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Headless Roommate

Headless Roommate

The Headless Roommate and Other Tales of Terror is a collection of well-known scary urban legends by Daniel Cohen.

Headless Roommate

1. The Headless Roommate (A variation of The Bedroom Light)

2. The Phantom Hitchhiker

3. The Babysitter and the Telephone

4. The Telltale Seaweed

5. The Bordeaux Diligence (This is a shaggy dog story similar to The Purple Flower or The Pink Ping-Pong Balls)

6. Frat Man (This is a version of The Fatal Fraternity Initiation)

7. The Furry Collar

8. The Man in the Middle (A variation of The Stare

9. The Death Car (An urban legend about a couple who buy a cheap car and find out that the funny smell inside is a dead body)

10. Surprise! (Three funny scary stories for kids)
The Red Ribbon
It Floats
-Red Lips

11. The Roommate’s Death

12. Gramma’s Last Trip (An urban legend about a grandmother who dies in the back of a car and then the car is stolen, dead body and all.)

13. The Boyfriend’s Death

14. Just the Two of Us (Two funny scary stories)
Never Mind The Watermelons
Wait Till Emmett Comes

15. The Hook

16. The Man in the Back Seat

17. Bugs, Ants, Baby Snakes and Spider Eggs (Three urban legends)
The Fatal Hairdo
The Red Spot
The Poisonous Snake in the Dress

18. The Joke (A variation of The Nurse)

19. The Moving Coffin

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