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It Floats

It Floats

It Floats is a funny scary ghost story for kids. It is based on a common joke or “catch-tale”.

It Floats

There was a married couple who were taking an ocean voyage on a cruise ship. They were way out in the middle of the ocean when the woman unexpectedly died. The man was just crushed, but he knew that he had to see to her funeral and burial.

So he talked to the captain, and the captain said that they were too far away from land to give her a decent burial on land, so they’d have to give her a burial at sea. They decided to wrap the body up and throw it into the ocean. The man wasn’t happy about it, but there was really nothing else he could do. And he knew his wife wouldn’t have liked it, but he just couldn’t help it.

So they had the funeral on deck and then they threw her body into the ocean. Afterwards, the man went back to his cabin to mourn for his wife. A little while later, he was lying on his bed when he heard a strange voice saying, “It floats! It floats!”

At first, he thought he was just hearing things because he was so upset. He tried to go to sleep, but a few minutes later, he heard the voice again: “It floats! It floats!”

Well, he was beginning to get worried. He knew he wasn’t imagining the voice. Then he heard it again: “It floats! It floats!”

He couldn’t stand it. He was thinking, “Oh, my gosh, my wife is following me. The ship… her body is floating after the ship because I threw her out into the ocean!”

Well, he just couldn’t stand it. He had to find out what was floating. He had to be sure. He heard the voice again: “It floats! It floats!”

So the man screamed out, “What floats? What floats?”

And the voice said, “Ivory Soap! Ivory Soap floats!”

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