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The top 30 best creepypasta stories about the scariest video games, lost episodes, children’s cartoons and disturbing images. This archive contains the scariest tales written by anonymous people on the internet.

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  • i keep checking recent posts, but sfk hasn’t uploaded any for a few months, it use to be about 4 stories every other week which is rlly good, plz reply so i knw everythings cool sfk:)

  • I love this site… It is scary but some stories I can’t read because I get to scared!

    _/ || \_
    _/ \_

  • I got a Creepypasta story. Trust me, it’s real!!

    The title is called “BEST CP EVERA! THX REDDIT!”

    so 1 night, i wnet 2 teh walmert store and i found dis case of “teh Flintdrones lost episoda” i always a big fan of teh Flintdrones, there my childhoed. but it l00ks s0 werid because teh cover is gray and it’s haz boold in it. i bought it, teh caisher told me to nevea bye taht but i dont give a nipple. i put it on and teh theme was werid…it shows glitchy butt pixles and teh song is disorder. the epsiode wnet on and its teh scaryiest thing evea! it sowhs an appel jucie cover in bl00d. and it shoed ponies with no 3y3s and they kill each othre. its aslo show an hyp3r r3alist s0p0ngeb0b facez, and guess wat? IT TAILK 2 ME! it siad “d0nkey, u still have to paid child support” and it end rihgt tehere and i l00k around and dis wat i saw, an scariey pickachu d0ll wtih no 3y3s and it killed me. Pls r8 dis 5 and no haters, thx.

    I’m going to be famous on the internet! :3

  • Princess of the dead sfk told her that she is seeing her cousins book. And that the ads are specific to us. I don’t like romance or manga. Why am I getting dumb manga ads? I never clicked on anything manga.

  • Hey SFK do we have specific ads for the place we live in? Because if we dont, I hope you can stop the ad that has my cousins book in it. Thanks 😊

    Scaryforkids says: The ads you see are specific to you, so that’s why you’re seeing ads for your cousin’s book.

  • SPIRIT BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We’ve got The Legendary Virus
    BJ:(yawns then shape shifts into a giant snake)
    Me(Goes inside BJ and “kills” him.)
    BJ:Ow.(leaves then Comes back as a Weird,gooey thing.)
    Guts(Kills BJ while I get out his way)

  • The Return
    (Me) Finally… After so long…
    (Everyone) Creepy? Is that you?
    (Me) Yes. I’m back… And I brought new friends with me… Say hello to Ticci-Toby, Clockwork, Bloody Painter, Puppeteer, the FNAF gang, and a few OCs of mine…
    (Ben) Who are the OCs?
    (Me) That’s for me to reveal…

  • I hate the new creepypasta stories. The theorys are stupid and it ruins my childhood. Now nothing can be cute and wholesome, and every thing has a dark back story. Start making good stories and stop the stupid theories and dark back stories.

  • It’s strange… Jeff and Slendy seem to have the most fans, yet the others seem to be less popular…

  • Is it just me, or do all these stories sound epic when I listen to Marylin Manson?


  • im going to go read some funny stuff… i’ll be darned if I let these stories be the last thing I read b4 I go to bed

  • Yall need to do all the jeff the killer series and it will be better than ever!!!!!! O3O

  • One that I would recommend is Cupcakes. I’ve never been able to look at Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash the same since I read it!

