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Bloody Mary Legend

You’re wondering whether Bloody Mary is real or just an urban legend. Well she’s real. Or at least she was.

This is the real story of Bloody Mary. You’re probably wondering if she is real or just an urban legend. Well, the truth is that she’s real. Or at least she was real. The legend of Bloody Mary is based on a true story.

Bloody Mary

According to the legend, you have to stand in a bathroom, with one candle lit and say the name “Bloody Mary” into the mirror three times in a row. It is only the bravest of children who would attempt to do this, because the story says this will summon her ghost.

If you see her ghostly face in the mirror, it could have one of the following terrible consequences:

1. Your eyes being ripped out and your face horribly scarred.

2. Being found dead with claw marks all over your face and body

3. Disappearing mysteriously from the bathroom and ending up trapped in the mirror with the ghost for eternity.

You could also be driven insane or drop dead on the spot.

Bloody Mary Legend

Bloody Mary Legend

The history of the chanting game is based on mixed up legends and history that, over the years, have become the main basis for the story surrounding the urban legend.

The most common story told is that Bloody Mary was a witch that lived over 100 years ago who dabbled in the black arts. She was found out and executed.

The second story is more modern – a local woman was involved in a fatal car accident, and her face was horribly scarred before she died. She reappears in the mirror when summoned with that same horrific face.

There is another suggestion that the name “Mary Worth” was derived from a victim of the Salem Witch trials.

The fourth story is that Bloody Mary is based on a historical figure – Queen Mary I of England.

Mary Tudor

It is largely believed that the origins of the names “Mary Worth” and “Bloody Mary” came from a slight mix up of characters from history. Mary I, Queen of England, or Mary Tudor, who reigned during the Tudor period was also commonly known as “Bloody Mary”.

Mary Tudor

She was a Catholic and earned the nickname “Bloody Mary” when she ordered the violent execution of numerous Protestants and burned countless people at the stake for heresy during her 5-year reign. She also was unable to have children and suffered two phantom pregnancies, this is why it is speculated that the variation involving chanting “I stole your baby” became tangled up with the legend.

Mary Worth

They say that Mary Worth was a witch who lived in Chicago around the time of the Civil War. She used to catch runaway slaves and keep them chained up in her barn. Then, she would use them in her diabolical black magic rituals. Eventually, the locals took the law into their own hands and burned Mary Worth at the stake. Her charred remains were supposedly buried in St Patrick’s Cemetery.

Mary Worthington

They say that, in the 1960s, there was a beautiful girl named Mary Worthington who was very vain. She loved to look at her reflection in the mirror. One day she was involved in a terrible car accident and her face was horribly disfigured. No one could bear to look at her. She couldn’t even stand to look at herself. One day, when she accidentally caught a glimpse of her reflection in a mirror, she committed suicide.

Mary Whales

Mary Whales was a young woman who was run over by a truck and killed while she was waiting on a street corner. Her face was horribly mangled in the accident. To summon her, you say “I believe in you, Mary Whales”.

Elizabeth Bathory

Another possible origin is the legend of Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian noblewoman who lived from 1560 to 1614. She was also known as “Countess Dracula” or “The Bloody Countess”. She is believed to have tortured and killed many young girls because she wanted to bathe in their blood. She believed it would preserve her youthful beauty. She killed more than 600 victims in all, using hot pokers, an iron maiden, pins, blades, and freezing water. Eventually, her crimes were exposed and she was walled up alive in her castle in Slovakia. Of course her name was not Mary but somehow the stories of this cruel woman have been inserted into the legend.

Mary Weatherby

Mary Weatherby was a woman who was stabbed to death by her husband. They say that if you go into a dark room and say her name three times, her mutilated face will appear in the mirror and she will chase you with a bloody knife.

Mary Lou

Mary Lou was a girl who lived in the USA in the 1950s. At her senior prom, she was crowned prom queen. Someone decided to play a trick on her and set off some firecrackers. Her dress caught fire and Mary Lou was burned alive.

Mary Johnson

Mary Johnson was a witch who was burned at the stake during the Salem witch trials. To summon her, everybody sits in a circle and holds hands. The room must be completely dark. You repeat together, “Come, Mary Johnson, come!” A dim light will appear over the head of one person.

Hell Mary

Hell Mary is a reversed allusion to Hail Mary. There is one legend that claims if you go into a dark room, look into the mirror and chant “Hell Mary” 7 times, the mirror will run red with blood and you will see the face of satan.

Svarta Madame

In Sweden, there is a version called “Svarta Madam” (Black Madame). She appears in the mirror if you say “I don’t believe in you, Svarta Madam” 12 times. She has black skin, green hair, red teeth and glowing yellow eyes.

Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades

The Queen of Spades (or Dama Pika) is the Russian version of Bloody Mary.



Veronica is the Spanish version of Bloody Mary.



The Japanese have their own version, called Kuchisake Onna or The Slit-Mouth Woman.



The Candyman urban legend was inspired by Bloody Mary.

How do you play Bloody Mary?

