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Wake Up

Wake Up

Wake Up is a short and disturbing bedtime story with a twist. It is a creepypasta about victims of torture.

Wake Up

It has been reported that some victims of torture, during the act, would retreat into a world of fantasy from which they could not wake up.

In this catatonic state, the victim lived in a world just like their normal one, except they weren’t being tortured.

The mind of the victim would often try to wake up the victim by leaving hints around the victim’s world to help them realize they were asleep.

Sometimes, even after the victim knew what was going on, they would still refuse to PLEASE WAKE UP.

scary for kids


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  • Maybe these sharp pains I’ve been feeling are hints as well. I don’t want to wake up now… The hints hurt so much…

  • I think it is related to us being in the matrix. The glitches warn us bout us being here and we dont wake up.

  • Wow. But seriously, if I really am living in a fantasy world, I would really prefer to wake up and the go back to the world but a different one. I would go to the Dwapar Yug or the second era according to Hindu mythology and watch the real Mahabharata. Anyways, delicious pasta… : )

  • I had to read it twice to understand… It’s really unnerving…. It’s like limbo from inception… If i ever go into a fantasy world, i will be sure to dream of frozen and all those sort of movies with magical powers

  • I recognize this from minecraft, after you kill the enderdragon something like this would pop up…

  • EPIC!! I get it now, after it being explained to me! LOL, the story is where WE have been tortured and our mind is leaving little notes to get us to WAKE UP. We are meant to believe it, and now it has got me thinking that maybe I have to PLEASE WAKE UP!!!! Am I right SFK? Please reply!!

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