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Creepy Clown

Creepy Clown

The Creepy Clown is a scary video clip featuring an unsettling and scary dancing clown.

There is a well-known Japanese scary story that involves a creepy clown.

There were three boys who loved watching horror movies. One day, one of the boys received a parcel in the mail. There were no stamps on the mysterious package and no name or address was written on the front. The boy had no idea who it was from. When he opened the parcel, he found a DVD inside. There was no cover on the case and no title on the disc. He thought his friends might be playing a joke on him, so he took the DVD and went out to meet the other boys.

When he arrived at their house, he asked them about the mysterious DVD, but they said they had nothing to do with it. They invited him inside to watch it and see what was on it. When they sat down on the sofa and pressed play on the DVD player, they were surprised at what they saw on the screen.

There was a creepy clown standing in a room. There was a bed on his left and a closet on his right. He was holding two red balloons and staring into the camera. Then, some weird music started playing and the clown began dancing and jumping around. He was jerking and shaking his body all around the room. All the while, his clown face was fixed in a wide, menacing grin. He looked insane and his behavior was bizarre. Two of the boys thought it was hilarious and started laughing out loud.

After a while, they noticed that the third boy was very quiet. When they turned to look at him, they could see that his face was white as a sheet and his eyes were wide in terror.

“What’s the matter with you?” they asked. “Why aren’t you laughing?”

The boy replied in a weal voice, “That’s my bedroom…”

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  • Me: Clown
    , you really won the dancing competition, Any words?

    Clown: *plays music and dances*

    Me: ok ok just plz don’t kill me like u said u would if I didn’t say that

  • @Dog fan i changed my passw0rd after, my friend keeps freaking posting comments as me. She is evil. But i mean she was right, the clown does have some moves.

  • My friend, we played Party Rock Anthem in the background of the video, turned off the clown video sound, and it was amazing! I recommend doing it.

  • He could make a living off of dancing if he wasn’t a clown hiding in little children’s closets…

  • @NataliaNarwhal stop cursing. Little children come to this website. Also who are you pointing your middle finger to? I hope its nobody!

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