What you need is one candle, a strong heart and a big bathroom with a large mirror.

Turn out the lights, place your candle down and light it, stand and look into the mirror, chant slowly “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”. And see what happens…

If nothing happens try spinning around three times and then look into the mirror. You may just catch a glimpse of her terrifying face.

Try it out if you dare, but don’t blame me if you find yourself trapped in a ghostly netherworld with the ghost of Bloody Mary forever!

There have also been a number of horror movies and TV shows based on the legend of Bloody Mary:

Supernatural – Bloody Mary

Supernatural Bloody Mary

Episode S01E05 of Supernatural featured a young woman named Mary Worthington who lived in Indiana. When she was 19 years old, someone broke into her apartment and murdered her. The killer cut out her eyes with a knife and she died in front of a large mirror. She tried to spell out her killer’s name in blood, but only managed the letters T-R-E. A surgeon named Trevor Sampson was suspected but nothing was ever proven and her murder went unsolved. Her body was cremated, but her spirit was trapped in the mirror.

Dead Mary

Dead Mary

In this horror movie, a bunch of young people spend the weekend in a remote cabin in the woods. They decide to play a game called “Dead Mary” in which they summon an evil witch by repeating her name three times in front of a mirror.

Urban Legends 3: Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

This movie features a young woman named Mary Banner who dies on Prom Night when a prank goes wrong and she gets locked in a chest. Her body was never found and, 35 years later, her ghost returns for revenge.


  • ACTUALLY, Bloody Mary was in fact, Queen Mary of England, Queen Elizabeth the I sister. She was executed, but she got the name Bloody Mary, because she caused the deaths of over about 30,000 people.

  • I played Bloody Mary in seventh grade. I tried summoning her the common way: chant her name three times, turn off the lights, etc. Although, when I turned off the lights, I was left alone in darkness, and I felt like I was daydreaming for a bit. When I came back, I felt like I was in a daze. Even so, I still lit the candle and closed the door. I can’t really explain, but something made me stop after the first chant. Tbh I chickened out a little, but mustered up enough courage to say, ever so slowly, “Blooooodyyy Maryyyyyy.”
    Then, I began to feel very hot and my head started pounding. I started panicking at how pale and lifeless I looked in the mirror. I’m not sure if this was a figment of my imagination, but I think I heard something slowly draw back the shower curtain. I managed to say the word “bloody” before I felt super queasy, and my skin felt more hot than ever.
    Suddenly, I felt a coldness wash over me. I still felt like vomiting and my headache still lingered, but now I was freezing. Something compelled me to look at the shower curtain, which was now open, and I could see a ugly, naked figure lounging in the tub. I would describe it with charred, cracked skin, and in the candle’s light I could see glistening red under on her throat and under her eyes. It then dragged itself out of the tub, deafeningly silent, and moved towards me, reminding me of the legend of Kashima Reiko. I threw the candle down, only caring for my life, and started slamming myself against the door. I didn’t bother using the knob because my hands were so sweaty. After a few hits, the door flew open, and I looked back at the figure, who had crawled back into the shower, its finger up to its lips as if saying, “Shhh.”
    It turns out that my twin sister had opened the door. She claims she heard a thump, which must’ve been me flinging my candle away. Slowly, I told her about what I was doing. I never went into that bathroom alone again. Two years after that encounter, we had to downgrade to an apartment. I’m never playing that game again.
    Believe me or not, I don’t care. I just want you to know what might await you if you ever try to play the game at your own risk.

    Sorry this post was so long. XD

  • This is the last part of my series. Part 6 of Bloody Mary. Dad : Pranked you! Me and XxxNotScaredxxX : YOU SCARED US TO DEATH! Dad : Sorry. Goodnight. Me and XxxNotScaredxxX : Whew. The end. For real

  • I didnโ€™t know that the slit mouthed woman was a Bloody Mary! That is so weird. Anyway, there is no way Iโ€™m trying Bloody Mary because that is sooooooo scary

  • The story I hear went like this: Mary’s father told her that it she went into the forest and helped him she’d get a slice of cake with red frosting so she went to help him chop some wood and when they were done she turned to her father and asked,
    “Can I have the cake now?”
    “Of course you can” The father replied
    he brought his axe down and that was the end of Mary, she was the cake her blood was the frosting.

  • The only reason she kills you is because you keep disturbing her sleep! Your so rude! she’s just trying to get some shut eye and then you wake her up. You’re so impolite!!

  • This is my version that I heard:
    There was once a teenage girl named Mary who thought she was very ugly. She couldn’t even bare to look at herself in the mirror. For her 16 birthday though, Mary’s mother gave her the most beautiful dress you could ever imagine! Mary instantly ran to her room and put the dress on. Suddenly, with the dress, Mary didn’t think she looked ugly anymore. In fact, Mary thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world! From that day on, Mary wore the dress every day, and couldn’t take her eyes off herself! Though one day, the farmhouse Mary lived in caught fire. Mary refused to get away from her reflection, so she was burned alive.
    The end

  • Ghosts aren’t real. I have tried this many times……. Bloody Mary didn’t came…… There is no bloody Mary!

