Bedtime Stories

Short bedtime stories for kids and adults to read online at night. Just before you go to sleep, read one of these scary tales as you lay in bed and nightmares are almost guaranteed. Pleasant dreams…

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories 1 – Afraid Of The Dark

There was a young boy who was afraid of the dark. Every night, he would leave the lights on when he went to sleep. After a while his parents got tired of this and told him he would have to grow up. But the boy continued sleeping with the lights on. So, on their way to bed, his parents would come into his room while he was asleep and switch off the lights. This went on for months. One weekend, his went on holiday and they left him home alone for a whole week. That evening, he stayed up late watching a horror movie on TV, but the lights were on, so he didn’t get scared. He took out a book and read a scary story in bed, but the lights were on, so he didn’t get scared. He went to sleep that night with the lights on and he didn’t get scared. But, in the middle of the night, he woke up to find that someone had switched off the lights. That’s when he got scared.

Bedtime Stories 2 – The History Of The House

This family moved into an old house that had been vacant for a few years. After they had been living in the house for a few weeks, they began to smell some strange odour in one of the bedrooms. One night, when they were watching TV, they saw a documentary about a father who had murdered his 13-year-old step-daughter, chopped her into pieces and hidden her body parts in the walls of his house. At the end of the documentary, it showed the address of the “murder” house. It was the house they had moved into. The creepiest thing is that the police found all of the girl’s body parts,except for her head.

Bedtime Stories 3 – Calling Her Name

One night, a young girl was lying in bed, just on the verge of falling asleep, when she heard her mother calling her name from the kitchen. She went downstairs to see what her mother wanted, but as she was passing by the cupboard under the stairs, the door opened and a hand reached out and dragged her in. It was her mother, hiding in the cupboard. “Dont go into the kitchen,” whispered her mother. “I heard it calling my name too.”

Bedtime Stories 4 – The Family Next Door

We live in the house next door to you. We seem like a normal family. During the day, we go to work, we go to school, we wave hello as we pass you in the street. But at night, when you go to bed, we lock our doors, we close our curtains, we peel off our skin and sit around in our shiny white bones.

Bedtime Stories 5 – Sleep Alone

If you sleep alone at night, you should never sleep in a double bed. If you do, you should never just sleep on one side of the double bed. As the legend goes, in the dark of night, while you are sleeping on one side of the double bed, you will sense the presence of something or someone creeping into your room. The first night this happens, the thing will just lie down on the floor next to your bed and you will hear deep breathing. The next night, it will lie down next to you on the bed. You will hear the deep breathing right next to your ear and feel its breath on your neck. If you allow this to continue for another night, you will be woken in the middle of the night and your bed will be shaking. Then the mattress will start bouncing up because the thing will start jumping up and down on your double bed. Whatever you do, don’t let it know you’re not asleep.


  1. ashley_girl says

    “Hello again i have been getting pretty big on my stories and i thought this time i would write another story. This one is true so lets begin! once there was this guy and woman they were married and they was going to a water park but then soon they got super tired and they had found a hotel to stay at so they decided to stay there.

    they checked in to the hotel room and went up to the room it was not the best but it was good enough to sleep in. They got in there room and unpacked for tonight.

    well the husbend wakes up in the middle of the night and asks his wife to goget some ice. ten minutes later he got a bit worried because she was not back so right before he got up he heard a knock on the door he went to the door and opend it, it was his wife she said ” i could not find it!’ he said ugh ok follow me so they went and he showed her where it was she said oh ok so then he looked behind him and……the hotel was gone! there stuff was no where to be seen. and that was the storie hopes u enoyed it!!!! n_n