  • This is for Creepypasta hope you (ladies and gentlemen) like this! its Called “I didnt do dat”
    Ok,this felt like years ago, but i still cant get over the tragic ‘incident’. About my close friend.i had three friends; Melinda,Max and Will.Max is my close cousin,we would go out with Mel and Will,Mel was the only girl (rather then my snoopy sister) to hangout out with Max ,Will and of course me.And last but not least Will
    he didnt speak or talk much, but he did say ‘Hi or bye’
    when we saw or met up with him. My group and i we use to go to the playground. And sneak through a small thicket.
    There would be a couch tiny stool and a circular small camp fire. We’d sit take turns telling each other stories.
    But all that changed one frightful day…So it was my turn to tell a story the prob was that i coudnt recall what my story was about! Mel took over she knew i was struggling. Max said he had do his ‘bussiness’ and left.
    It was an hour after midnight and Max hadnt come back.
    i shrugged “he’s probably having washroom issues” i thought quitely. Will got up to look for him and when he came back i noticed there was a red stane mark on his right arm.i asked him what was wrong he didnt seem to acknowledge what i asked him. instead he peep out “i didnt do dat” i looked at him “do what Will”? again he didnt say anything. so Mel suggested we all go home Will and her agreed. but i was concerned about Max,Mel told me to ‘relax’.Max knew the town’s ‘inn’s and out’s.only a fool would question him. Next morning i got dressed ate brunch,and headed out.i met up with Mel and Will, but Max
    wasnt there.odd he never missed going out with us.Mel said she didnt know where he was either.Will on the other hand was too quite to just ‘not know where Max was’! Mel said she found a newspaper of anonamous murder at : “horton’s park”. funny i scratched my head,thats where we go to met up with my group at the ‘camp fire place’. was getting late i would go and investigate what happened! i thought determindly. Mel told me Will was going to visit her for the night.just as i turned away, i couldnt help but..i thought i saw Will holding something shiny in his right pocket…with the same red stane on his right arm… so i went to “horton’s park”.i went down the path like it was some ‘meeting’,i remember him saying:just gotta do my ‘thing'” as i searched i made a sick discovery…”Max was peirced with a knife through his ribcage!!” ….i nearly through the gross filthy display.i saw a bloody writing on the ground saying:i didnt do dat”i shuddered..and turned away went to the police told them everything.i went home almost crying,”wait till my friends here about this”…the thought lingered inside my i was at home watching childish ‘barney shows’ at least they’ll get the image out of my head..suddenly my cell phone rang! the vibrations nearly made it fall off the coffee table. i managed to grab it fling the slide open, and stuck it to my ear i heard a paniced heavy breathing:”hey Phil i need your HELP!!” “whats wrong” i asked:” not much time! Will he’s acting really strange…pleeeaaassee you GOTTTA HELP ME!!!….”before i could answer or protest the dial tone gave a dead silence…i hung up, got out and ran to Melinda’s place! as i got there i got a whiff of a horrible smell.i was close to the stairs when again i saw what made me wish i was blind.two corpses of adult bodies laid in the kitchen….i moved on,walked up the steps “i heard a girl scream hysterically!” it almost made me trip on the last step.just as “i went up and what met my eye’s was streight out of a horror movie”! just sheer nightmare:”melinda had a stick impaled right through her!” i nearly fainted.and another writng similar to Max’s demise:’i didnt do dat’.ok i finally had enough!i heard a creek behind me…”i saw.. Will just standing there with a sharp cleave!” i gulped , Will peeped in a eerie voice:i didnt do dat”! i asked him :”why are you doing this?” he didnt answer…just came closer to me..”i ran away from him,down the stairs strieght out that door”! i had never been so glad to run EVER that fast in my life! but now im 32 year old man and this gruesome memory still haunts me a detective now and solve such ‘murderous’ crimes.i was walking along the narrow street,and came across something lying on it’s curiousty got the better of i went over to check it out.i took a stick rolled it over i couldnt believe what my eye’s were seening! a dead body of a male..with his eye’s open! his back was sliced open with a meat cleave.
    “man this isnt my night poor guy” i sighed trying not to vomit.then i saw a man sitting nearby on a wooden bench.
    reading a ‘times herald newspaper’i turned away to leave and examin the body soon.but i could have sworn at the corner of my eye the man looked VERY similar to Will…and i swear my ears would never deceive me..but i thought i heard the man give a slight chuckle or grisly snicker.and he whispered as quite as he could “i didnt do dat”…

    hope you all like it! this story is (for scaryforkids and creepypasta!)thank you!(:

  • After the story, Jeff The Killer freaks me out so badly that if I’m alone in a room I think that Jeff is staring at me and when he pounces at me I will say- You’re sooooooooo pretty :P


  • WTF is up with ‘The Rake’ picture? It’s, like, a naked man sitting on a bed 0.o

  • The picture scared me 2 death especially jeff 2nd I mean jeff the killer as the killer and the boys story it might be Liu but his father could be dead o.o

  • Again First!!! hurray! :) i love that SFK is organising this kind of thing! hats off!

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