  • The version I heard was this: A girl named Mary was in a school bathroom. As she was coming out, the school announced a lockdown. She bolted to her class and banged on the door but it was too late. The killer shot Mary and dragged her body into the bathroom. When they finally found her body, she had both her eyes gouged out. They buried her and thought her spirit went somewhere better. Boy, were they wrong. Her spirit never left the bathroom. After years, her spirit connected to the mirror in the bathroom. So, if you say her name 3 times, you may hear someone banging on a door. With that, Mary’s face slowly comes to vision. She will drive you insane. So, there is my version.

  • When i was younger i was so frightened of Bloody Mary but here is the truth:

    I really don’t think she exists but i won’t go through long lengths to prove it. This isn’t really a truth because you can never be to sure. But the story that scared me for life….. There was a young beautiful lady named Mary she lived very far in the wilderness. One hot summer evening, She had just bought a new sun dress and eager to try it on she rushed to her room and slipped it on!! It was white, Silky smooth and it fit her perfectly. She spent lots of hours just admiring the dress in the mirror. So caught up in her beauty she had no idea that her very old and run down fireplace was still going. She just kept looking at her new dress not aware of the fact that her house started burning . A few hours later a hitchhiker saw the house in flames and ran to the city to alert some townsfolk. That was thee last of Mary. She really had no reason to die. She was nice and had NEVER hurt not even one soul. They say if you play the Bloody Mary game she will appear in that same silky smooth dress just with blood and her hair will be in a high Pony-Tail. She will either have a flower or knife in her hand. If you see a flower you die with just 1 flower on your grave. And if you see a knife she will cut up your face. You will be okay but your face will be just as ruined as hers maybe worst…..

    I have never tried the game but i never will!!

  • As far I remember, Bloody Mary was is true. READ THIS:
    There was a queen named Mary something…One by one, all her maids disappeared because the queen believed that if she baths in young womens’ blood, she would be young forever. Queen Mary threw the dead bodies into an old well. However, as a rumor started that the job of being Queen Mary’s maid was cursed because everyone who took the job disappeared. So, no one accepted the maid’s job. Queen was in trouble. Because she wasn’t able to bath in young women’s blood. She started kidnapping young women and even kids to fulfill her wicked purpose. But one day, a worker of the palace discovered a really disgusting smell coming from somewhere not far away from the palace. He followed the smell and discovered the old well with the dead bodies in them. He told the king about it. The fact couldn’t be hidden. Everyone was suspecting Queen Mary to be the culprit. After days of questioning, Queen finally told the truth. Everyone in the village tied her with a rope and burned her alive. Queen Mary’s screams faded away slowly as she died.

  • Working out my genealogy, Mary Tudor was my cousin. I have enough problems with the living members of my family.

  • the legend I heard was that on bloody mary`s wedding day, she was walking down the aisle and a fire broke out and only bloody mary and her fiance died and when the ambulance and police came, the fiance was never found and bloody mary was in a small closet lying in a pool of blood

  • Omg!!! I heard that a girl did it. she was dancing in front of her mirror and her skin was ripped off by bloody mary… Ewwww… (sorry for the ortograph…)

  • This story is good and actually made my school believe in this but I have a story of my own……. If you have a family member who has died and that person seem to love you then your in luck to try it, place a mirror in your room and turn off the light, wait until it’s 12:00 to do it.( you can sleep it out but don’t make any sounds when getting up and also don’t get up or do anything to make yourself seem that your awake)make sure your the only one in your room and then look into the mirror and then say the person name in your mind and then your might see the person looking right at you…….. BUT DON’T TRY TO MAKE ANY CONTACT WITH A DEAD PERSON.

  • Bloody Mary was like a big thing in primary. Someone told me the story when i was in 4th grade and ive been scared of mirror since 6th grade. LOL

  • Played it when i was like four, my older brother said my mommy set up a camera in there if i see a face i didnt so im good

  • I did this once in year 2 i was 7 we were haing a sleepover in the school me and my friends were dared to do it so we did i swear we saw her then we all run out expect my bff lilly she never came out so after an hour we splited up i went back into the bathroom to find her nowhere to be found we all went back and they couldn’t find her either and we wasnt allowed to go home and she lived very far away from the school

  • My old primary school was victorian and it is haunted cos there is a well on the playground which is now blocked off but in 1899 a kid fell down and now he haunts the school so we would always fully close the door and the ghost opened them i can say that i truly am i glad i just left

  • Me too! That’s exactly y I’m afraid of mirrors! But only at night when it’s dark…๐Ÿ˜“But I’m not afraid of the dark just the mirrors in the dark

  • I heard of this in fourth grade and my friends and I totally got paranoid. Then we dated one of the girls to do it… She did it while we were out of the bathroom and I think I heard her scream then silence… Silence… Then she came out laughing.

  • I tried this when i was about 16 and i said Bloody Mary 3 times in the mirror in my bathroom and i felt the room get cold and i heard and bang and freaked out and ran out of the room. I know it was probably my crazy imagination but it didn’t make it less freakier.

