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Internet Story

Internet Story

The Internet Story is a creepy video story about an online competition called Al1 Nine Grand Quest. The video was created by Adam Butcher and details a series of shocking events that happen when a young man solves a riddle on a website and goes on a treasure hunt to track down 9000 GBP. Is it real or fake? True or false? You decide.

This is a true story about the internet. It’s also the story of a treasure map and a murder. It’s a story I stumbled upon, just as anyone else might. Let me show you…

On the 22nd April 2005, an entity going by the name of Al1 publishes a website claiming that he’s buried nine thousand pounds somewhere in the UK and that it’s anyone’s to find.

The name of the website is Al1 Nine Grand Quest.

So Al1 tells us we’re racing to solve his clues and locate the treasure before anyone else and his only link takes us to a kind of broken comic strip. lines of simple pictures, some of which are repeated and some of which aren’t.

Internet Story

At this point, the majority of viewers must have found that they could go no further. Not that many people were paying attention anyway. But one person, at least, was watching and three weeks later, he begins a video diary that will show his attempts to track down the money. The young man goes by the name of Fortress and explains that, as he gets nearer the treasure, he’ll be adding a video every step of the way.

Solving Al1’s puzzle is made much easier with some knowledge of an old folk story. Thanks to Chaucer, you may know it as The Pardoner’s Tale. The simple tale concludes that if you go looking for death, you’ll be sure to find it.

Each of the pictures in Al1’s story matched up to a specific moment in the tale. Put those moments in order and you can start building an alphabet, with the first scene standing for A and the last scene for Z. Then, finally, what you end up with is this:


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  • I’m really lazy but I’m also a fan of mysteries and riddles and codes so I’d love to try this..

    You know, if there was no life-risking things… O.O

  • Wow…that was pretty creepy. No way I would ever do that. Not because of the risk of death, but because I’m just too lazy to do all that work :) Anyway, great video.

    10 out of 10 treasure hunts!

  • I’ve been on the website but it takes FOR~EVER to load. So I quit on it. Really wanted nine grand though 😔. Lol!

  • yes yes because everything that is labeled true must be true i mean it is the internet and every thing that is on the internet is true for you people who think this is real.

  • Wow…I just watched the vid and…that was…amazing! The boy was very clever but foolish. I really wonder if it was real or not. R.I.P, man. Al1 means Al One which could mean AlOne…alone…I found this on youtube so I take absolutely no credit for this mastermind thinking stuff.

    Scaryforkids says: I was about to say you’re a genius. I never noticed that. Creepy.

  • I found a fifty dollar cash prize during a scavenger hunt at my community center once. They were all shocked when I opened the safebox. Their clue was supposed to be “unsolvable”. They underestimated the mind of a teenager in need of some cash.

  • @EVERYONE ITS JUST AS ANNOYING AS COMPLAINING ABOUT isnt it cuz of u think yer not commenting about the story either so ur spaming to

  • ^^^ Guess who cares that you’re first? NOBODY!
    If you’re first in the line at Starbucks, would you go around tellin people “first!!!!”
    Yeah, didn’t think so.

    Anyways this story is awesome!!! The guy was becoming insane on his quest. The things people do for money……

  • FIRST i didnt find it that creepy DOES ANY ONE KNOW HOW MAN STORIES SFK HAS

    Scaryforkids says: Hi happenstance… Please don’t spam questions… Even I don’t know how many stories there are… maybe over 300… 400?
    Also everyone plz plz plz stop with the “firsts” :)

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