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Ghost Pictures

The 15 best real ghost pictures and the scary stories behind them. These are famous images of ghostly apparitions and unexplained supernatural phenomena.

Ghost Pictures

1. Philippines Photo

Philippines Photo

This photograph was taken in 2000 in Eastwood City, Manila in the Philippines. The two girls were out for the night and they asked someone to take their picture with the digital camera on their cell phone. When they looked at the picture, they were shocked to see a ghostly figure clutching one girl’s arm.

2. El Paso High School

El Paso High School

This is a class photo from El Paso High School that was taken in 1985. Everyone in the photo shows up clear and distinct except for the figure of one young lady whose features are fuzzy and blurred. The other kids in the photo claim that there was no girl standing there when the picture was taken and nobody knows the identity of the young girl. Some people believe it is the ghost of a cheerleader who killed herself after she was dumped by her boyfriend.

Read more about the ghost of El Paso High School here.

3. Kuntilanak


4. Ghost in Chair

Ghost in Chair

This picture was taken in 1979. The young woman’s husband took a photo of her playing around with a bass guitar. When the pictures were developed, they saw the ghostly image of a man sitting in the chair. They believe it is the ghost of a man who killed himself in their house six months earlier. They eventually had to move out because of intense paranormal activity in the house.

5. Farm Boy

Farm Boy

This amazing photo was taken by photographer Neil Sandbach in 2008. He was taking test shots at a farm Hertfordshire, UK. In one of the pictures, there was a ghostly figure peering around the corner of the barn. The owners of the farm claim they have seen the ghost of a young boy, dressed in white, lurking around the barn.

6. Wedding Day

Wedding Day

This photo was taken in 1942 in Jasper, Alabama. It was the woman’s wedding day, but in the background a frightening figure was captured lurking in the trees.

7. Whaley House

Whaley House

8. Kuntilanak School Photo

School Photo

This photo seems to be from Indonesia. They say the ghost is a girl from the class who died and she came back as a Kuntilanak to scare her fellow students.

9. Myrtles Plantation

Myrtles Plantation

10. Singapore MRT Ghost

Marina Bay Singapore MRT

This photo was taken in 1999 by passengers on the Marina Bay MRT in Singapore. Some stations on this line are believed to be haunted because they were built on the remains of an old cemetery. Many people report having ghostly encounters while riding on this train.

11. Austria Group Photo

Ghost Photo

Ghost Photo

These two pictures were taken in 1988 by a couple on holiday in Austria. They held a party at the Hotel Vierjahrzeiten in Maurach and decided to take a group photo. These pictures were taken one after the other, but in the second photo, a ghostly floating head appears. None of the people in the photo had any idea who the ghostly woman was.

12. Pack Horse Bridge

Pack Horse Bridge

Some websites will try and tell you this photo was taken in Oak Grove, Kentucky. That’s not true. It was taken on Pack Horse Bridge in the UK. Paranormal investigators were taking photos on the bridge at night and captured this image on camera. It is thought that three ghosts haunt the bridge – a young girl and two women.

13. Amityville Ghost Boy

Amityville Ghost Boy

14. Vulcan Hotel Ghost Image

Vulcan Hotel Ghost Image

This ghostly image was captured in the Vulcan Hotel in St Bathans, New Zealand by Paranormal investigators from the TV show Ghost Hunt. It is believed to be the ghost of a woman named Rose who was strangled to death in the hotel in the 1880s.

15. Girls in Classroom

Girls in the Classroom

Ghost Picture

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  • When I die I am going to scare the living shiz out of everyone….*troll face*

  • Cool! I think these ghost are bored that’s why they freak people out when they appear in images

  • The picture of the little boy Amityville house is too scary. It’s as if the boy in the photo is staring right at you and up to something pure evil. I was looking at ghost pictures at 4:00 in the morning some time back and when this photo suddenly came on the laptop screen, I totally froze in shock on my chair.

  • ooooo scary…lol…Idk, Its not THAT scary. Ive seen worse. One time me, my boyfriend Alex and my cousin Sadie were all in the cemetery and Sadie took a pic of me and Alex kissing in front of an old tombstone and when we looked at it there was a white silhouette trying to push us apart. Sorta creepy, but we didnt feel anything touching us…

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