  • at my old school we discovered that the science lab was empty and dark. (it had mirrors) so i got 12 other girls with me and we snuck to the science lab. 3 of us were dared to do bloody mary in the lab! me, my bff, and my cousin. (yup she was in the same school as me.) we opened the door. we stared in the mirrors and i swear we saw bloody mary holding a red rose and wearing a red dress. she was bloody and she was kind of dancing behind us. we screamed loud and we ran out the door. our other friends were laughing and they didn’t believe us. although eventually we got busted because a teacher came. she asked who started this and they all said it was me! i got detention. me and my friends weren’t hurt because bloody mary had a FLOWER not a knife. if she had a teddy she also wouldn’t kill you. I am never going to do bloody mary again!

  • It’s an all time favourite legend of me and my friends. Well, I won’t dare to do that. Even God can’t save you from Bloody Mary when you perform such foolishness of opening a portal of astralworld! Also, I feel that this thing to better be done at midnight or near 1:00 am.

  • My friend knows Bloody Mary and a few months ago she appeared in my classroom and i couldnt see or hear her and she called me a slut and i called her a bitch and she said she was gonna kill me if i did not have cake (shes a werido ) so i said you can pour water on my friend (she does that to her for reals) so she was like OKAY Scary Mary and Lia Lona or how you spell her name they are sisters with Bloody Mary I actually talked to scary mary (ps it is not the chain letter scary mary) and i kept an eye on her so she wouldnt get my friend in trouble because scary mary or Lia Lona would possess her

  • k dat was a bad idea :-S tot was just a prankk so I went to d bath room n tried it out… N d bloody bitch attacked me >:)… bitch didnt appear all of a sudden… I.tot was funny so I turned n walked away.. later went for a bath n to my suprise I was still in d mirror wearing same clothes :-S n den out of no wear d bitch tranaforms out of me in d mirror.. I tried to get out of d bathroom but it was locked tight… I was locked in…. den c scratched me
    ..3 big scars on my face… C mised my eyes…. so I can still c…Me neva trying day shit n e tym again :-D

  • ok by everthin i heard i aint never tryin this. my friend said he did it and now bm follows him around all the time. one time i asked where she was and hes like “shes over there acting like a chicken” and i believed it at the time but now i dont…bm is something way more dangerous and sinister than that…

  • I tried this with my friend and all that happened was her dad jumped out of the shower and startled us 0_0

  • I heard about this when I was 8 yrs old and it creeped me out soooooo much. my friend said she did it but nothing happened but my other friend said she saw a red face behind her and bloody mary had a long nose!!! haha

  • You guys I’m not sure if Bloody Mary is real (I haven’t tried cos unlike SOME PEOPLE I actually LIKE my life and wouldn’t risk it ENDING. But I LOVE scary stories and this is one of the scariest I’ve read. But I have a warning for you: WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT GHOSTS, SPIRITS, DEMONS and UNDEAD ARE REAL!!!! So I’d suggest you don’t try summoning them or have anything to do with them unless you want to die and also just LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!

  • Wow. What if THIS happened to you every ten minutes?
    Boy: Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary!
    Bloody Mary: Ugh dont u fools ever get tired of this?! Here it goes again… Rahhhh!!!
    Bloody Mary: Yeah, yeah.
    I mean, seriously. Who can be so mean to a hurt ghost?! I tried this once: Me: Bloody Mary,Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, im sorry for all of the trouble little children have caused you. I know how you feel, I have four brothers and three cousins to look after ( lol ).
    So yeah and when I turned on the light i saw a bright red carnation sitting on my sink counter top!! It was truly amazing see Bloody Mary isn’t all that bad. she’s just a ghost who gets tired of these things all the time. And FlameFletcher can u do a Mario and luigi thing of dis? I like ur stuff ;) – xx SCARYGURL xx

  • My aunt said her friend Amanda did it with another friend and it worked. But when she tried it with Amanda it didn’t work. She wanted me to try it with her but I refused. I don’t care that she called me chicken.

  • I’ve tried it before. I was in year 3 when I first heard of the legend. I had a sleepover with 2 friends and they dared me to do it at exactly midnight, and although I was petrified I still did it. Guess what?! Nothing happened!

  • I almost done it before, cus my cousin howard said he done it and was in the frikkin Adults Side of the hospital 3 months so i only said it threetimes, and luckily i seen part of her face but not her eyes, thank gawdshe didnt have eyes :3

  • Played this game. By myself. Its so flipping freaky!!!!!!
    I actually contacted her and heard, “you shouldnt have done that!!!” Scared the fudge out of me.

