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Sea of Hands

Sea of Hands

A Sea of Hands is a scary ghost tale about a group of friends who go on a picnic by the sea.

Sea of Hands

A group of teenagers went on a trip to the seaside. They found a cliff that overlooked the water and sat down to have a picnic. Afterwards, some of the teenagers decided to go for a swim. They took turns diving from the cliff into the water.

One girl had brought her camera with her and she began taking pictures of her friends as they jumped.

One of the boys jumped off the cliff and landed in the sea with an enormous splash. His friends clapped and cheered, but when they peered over the cliff, they couldn’t see him. The boy never surfaced and his tearful friends had to call the police. A team of rescue workers eventually dragged the boy’s body out of the sea. he had drowned.

A week later, after attending the funeral, the dead boy’s friends were looking through the photos they had taken that day. When they came to one picture in particular, they stopped and stared in horror.

It was a photo of the drowned boy, taken just as he was jumping off the cliff. Clearly visible in the photograph, coming out of the water, were countless pale, white hands, clutching the boy tightly and dragging him into the sea…

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