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Billy Comes Home


  • OK so wait…the boys dead? ….Im not really 100% certain I get it…but I might. Anyways, it would be pretty killer to have a dog like that, huh? I feel sorry for the dog though….

  • Dude the way the dog attacked the monster is the same way my dog attacked the pizza guy😂😂😂😂 I miss pizza

  • horror fan girl is 90% right but i think the monsters have come back to take billy as he may b not allowed to awake from the dead

  • I believe Billy was dead from the beginning- as he comes home late, no one even notices whether he makes noise or not (because he’s a ghost) and that’s why he says ‘i guess you’re the only one who cares whether i’m home anyway’ to the dog because the dog is the only one who can see Billy (myth:they say dogs can see ghosts). And at night time when the monsters appeared at his bedside, even though the Dog ‘protected’ him it wouldn’t make a difference because they already got him at the beginning and he died. Then as sunrise appears, he has to go back to his coffin and that’s where the dog follows him and watches over his gravestone, maybe it happens every night so it’s like a routine. This is my theory, correct me if i’m wrong, sorry if it doesn’t make sense:D

  • I believe in the second last panel; where Billy is saying goodbye to Boy – after that when billy is in the hallway there is an outline of a hand grabbing him by the shoulder which signifies that the monster (s) under Billy’s bed finally got him and the dog could not protect him.

  • I didnt get the ending O.O Did the monsters get him while he was awake? That is CHEATING!!

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