  • If you don’t think bloody mary is real then you’re a doof-head because she is so real. I tried it one time and she yanked my hair and said “get out”. But seriously she’s real. Sorry bloody mary I awakened your spirit. Anyways LEAVE HER ALONE…OR ELSE

  • ive tryed this with my cosuin , my cousin she gothic and i was spending night over her house and we were going through her bos and i found a bloodymarry game so i looked it up on how to play it .. belive me its not reail . ive tryed it by myself , then me an my cousin tryed it . then her bf tryed it . nothing happned except he scared the hell out of us .lol

  • I’ve tried this with my school mates. We were staying at our dorms near the school. Apparently one our boys told us to do the dare. We said “Bloody Mary” three times. My friend she told me she felt something pain. I lift her shirt up and saw a writing on her back saying “Bloody Marry is here” I got so freaked, then i fainted when I felt a cold long feet stepping on me apparently it was staring at me. She almost slice my throat. I scream so loud closing my eyes. Two of my best friend tries to wake me up telling Bloody Mary to get off of me. Then the a friend right next to me scream with horror. Two of my friends and I repeat the words “Bloody Mary, please leave my soul in peace..” She just vanish when the lights when on. We saw our third friend dead. I rushed out of the room to the boys dorm I was to scared to do it. I was like 10 year old. But this year i didnt play that game ever.

  • I tried this with my friends in school and it worked.. But The first couple times we did it we keep hearing the clothes hanger move and then later fall to the ground. We would run out of the bathroom screaming. And no one in the room touched it cause it was on the other side of the bathroom and we were all standing by the door ready to run out. We did this a couple times and then stop cause nothing was happening, but a while later a friend complained about her back hurting and we pull her shirt up and there where 2 long “nail” scratches down her back. She never play bloody mary again but we keep playing until just a couple days ago we were playing it and again got scared and tried to run out but the door wouldn’t open. I got this huge pain on my arm, i couldn’t explain the pain it was so weird. We got the door open and when we looked at my arm it was bleeding and bruised…. Last time i’m ever playing that game

  • how about instead of saying her name 3 times maybe say something like, “i’m sorry for you mary.” maybe she will protect you. that would be cool! but still, lets respect the dead!

  • try watching the tv series supernatural season 1, the episode about bloody mary then go to the bathroom

  • I’ve seen the movie bloody mary. She is creepy! Im still afraid to take showers in fear of her!! ( but i do) lol but her face isnt that bad. And apparently in the movie her face is scarred because each person in the village got to cut her face with a knife before they hung her. I tried it when i was in sixth grade but I think i did it wrong. But what was scary about it was that when i turned around there was a girl in a white dress standing in the corner. But nothing happened to me. I even got my substitute teacher to try it with the whole class. But nothing happened… At least I don’t think so

  • This is always a fun thing to do in Middle School – waiting for someone to go take a pee and turning off the lights while screaming Bloody Mary. Plenty of pants were ruined due to panicked children trying to run away while still urinating.

  • My friends told me about bloody mary. It is a little creepy… One of my friends tried it and it worked. She saw bloody mary’s eyes and they were red. But she peed her pants. And one of my classmates died cuz she hit her head on the mirror… She was in hospital for 4 months and that is bad… But my friends told me that i should try to see bloody mary… Should i try?

  • I’ve played this nothing happened but I might NOT try it again cos if it is true I don’t wanna die…..!

  • In my last school, there was a girl who fainted inside the bathroom. She hit her head on the sink and stayed a few weeks in a coma. Definately a terrible story, and they blamed Bloody Mary. I was just 8 at that time and I NEVER walked into the girls’ bathroom alone again.

  • scarygirls101 please tell me what she looked like. I’m to wimpy to get my eyes ripped out of me. DX

  • actually, I read that she can grant a wish, and i know another chant but i can’t remember it. the drink looks like puke :/

  • there was an enormous commotion about bloody mary at our school everyone was crowding around the womens bathroom as the brave ones entered the toilets , rumors say a boty called brabley felt hands trying to trip him up and all the girls never wanted to got toilet they were constipated lol but the boys could

  • I’m 11 and I said it non stop for a few minutes but I didn’t do it infront of a mirror….I was too scared……nothing happened except i couldn’t sleep bcoz I was scared…….WARNING!!!!!!!: Don’t even say it! I don’t believe in her anymore but if u don’t believe and u keep saying it then u might make it real……. if u say it she may kill someone u know and not u or she could kill u………. But I wish I didn’t say that bcoz now I’m scared…….she might come years after u say it!!then what?

  • I tried it and she showed up, I was SO scared that I wasn’t able to sleep for 1 week!!! D: O my gosh cuz she looks like a HUNDRED years old///// After that i peed my own pants and the other one. -________________-

  • LOL. My friend did Bloody Mary and all that happened was that he heard the sound of toilet flushes. xD

  • one time i played this with cuzy (she’s like a year younger)
    and we were freaked out but nothing happened buuuuutttt we didn’t do it this way. then we went into the room me and my big siter sleep in we told her and she said that when she was like my age she would do this with our older sister and 2 cousin’s (girls) and they saw something… she said it was a red light in the mirror. after she told me that i tried it in the room t.v off then i think THINK! i saw something and soo i jumped onto my bed and didn’t even wanna touch the floor! but she forced me to turn the t.v back on! why couldn’t our little cuzy do it?? anyways i never wanted to play this game AGAIN!!