  2. ashley_girl says

    “Hello!” “my name is max im twelve years old!” “And i live in a rich family in hawaii!” ( that was the girl im not gonna say i just girl bacause i would be saying that about me XD ) So one day the girl was kicked out of school for beating kids up and being a bully. she was so upset because she had alot of friends there. She loved that school so much it was the best one she had been kicked out of the other schools. for being such a bad kid! And there was only one school left……. the school that no one ever wants to go to. the first day of school when she walked in that door it was not like all the other schools it was way diffrent the hallway had no lockers no other classes like switching and at lunch they only got to eat squid and lots of yucky stuff she hd to deal with it for a year. One year passes………..the weird princalble told them they were to far away from the school so they had to dup there amazing house. The next house they moved in was super weaird the houses looked all abandoned. They moved in she saw her sister and she said, ” i made a new friend!” and the max said “but we just moved in ” . and then a ball moves she goes over to it and no one is there. She gets a bit freaked out and felt wierd. She thought she had no friends so she decided to go see the nahborse. So she goes outside and she looks around for kids. She sees nothing then she sees someone a kid witha bad on her head she starts seeing more kids they all come out and play jump rope she gets really freaked out, she steps away and then her foot stepped on a leaf making a crackling noise, they all turn and stare at her then she passes out the police toldthe parents the brother and sister that she had died and that the naborhood and school have been abondin for years that the kids and teacher and all at school and naborhood had died from gun shots the person had shot EVERYONE.

  3. ashley_girl says

    hello someone was on my account and told a scary styou can makeory but that was not me but i have decided that it wolud be cool if i told one of my own i have been making stories sence i was 3 i was inspired by writing because you can make any story you want it can be fiction, non fition, horror, fantasy, funny, and lots of others! so this is my story enjoy n_n…….

  4. ashley_girl says

    love scary stories so im gonna tell you a story my mom had told me day there was a girl in church they said that a long long time ago that there had been a haunting so the girl kept reading up on it and started watching movies and reading books she loved skary stuff and her favrite holiday was halloween one day she got very curise aboute aujia boards so she started playing it she felt darkness all arount her sso she left it put he had gottan up with somone it said its name was ricky he is 17 but when she was through she forgot to say goodbye so she left it put later that night she heard noises coming from downstairs in the kitchen but she wanted to stay put cause she was so tyerd so she shut the door and locked itshe went back to sleep but then earlier that night she heard footsteps coming up here getting closer and closer and louder and louder but then she was almost asleep when she heard knock knock knck dident aswer she was frightend then BANG!BANG!BANG!so then she tucked under her covers then she heard skreek shut!the next morning the polise had so that she had died with the ajiu board in her arms

  5. bloody_ghost says

    twinkle twinkle little star,
    why are u holding a knife.
    Wait is that a meat cleaver,
    are u going to kill me.
    twinkle twinkle little star,
    why are u holding a knife.

  6. sophie800021 says

    What the ####? What was in number 1? It was your parents! Wierdo!
    Number 4 was hilarious!
    Number 5 was funny… Jumping up and down your bed….


    I tried the last one ‘sleep alone’ but nothing happened i never heard breathing… i tried that for 4 days my sister says i m a fool to try this

  8. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    I liked “calling her name” and “afraid of the dark” the most. creepy stories

  9. Poltergeist says

    these bedtime stories are amazing… in the last 5 ones i liked “afraid of the dark” most….

  10. Scary_Story_Teller says

    I love how SFK is updating their website, keep up with the AMAZING stories!!!

  11. Illusionist_6 says

    After reading the fifth one, I should better occupy both sides of the bed sleeping like a sloth. XD

  12. creepystorylover says

    who told you that monsters are evil meaby they think the same about us (just so the monsters dont eat me at night comblimet them :P

  13. XxNightmaregirlxX says

    In number 5 I thought;
    I love jumping on beds! And it won’t let yo go to sleep so I might as well jump with it, the springs are bouncier with two people!!
    Then I read it again and it said; “Don’t let it know that you’re not asleep” and I thought;
    “Well that’s boring. It might get a bit lonely! What happens if it knows you’re awake??”

  14. slendy_iz_scary says

    I went to a hotel and slept in a double bed for 5 nights and nothing happened. Also why would it care if you were awake? And its mommys gonna be mad at it for jumping on the bed… lol just kidding

  15. I luv fashion says

    This is about number 5 btw…
    I sleep in a double bed on my own! Gd job I’m in the middle tho…

  16. xXRoxas13Xx says

    Hi im new but this isnt my first time on this site i just made an account today i love this site it has good story`s

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