?

  • The worst death ever is burning alive!! Anyways whens black fogs part 2 coming??

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