  • @LoverGirl553, what do you have to write their names on? The mirror? And if it is the mirror do you have to write them backwards? Because I really want someone to die. Here are the reasons she should die: 1. She never wears a bra. Ever. Since she doesn’t they jiggle. 2. She is fat, but she wears shirts that are for 6-year-olds. 3. She never wears pants. I’m serious. Only leggings. The closest thing she has worn to pants is yoga pants. 3. Since Leggings are meant to have a long shirt or dress over them her butt crack is always showing. It’s disgusting. So please tell me so I can have her die.

  • Just leave her alone. it may be true or not, But it’s on you if you try it. . . But don’t blame her if you see her face, the one o blame is you. . .

  • do ya wanna know why bloody mary did not work 4 some ppl? SHE WAS KILLING SOMEONE ELSE AT THE TIME! JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!

  • One story I’ve heard is you can mark other people. If you write others names in something blood red, whether it be lipstick, marker, or actual blood, you can mark them. What you do is write the names of the people you want to mark and do the Bloody Mary thing, she will see the names and go after them, but you have to write first and last names.

  • I attempted to do that. OnO I wimped out because I was going to do it alone. Wasnโ€™t โ€™bout to do that. e3oโ€ฆ For God’s sake I couldn’t even look at the picture with Bloody Mary in the mirror. x.x… I’m not good with this legend. People would tease each other with it alot around my house so… x.x.

  • The “I Stole Your Baby” is nothing to do with Bloody Mary. That’s from the Baby Blue, Blue Baby Urban Legend :]

  • im to scared to do this so whenever i hear her name I go LALALALALALALA i cant hear you! LALALALALALALA! one time some girls tried to do it and i was walking in my school’s girls bathroom and i heard them say bloody mary and i froze there slowly turned around and walked out of there like nothing happened! XD

  • I’m to freaked out to do it.(I want to live!!!!) My friends told me if you say bloody Mary 15 times she will come down some stairs, and if she’s holding a teddy bear or a flower she won’t kill, but if she’s holding something else, she’ll kill you. The same friend did bloody Mary and sue saw a hand on the wall above her.

  • for all the people who say they ‘saw her’ your lying cuz if you know what urban legend means ayee? it means old, fake story. sooo many people have said they saw her, and if you realise every time is different. also you cant believe everything everyone tells you. >:(

  • girl: bloody mary, bloody mary, bloody mary…
    mary: *groans* not again… CAN’T YOU IDIOTS LEAVE ME ALONE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • When I was in first grade I had to pee and these two six graders came in and turned off the lights and they told me to flush the toilet when I was done and wash my and and whip them at the mirror,So I did that, and Bloody Mary came out and started attacking the two girls. I was lucky enough to run.

    BTW I’m a girl.

  • i was in elementary when this happened ok here it goes it was 11:30 so we stuck out of our houses (me and my friends)and we stuck in school so we decied to try it we sent aa boy to try it first so we told him to say bloody mary three times in the mirror so he did it and then we were waits half an hour and he didnt como out of the bathroom we got scared so we just left himm there because we thought he left the bathroom queitly and went home so we get ready for school the next day and when i go to the bathroom i see him died in the floor i screamed so loud that all my classmates came to the bathroom and saw what i saw him on the floor he had no eyes and was coved in blood and then i said bloody mary is real i am NEVER trying bloody mary!!!!!

  • i was at my 2nd elementary school going potty when two girls turned out the light, flushes the toilets 3 times (only 2 of them) and chanted the bathroom seemed to shake and then the two girls screamed and i hid under the sink (not a good idea when the mirrors above u)she looked hideous and had blood dripping from her eyes, in the next instant the girls were gona and all that lay was a heep of blood where they stood i screamed, i was in first grade at the time when they found the girls they were cut up and burned and scarred, they were in a locked closet in the janitors room

  • I kno a friend of mine she did this game n i never seen her again i knew this caus when i said my friends name i saw her afraid into a mirror @.@

  • The story goes that a girl died years ago and they tied a rope attached to a bell on her hand. If the corpse moved the bell would ring. later that day Mary was buried. The bell rang that night but when the people dug her coffin up no one was there. All they found where finger nails and blood scrapes at the top of the coffin. Now whenever you spin around three times saying “Bloody Mary” then singing “Bloody Mary is horribly dead. she will come and scar your head. If you dont believe in ghosts your wrong! Bloody Mary hear this song!” she will appear in your mirror and scrath your face as many times as it takes for you to die.

  • Me and my friend went to a hotel party nd we did it nd when we were done we put a dollar on a bible nd put it in the bathroom. We kept checkin on it. The last time we checked the dollar was gone nd the bible said “i will get u”. When we went to sleep, the girl who did it had scratches on her arms and it was dry blood. true story!!!

  • i have done this thing before. I didn’t see her but I did have scratches all the way down my back. But I didn’t feel it when it happened. I don’t know if I should believe it but it is as scary as heck. Have ya’ll seen the movie?? Now that was a good movie.

