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Southern Fried Rat

Southern Fried Rat

Southern Fried Rat and Other Gruesome Tales is a collection of well-known scary urban legends by Daniel Cohen.

Southern Fried Rat

1. Southern Fried Rat (Urban legends about fast food: Rat in the Fried Chicken, Rat in the Coke Bottle, Worms in the Hamburger, Finger in the Hamburger, Fizzy Candy)

2. I Wanna Hold Your Hand (A boy and girl spend the night in a haunted house while a maniac is on the loose)

3. Secondhand Evening Gown (A poisoned dress)

4. A Warning (A woman brings a doctor to a house where a young man is sick. It turns out she is the ghost of his mother.)

5. Oven Ready (Two urban legends: The Chicken Dinner and Boiled Brains)

6. Finger Tales (Bloody Fingers and Yellow Fingers “let your pages do the walking through the yellow fingers”)

7. Piece of Wire (Some boys try to get revenge on a bully and instead wind up accidentally cutting off his head.)

8. How Embarrassing! (Urban legends about embarrassing accidents)

9. Wendango (The Windigo or Burning Feet)

10. Missing Bride (A variation of The Bride)

11. Cheap Wheels (Urban Legends about cars)

12. Solid Cement Cadillac

13. Druglore (Urban legends about drugs)

14. Out of the Grave

15. Second Blue Book

16. Hand of Charity Hawthorne (A variation of The Dare)

17. Dinosaur in the Swamp

18. Cat in the Bloomie’s Bag

19. Screams in the Night (Two funny scary stories: The Attic and The Thing at the Foot of the Bed.)

20. Modern Ghosts (Marie murdered by Bob in New Orleans park, Medical Student in University of Indiana, La Llorona, Camp Strongbow boy who disappeared, Paola high school ghost trumpeter.)

21. Very Old Man (A variation on the Gorilla chasing boy and saying Tag You’re It. This involves a creepy old man chasing a nurse.)

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