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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary is a horror story about a woman who is celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss with her husband. It is based on an old horror comic from Chamber of Chills #19.

Happy Anniversary

It was a warm Summer evening and Charlotte was spending it at home with her husband. It was their wedding anniversary and she wanted everything to be perfect. Her husband sat at the table as she rushed around, getting things ready.

“Our 10th anniversary,” she said. “It’s hard to believe we’ve been together for 10 years. I guess time flies when you’re having fun.”

Happy Anniversary

Charlotte set the table, then went into the kitchen to finish cooking the dinner.

“I never thought the day would come when you’d be faithful to me,” she sighed. “Remember that time you wanted to break up with me and I convinced you not to? Remember how I told you how much I loved you?”

Happy Anniversary

Charlotte stirred the soup and checked on the chicken in the oven.

“I loved you madly then,” she said. “Almost as much as I love you now. Remember how you promised you weren’t cheating on me? And then, just two days later, I caught you cheating on me with Betty Turner?”

Happy Anniversary

She switched on the radio and put on some romantic music.

“I forgave you, of course. What else could I do? I loved you so much. But then you cheated on me again, with that horrid Anthea O’Neill. And after that, it was that wretched Gretchen Willis. Of course, you’ve changed your ways since then.”

Happy Anniversary

Charlottle took a bottle of wine out of the fridge.

“Let’s drink a toast to the 10 years of loyalty you’ve given me,” she said. “The 10 years we’ve spent together, just the two of us.”

She set two glasses on the table and poured out the wine.

Happy Anniversary

“I never dreamed that I’d get you to stop cheating me,” she said. “But ever since our wedding night, you’ve been loyal and true. You don’t know how happy that made me.”

Charlotte sat down at the table and smiled.

“To the future, Darling,” she said as she raised a glass to her husband’s rotting corpse. “To the many, many more happy years we’ll have together… Just the two of us!”

Happy Anniversary

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  • I really just knew he was dead when he never said anything. It’s a obvious twist. Kinda disappointed. :/

  • I would cut off hiss ballsack and make him eat it after. Cooking it Anne cut of his dick and glue it on his forehead

  • I would dump him and knock out his teeth and give him 2 bloody black eyes the first time. But i wouldnt kill him. That lady is just like yuno gasai (from future guy anime shes super obsessive and kills people just not her crush/bf yuki)

  • continuation of the above comment….
    When i read the word ‘Cheated’ i conformed that the husband is dead. Anyways if the lady knew before marriage that her boyfriend was cheating her 3 times then why did she marry him? Crazy!

  • Woah she is insane! I nearly understood the fact that the husband was dead as the wife was taking continuously… Then when i read the word ‘CHEATED’

  • I’d do the same thing if he cheated on me 3 times! Well, I’d dump him after the first time but still 9/10 bloody bunnies

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