  • acualy u can usualy only summon ghost and spirts through witchcrat or blackmajic, i kno ive done this…. and yes ghost can hurt u, but there not called ghost there called demons…. peps yes do make up stories, and fill the left out peices with their imagination… and yes if u do chant bloody marry in a mirror so many times she will apear, but she wont unless u blieve in her…. truly acualy believe in her, not dat u think u do, u acualy have 2…. so 4 those who dont see her, u dont truely believe u just think u do…. u can say sometin 2 me about it, ive always got sometin 2 come back…. but, ive done it, and im still here 2day, so she didnt kill me… bloody marry, bloody marry, bloody marry, bloody marry, bloddy marry,bloody marry, bloody marry, bloody marry, bloody marry, bloddy marry, say it in a mirror in the dark with one lit candle, more is ok, but use one, and believe, and ull see her… just try not 2 freak…

  • When I was little, I was all scared and wussy, but my friends tried this at my sleepover and I could hear them screan from the bathroom. I was laughing my head off.

  • Uh creepy but also true. I tried it out with my friends but nothing happened cause we didn’t have a candle lit and 2, my friend Anyamarie did it and I haven’t seen her since I’m not lying so don’t bs 0-0

  • look, it could be real, it could be fake, it could be only certain times she shows up, eg ghost whisperer-bloody mary special, first time, complete failiure, she tryed in some basement. sencond time, at bloody marys house, success, it might be the place to! but if you ever do bloody mary and im there, expect me to wuss out. i would pee my pants, although if i had to i would sit on the toilet, you know……….

  • actually, the truth about ghosts is that they don’t/can’t harm u unless that’s what u want. if u summon them u might be able to talk to them, but dont get them angry cuz then maybe they CAN really hurt/kill u. and dont make up stories about them, like u did to Mary.

  • The true story about bloody mary is that her high school friends locked her in a chest on prom night and forgot about her

  • there wuz a lil girl walking down a hallway of an old hotel when a man stabbed her in the back of the head. if u just read this comment, then her dead body๏ปฟ will appear in ur bedroom doorway unless u post this comment on 3 other sites.

  • bloody mary was mary worth she got molested by her father and he wouldn’t fess up about her being pregnant so she had to go to trial. they thought the dad was the devil and sentenced her to death so they put a mirror in front of her and all the townspeople came up and stabbed her still keeping her alive though the last one to stab her was her dad and he’s the one that ended her life all because he didn’t want to step up and confess. later he got a scythe and killed all the townspeople because he went mad because mary haunted him. she still haunts the people who chant her name :) YOU’RE WELCOME :D

  • My friend told me that Bloody Mary visits her every night and talks to her about the Baby… it was creepy

  • my friends at school did that in the girls bathroom o_o and they told me to do it and i got scratches on my back. it was scary

  • I did this when I was little and she appeared in the mirror. She had bloody scratch marks on her face. Obviously, I didn’t die and I’m not trapped in a mirror and my eyes aren’t ripped out of my face… Yes, it was creepy but none of that stuff happened to me or my sisters. We all did this at the same time.

  • me and my friend emily went into her bathroom and we set up 3 candles and we had all the lights off and the door shut and no one was home but us but her older brother matt and little bro dann and they wereoff do something stupid as usual after we turned off the light we looked into the big mirror on the wall above the sink and then we held hands and closed our eyes and said bloody marry 10 times and and then said bloody marry we come to help you search for your child and a blury face come up and then it came mor clearer it was a middleagged laddy with long black hair with deep dark black eyes with blood running down her face like tears the laddy in the mirror schreamed and the mirror broke then the laddy was standing by the sink holding her arm out pointing at us with her head tilted down and her eyes looking up at us she started walking toward us and emily screamed emily tried to turn the light on to make her go away but it wouldnt turn on she started freaking out and im like emily i told you !!then she said you told me what what was it!!!!!!!!!! and i said open the door!!!! and she open the door and we ran out and shut it and then we ran into her room and an hour later she made go out and make sure it wasnt out there so we could go play wiiand then we blamed the broken mirror on her lil’ bro dan dan lol XD

  • NEVER try this. My friend did it and she was almost driven crazy but luckily she recovered after a few days.

  • Me and my friends did this in third grade, except we said bloody Mary 14 times in the mirror, instead of 12, and the water in the sink turned on. I’m not saying it was bloody Mary, in fact it could have been our friends playing a trick on us. Either way, we all freaked out and ran out of the bathroom screaming and ran into a teacher in the hall, literally. We told her that we saw a spider instead to keep from getting in trouble. It is a great story to tell when you’re young to freak your friends out, it sets a nice moody atmosphere and, though I don’t think it’s real, when you say it you can still get really creeped out even if you don’t believe in it.

  • Maybea the reason she was called bloody Mary is because she bathed in the blood of teenage girls named Mary.Also she might have favorited the blood or killing of 1 certain teenage girl named Mary.Just sayin’!Mwahahaha!

