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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel is a creepypasta story about a strange and deformed being that follows you wherever you go.

Guardian Angel

I am always with you.

I was there from the time you were born. I stood in the delivery room, staring down at you before you could even open your eyes to see me. Your parents, relatives and doctors couldn’t see me there, in the corner, watching you with cloudy eyes, but I was there from the time you were born.

And I followed you home.

I was with you always, your constant companion. You played with your toys alone while I stared from all angles in nearby mirrors; my matted, clotted hair with oily sweat that hung off my dented forehead like glue. I was always your constant companion, drifting behind your mother’s car on your ride to preschool. You alone in the bathroom, but I was on the other side of the door, wind whistling through the bruised hole in my throat. My arms twisted and hanging in their sockets as I stood hunched on the other side of the shower curtain. I wait and follow you. I follow and drift behind you.

I’m not seen. I’m almost not-there in light. You never saw me that morning as I sat across from you at the breakfast table, a shiny red clot hanging from an empty tooth socket as I gaped grotesquely at you. I wonder sometimes if you know I’m there. I think you are aware, but you’ll never understand just how close I am.

I spend hours of your day doing nothing more than breathing in your ear.

Breathing – gagging, really.

I crave to be close to you, to always wrap my crippled arms around your neck. I lie near you ever single night, cloudy eyes staring at your ceiling, underneath your bed, at your sleeping face in the dark.

Yes. You caught me staring occasionally. Your parents came running down to your room one night when you screamed. You were just beginning to talk, so you were only able to cry out “Man! Man in my room!” You thought you’d never forget the sight of me, with my collapsed jaw hanging to my chest, swinging back and forth. I sank back into your closet and your mother was unable to see me though you pointed and pointed and pointed. You thought you’d never forget when they left that same night. You saw the closet door crack so softly and me crawling across the floor to your bed on all fours, shambling in jerking movements as I pushed myself under your bed on disjointed limbs.

You learned a new word for me: boogeyman. Not quite the monster you thought I was. I’m just waiting and following you always, touching your face with my knotted fingers as you sleep.

You’ll see me again soon. Any day now, I’m coming, blunt and brutal. One day you’ll walk across the road and – I believe I’ll plow into you with loud roar and a screech.

You rolling on the pavement, rolling under wheels, bluntforce metal fenders and my fingers touching your face again and again.

As you stare up from the cold pavement with cloudy eyes; your matted, clotted hair hanging in your face and your jaw unhinged and swinging to your chest.

You’ll see me approaching.

No one else will see me. You will stare past them into my eyes and I’ll leer down at you. For the first time in our life, something like a smile will come over my face. You’ll swear you’re looking into a mirror as clotted red bubbles from our mouths.

I’ll lean down, past the doctors and the ogling people and pick you up in my crooked arms.

Our faces will touch. My wings will unfurl. And then you’ll have to follow me.

I am always with you.

I am your guardian angel.

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  • we knew he were his guardian angel i realy realy dont like the ending it’s not scary or creepy at all this should be called happypasta not creepypasta grrr

  • No he did. A guardian Angel is supposed to guide you from harm however instead of being a “divine protecter” he more likely was a ghost who died and lathed onto the girl.

    Kind of like… He was hit by a car and taken into the same hospital as she was born. When he died it happened to be the same time as she was born and he latched onto her. Like a curse bringer he followed her around until his date became her own probing his version to be more of a twisted outlook on “guardian angel”.

    There is a saying that if someone should die a horrible fate in a hospital (anything really heart attack car crash etc) anyone born at the time of their death in that hospital shall recieve their fate. Should the person die of lukimeia so shall you. This actually happened to me, supposedly I am to due in my sleep, or rather a short lived coma. At the age of 97 a lady named genavievs (I think that’s her name can’t remember) in anchorage Alaska hospital died after growing so old she was having health problems. She fell asleep and couldn’t be woken up. After 3 days she died. Like I said short lived coma. I’m a little scars I’d it’s true. But in the end I could think of worse ways to go out right?

  • This is depressing and scary at the same time, but the guardian angel never did any harm…right?

  • O_O im scared now cuz I have to use the bathroom then take a shower but its ok cuz I already have trouble sleeping from all the other stories on here


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