  • Its not real, none of it. It is your own imagination tricking you. Your subconsious is making you see her. If you believe it will happen and you will see her, then you will. I’ve done this multiple times and the only times I’ve ever seen her is when I believed I would. Also about if you don’t see her, she will kill you in your sleep. Also not true, this is all bullshit. Its all about YOUR mind and YOUR subcouncious tricking you.

  • ok nightmares4545. ill tell u the real story. legend says that bloody mary was a witch a century ago. she had miscarriages and false pregnancies. she finally had a baby and someone stole it from her.

    she appears if u say her name looking for revenge

  • I had a sleepover with some girls from school who I hate. I dared all 3 girls to go into the bathroom with a candle and say the legend. They pretended they were “not afraid of anything” and they did it. Because I hated them, I put a video camera and a clip of the exorcist face pop-up in the bathroom. That way, the second they where done saying it, the scary face would pop up. I videotaped the whole thing and put it on facebook! OMG it wuz so damn funny. Hey don’t get mad at me. They’re mean to me every day. I have three words… PAYBACK’S A B*TCH :D

  • The way I was told about the Bloody Mary was that when Mary was a child she was very ill and she went into a coma and back then they did not know what a coma is so they pronounced her dead. Her parents did not think she died so when they buried her her father tied a rope which was tied to a dinner bell and they went to her grave every day. One night her father was asleep and heard a ringing of a bell so he ran to her grave and the bell was on the floor. So he ran to get a shovel and he dug up her grave. When he got to her coffin he opend it up and what he saw frightened him. What he saw was that there was blood on her dress which she was buried in and when he opened the coffin more he saw that her finger nails were gone they were stuck to the coffin because the coffins were made up of wood back then and women had long nails. So they think she died of to much lost of blood. And that is how I heared about Bloody Mary. And ps if you turn around three times say Bloody Mary once each turn and then saying it one more time when standing still. You will see her standing there and then she will reach out and will scar you and then you wil stay and look the way you did when she scared you but you only have four days to live after you get scared. So never do Bloody Mary.

  • Meh, not real. I’ve heard so many versions theres no way of telling.

    Say it 3 times, 10 times, 20 times, even 100 times, with lights off, spinning around, staring up at the ceiling, saying “I have your baby” or something–nah, I did it twice with the classic 3 times and nothing happened. ;D

  • actually shes quite attractive and she deserves to be left alone you pricks she is just another person who lived if yu got summoned everytime someone saidyur names three times you would be pretty pisssed off to wouldnt you?<_<RIGHT MARY!

  • i really want to know the TRUE story of bloody mary so can someone tell me it?

  • :] i tried this once, she held three fingers and pulled one down :D it was the coolest thing ever ^^ Don’t diss Mary! :<

  • One time in kindergarden I did it and nothing happened, but when I came out of the bathroom I had a scratch on my knee. I still have it and it’s been almost 7 years.

  • um the version i heard is you call her name 3 times and then you will hear a bell everywhere you go and if you look into a mirror she comes out at you. The origin is different too. She was a peasant girl and she died of the plague. They buried her alive when she was in a coma and she rang the bell but no one heard her. She scratched so hard her fingernails went into the coffin and that’s why she was referred to as bloody mary.

  • i dont know if its true or not but i advise u not to medle in supernatiral for 2 reasons 1 i can c y she would be pissed off its not bad enougth to have people bad mouthing u but to be woken up by it iwould be pissed too and 2 you might not want to c the effects

  • This story is true! Once my friend went to her cousin’s house and they played Bloody Mary with about 8 other kids. They said her name at midnight exactly. The youngest girl that was playing was 6 and she started screaming. Her cousin’s mom came in and her left cheek had a big gap missing. She had to go to the hospital and now she has a phobia of mirrors (all of this is true).

  • The story to what happened is, Mary Worth was a senior, who went to the ball with her two best friends. They all went with football players. The football players drugged her friends and attempted to drug her, but she escaped it. She went outside to find her friends stumbling to the car. She ran to a mysterious chamber. Her โ€œdateโ€ punched her and she fell .He thought she was dead and threw her into a treasure chest. She woke up and couldnโ€™t breathe so she died with a bloody face and haunted people so they called her Bloody Mary.

  • me and 2 of my friends tried this in 5th grade. we were at a sleep over at some girls house. it was a dare for 3 of us to do it… so we went into the bathroom turned off the lights locked the door (except we didn’t have a candle. it was fully dark and we were hand in hand. we looked at the mirror and said bloody mary 3 times. then one of my friends was like “omg do you guys see that?” then i saw a red cross come towards me. then all of a sudden my other friend screams n falls to the floor. i turned on the lights. she was on the floor in tears. my other friend was sitting on the sink counter with her head down. everybody else was outside the bathroom telling us to open the door but i couldn’t unlock the door. my friend on the floor looks up at my other friend and was like “omg your leg is bleeding!” (she had 3 scratches on her leg and so did my other friend and me myself..it was on my other friends chest.. and i had it on my cheek.. really scary but we never saw bloody mary…

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